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Yaroslavl and cinema. What movies were shot in the city?

Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl region are used long ago by directors of the Russian film studios as a cinema shooting stage. Here tens of movies are shot. And it is not casual. Yaroslavl is the homeland of the Russian theater, is known also for traditions of actor`s school.

During my trip to Yaroslavl, among August heat, a smog and construction “boom“, we with the girlfriend came into the quiet lane, with the name Revolyutsionny Drive (near Revolyutsionnaya Street, practically in the downtown). And there saw very cheerful monument to Leonid Kuravlev and Evgeny Leonov - to main characters of the film in the movie “Afonya“ , so fallen in love to our audience.

The monument is open quite recently, in May, 2010 though the movie was shot in 1975, here, in Yaroslavl. The monument is made of modern synthetic polymeric materials. Funds for a monument endowed both patrons, and simple citizens. By preparation of the project of a monument among inhabitants survey on a subject was conducted: “With what filmstar they associate the aboriginal of the city of Yaroslavl?“. Following the results of poll it turned out that residents of Yaroslavl consider as that the main character of the movie - Georgy Daneliya`s comedy “Afonya“ of Afanasy Borshchov who was brilliantly played by Leonid Kuravlev. According to residents of Yaroslavl, it is the brightest embodiment of lines inherent in residents of Yaroslavl - such as cunning, dexterity and, of course, irony, with a thin combination of kindness and depth of the Russian soul. Near a monument the small pub with the name “That Pothouse“ where to beer serve any sun-dried fish is open, and also there it is possible to have a bite pies and even to have dinner. And in this bar constantly on the TV twist the movie “Afonya“.

I took an interest and what else movies were shot on the Yaroslavl earth?

In the same area where there is a monument to Kuravlev and Leonov, is still the interesting place - “Refectory Chambers Ioann Vasilyevich“ restaurant, near which stand in “guard“ of a figure of imperial policemen and a down. At restaurant there is a thematic hall devoted to scenes of the famous movie “Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession“ the director Leonid Gaidai . Though the movie, generally was shot not in Yaroslavl, and in Rostov Veliky, the ancient city of the Yaroslavl region.

Perhaps, the oldest movie which was shot in Yaroslavl it is possible to consider the movie “Mother“ (according to M. Gorky`s novel), under Nathan Zarkhi`s scenario, made by the director Vsevolod Illarionovich Pudovkin (1893-1953) in 1926. This movie - one of masterpieces of the Soviet and world screen. On poll of film critics and film experts 26 - ti the countries of the world at the International exhibition in Brussels v1958 to year the picture was included into number 12 - ti “The best movies of all times and the people“. the ice drift Scene in the movie “Mother“ was shot in the spring in Yaroslavl. Pavel Vlasov`s role was played by the talented actor Nikolay Batalov (1899-1937) , and this role brought him glory and popularity. As wrote in the newspaper: “During shootings Batalov showed big courage. It was very dangerous to be on ice: ice floes cracked, the current broke them, broke from the place and quickly bore down. But it did not stop Nikolay Petrovich. He went to ice and played one of scenes directly on ice of Volga“. The movie was restored in 1968, in youth I happened to see this movie.

In 60 - years in Yaroslavl removed episodes of the movie “Women“ of the director Pavel Lyubimov . Leading roles were played by Nina Sazonova, Inna Makarova and Vitaly Solomin. From the mooring of Volzhskaya Embankment Nina Sazonova`s heroine sees off and meets the son.

In 1972 the magnificent four-serial movie “Big change“ of the director Alexey Korenev , with exclusively star cast came out. The part of episodes was also removed in Yaroslavl. So, in the building of the former regional court classes of evening school were equipped for shootings.

All in Yaroslavl and its vicinities more than thirty art movies are shot. For example, such as “Overdue flowers“ - 1970, “Crew“ - 1976, “The strange woman“ - 1977, “The cruel romance“ - 1984, “Thief“ - 1997, “Children from our yard“ - 2003, and many others.

In 2004 in Yaroslavshchina episodes of the movie “Yesenin“ of the director Igor Zaytsev with the actor Sergey Bezrukov in a title role were removed. Shootings of one of episodes were carried out in the village of Davydovo of Yaroslavsky district where the rural house was recreated from the village of Konstantinovsky of the Ryazan region where the poet Sergey Yesenin was born and grew up. The Yaroslavl region was preferred Ryazan because there are still untouched a civilization corners of rural life of the beginning of the last century.

In the same 2004 near Yaroslavl, in the village Red Bor of Tutayevsky district was removed by separate episodes of the movie “Doctor Zhivago“ . There it was recreated real voyenno - field infirmary of times of World War I.

In 2006 in Yaroslavl there took place shootings of the new movie “Father“. The director Ivan Solovov, main characters of the film are the famous actors Alexey Guskov, Polina Kutepova, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Roman Madyanov.

And at last, in the spring and summer of last year in Yaroslavl removed series “Kotovsk“ - the Russian feature serial film narrating about youth of the famous Soviet military and politician Grigory Kotovsky. A leading role, the red commander Grigory Kotovsky, untimely deceased Vladislav Galkin skillfully played. In supporting roles and episodes the great number of actors of the Yaroslavl theaters was removed: Academic drama theater of Fyodor Volkov, Theatre for Young Audience, Yaroslavl chamber theater.

And this year near Yaroslavl, generally in Uglich, shootings of new series “Territorial doctor“ come to the end. the Director of the movie - Miroslav Malich, in leading roles Olga Budina and Dmitry Pevtsov. The television already begins display of the first series.

Creators of movies, directors, perfectly remained architecture of buildings of the last two - three centuries, the beautiful nature attracts in Yaroslavshchina. Also it is important that shootings in this Volga city and area cost much more cheaper, than in the capital, it is easier to take participants of crowd scenes here.

So probably still more than once this beautiful Volga city will become a scene of action of different movies. Than not the Russian Hollywood?