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East jewelry: whether everything is so simple here?

Among magnificent variety of jewelry of the East a specific place is held by charms: from damage and from a malefice, for the birth of the long-awaited son or for attraction of wealth. Yes you never know for what...

In a word, charms exist for protection against any unwanted phenomenon or, on the contrary, for pulling of a desired event. And in each east country they are different.

In Egypt, for example, the scarab beetle and an eye of Ra enjoys special popularity. Their images flaunt on a good few of all jewelry. There is still a circle which means the sun and has to bring good luck, and the suspension bracket with a silhouette of a date palm tree protects from a malefice.

In Tunisia - it is a figure of fish or Fatima`s hand, daughters of the Muslim prophet.

In Turkey in any bench from “evil eye“ not only is on sale, but also the mascot of Nazar hangs.

You learn this amulet at once. It is blue glass “eye“ of an oval or round form. Juicy color of an amulet is reached by means of a copper oxide, and “protein“ is done usually of the melted bottle glasses of the Malibu liqueur.

All souvenir shops in Turkey are covered by these “eyes“ of any sizes and types, and also jewelry which are by all means added with small “eyes“. It must be assumed that the more “eye“, the stronger it protective force. Therefore it is not surprising to meet an amulet of the size of a tray.

Turks believe that blue-eyed people easily can send trouble or damage. For this reason the amulet of Nazar is produced in the form of a blue eye which is urged to reflect baleful looks. By the way, in Russia it is considered that an evil eye - at brown-eyed and black-eyed people. They, on our beliefs, can draw troubles.

Figures of charms in the east can be glass, cut out from a tree or semi-precious stones, melted from copper, silver and gold. Decorate with them necklaces and bracelets, interweave them into dense ranks a monist.

By the way, the price of jewelry does not play a special role - magic symbols can be met both on expensive jewelry, and on a cheap beads.

Charms at the desert people are even more curious and interesting. For example, aboriginals of the Sahara Tuaregs do the jewelry - charms of silver, skin or a cornelian. On their belief, this stone possesses ability to heal wounds and to relieve pain.

Among charms for women the most widespread among nomads is the amulet under the name Rhomissar. It presents itself(himself) a variation of a hand of Fatima mentioned here in the form of five rhombuses fastened among themselves which symbolize five of her fingers. This amulet provides to the bearer fertility and protection against a malefice.

Other popular charm as for women, and men, is Tcherot mascot. It represents tiny ornated “boxes“ in which on piece of paper store stanzas from the Koran.

Among charms for nomads - men It should be noted a suspension bracket - a so-called silver cross of the Sahara which also preserves against a malefice. This suspension bracket - an amulet from - for the exotic look is especially popular among tourists. It looks intricately - an interlacing of a set of flourishes and symbols, unclear for the European. And something yes means each this element for the Tuareg. Moreover, in each nomadic tribe the cross of the Sahara has the image.

All these souvenirs of nomads - Tuaregs tourists can get in the countries of Maghrib which the Sahara concerns the burning sand.

East jewelry in general always something bigger, than usual knickknack. It is some kind of portrait of the people in a miniature. In their distinctive form, the used material and even a way of its processing it is possible to judge national traditions and beliefs.

So, bringing similar bagatelles from trips, you will succeed not only in aspiration to diversify the clothes.