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How the American insurance companies work? Part 2

we Will continue acquaintance to actions of the American insurance companies when her clients get into some emergency situation.

That day we had to go to the city on affairs. Since morning there was a sunny weather and a full calm. Nothing portended trouble. Having come back home in the evening and having gone out of the car, I, as always, glanced for a corner of the house and looked at the covered court yard (patio). What I saw there threw me in shock. Our covered court yard was destroyed. The roof as dog ears, hung it is unknown on what. A support, holding it on the other hand, were or are broken, or are pulled out from the anchors connecting them to a cement floor.

I shouted to the husband that we lost our a patio. He looked at me somehow very strange, but having seen that everything is destroyed, understood the reason of my nervousness. It was necessary urgently to do something to prevent a further collapse.

The husband brought from where - that a big iron barrel, several old automobile wheels and on this construction was put by a small jack. Such “design“ kept the roof edge which was left absolutely without support. The husband assumed that such powerful destruction happened under the influence of “a dusty devil“ (dust devil), or pass - a tornado. Such dusty whirlwind arises usually on the Earth`s surface in the afternoon, in slightly overcast, hot weather. Pass - the tornado has a vertical axis of rotation from 15 to 30 meters, diameter fluctuates from 2 to 6 meters, time of its existence is estimated several minutes.

“The dusty devil“ can lift heavy objects from the Earth`s surface and transfer them to several tens meters. In our case “a heavy subject“ was the roof which the whirlwind raised on several meters, but did not manage “to transfer“ as the house got in the way. Only it is strange that it was lifted in air and the multiton roof with support is destroyed, and the easy garden furniture remained on the place and was not shifted on one centimeter. To put it briefly, the mysterious elements caused a significant damage to our house.

Next day the husband called insurance company with a request to send the agent that he on the place could get acquainted with a situation. The employee of insurance company appeared next day after a call, spent several hours, studying an object damage rate, took a set of pictures. As well as in a case with car, it was removed in the truck and through a couple of hours gave ten-page listing with the list of construction materials, bolts, other fixture, their cost, and also working costs. Right there drew the check for all sum, gave addresses and phones of three companies which are engaged in restoration of the destroyed houses. The beginning was very optimistical.

The husband called all three companies and asked employees to arrive in different days to estimate a scope of work. Usually such assessment is carried out free of charge. All three agents estimated the cost of materials and works are much higher, than insurance company. The husband chose one of three companies, but the first question which arose to it was whether we have to pay extra a difference between an assessment by the insurance and construction companies from the pocket. The employee of the last answered it that it is not our grief.

Further an event developed as follows. The company ordered all necessary materials in Home Depot, it something like shop - a warehouse where anyone or the organization can buy materials, necessary for repair. All goods were got to us home. Next day there arrived the team of workers which started repair. Before beginning, they removed the destroyed designs, put temporary props and started the main part of work.

It took them about four days as, except joiner`s works, they had to paint which - what details. I want to notice, as export of the destroyed details, cleaning of construction debris, protection of a floor against paint is their duty. When workers ended the work, there arrived the manager from the company, attentively examined results, then wrote the certificate granting the right to the client to address to their company if something does not suit it.

Further again there was a question of payment of a difference between estimated and real working costs. The manager answered it that we did not worry. The construction company made out a bill to insurance company for additional expenses since the last too low estimated damage cost. Really, everything occurred quite so: more to us there were no claims concerning the finance connected with reconstruction of a patio.

On two given examples I wanted to show that the insurance in the USA should be had without fail on any emergency. If there is any emergency, then the insurance company is obliged to compensate the cost of the caused damage: whether it be car or house. Paraphrasing children`s verses of Sergey Mikhalkov, it is possible to conclude that an insurance different is necessary, an insurance different is important. Let all troubles will avoid you!