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“the Battleship Potyomkin“

sounding solemn smoothness of the Greek tragedy … White walls of a corridor which will see off Zhanna, faces of churchmen - the dark, black shadow of dogma which saddened them.

Secret clefts of psychologism. Hitchcock storming hidden bastions of passions.

Carnival and Fellini`s burlesque; the provincial reality which is fatly sprouting fascism; brown bacilli of a human nonsense.

Cold, architectural shimmer of shots of Antonioni. whether

is A lot of such gardens?

Snow wrapped SNOW AND CINEMA

- large, New Year`s, fir-tree snow - dispute and cheerfully undertook to transform the city.

the Center of Moscow, whose bulks flickered dark-mysterious silhouettes, gently flew in eyes, overflowing sight with fires.

Two friends went to movie theater the Forum to watch the old, magnificent, color, Italic film about the young Bavarian king, the patron of arts - the king to whom and on the earth - that not really the place.

Snowdrifts grew in the eyes.

Light in the foyer, yellow and golden, was associated with rich heat, and milkshake was dense and sweet as dream.

In the hall the ample bodied singer at the age of to the accompaniment elderly bald pianist executed the touching romance. Rzhavo`s

rang out calls.

I stretched the enveloping, velvet, gustotsvetny movie …

In buffet the singer drank the same milkshake, talking to the accompanist.

- The day before yesterday in conservatory … - its voice was muffled by someone`s shuffling steps.

Two friends plunged into others life more and more deeply.

the City swept up snow …


Movies, fear more and more densely involving in a funnel. There are such - for example this - With widely closed eyes. The luxury which is strong given by an esthetics of expensive cinema; the interiors built with virtuosity; the curiosity of the hero conducting in death. The actor looking so as if he is exhausted by continuous bewilderment - what I do here? Not - in New - York, and here, in life. Night New - York - terrible, attracting. The fear is poured everywhere, and together, apparently, I invisibly go near the doctor, I get … well, it is known where it got. it is better for

not to shoot similar movies.

But … what to do if we perceive life quite so - with widely closed eyes.


Cheerful clowns are laconic - and why when it is necessary to play, and tennis does not mean a ball? Somebody with not painted face looks at game, and suddenly takes part in it. Others cannot never explain anything, and at times the speech seems a sneer.

of the Footpath of park, where under a bush a corpse, and game of thought of the photographer; London with red houses.

the Angel of uncommunicativeness spread over us mighty wings.


the Movie, it is juicy and tastefully taken out from reality - so that the muscular tension of life pulses hard pushes, precisely transferring all nuances of that reality.

Stylishness of the end of the fortieth, but is more valid than a retro real, surrounding, familiar.

Faces gallery - is not present, not color of the Italian masks, but a kaleidoscope of characters from flesh and blood at all - and this blood willingly shedding, Rabelaisian types - Luka Brazi, Salozzo.

the Sad music washing a brain.

Psychological labyrinths; and the person, finding itself, loses itself, and the war hero Michael Corleone turns into a monster, turns, only only having decided to protect the father: here it is the choice driving into a trap: it is necessary to shoot. In the person perhaps defect was initially concealed? Corrosion latently corroded soul? Or with life something not so?

the Italian landscapes - an adust grass, white goats, and the city in mountains - as if cut down from a stone, and the cathedral occupying a half of the city, and all men died as a result of vendetta.

White streets.

I music, music …


COLD Cold, esthetic cinema; the world in which nobody can understand anybody and the stream flowing slowly, which is breaking up to streamlets that is bent around by various shchepochka becomes the character more live, nezhl the quarreling people.

Brilliant composition shots; exact harmony of the details emphasizing as it is difficult to express itself and to understand another. Anything superfluous.

Bench of the antiquary and formal garden.

the Clowns playing tennis without ball.

the Newspaper which is long falling from a window in the empty lane - the dead leaf speckled by dead letters of dead events and subjects …

Something very familiar …


the Sad carnival of Fellini.

Motley parrots in cages wave wings. An alarm in the provincial town where there arrived the rajah with brilliant and various maintenance.

do not put the head in a grave.

Sad hopelessness of life.

the Actor rushing somewhere on a car with open top.

Impossibility of retreat increases hopelessness.

I everywhere - the love to people - penetrating everything, gentle, live …