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How the American insurance companies work? Part 1

In the USA life is inconceivable without different insurance. Having real estate, it is necessary to pay without fail an insurance, same treats owners of cars. If the uninsured car is detained by the police officer for traffic violation of the rules, then the owner will be fined the considerable sum for lack of an insurance, plus it waits for a penalty for violation. For Americans it is important to have the health insurance also. Some insure the life, buy various insurance and for dumb animals.

I want to tell how various insurance companies work if something suddenly happened to you. As an example I describe the cases which occurred in our rossiysko - the American family.

Having acquired the local rights, I began to master knowledge of driving of the car slowly. At first I chose roads with not really brisk movement, but then it was necessary to drive my pickup and in the city. Once I brought the husband to hospital where operation was coming him. On the way back, upset, I went on an extreme right strip, before me the city bus very slowly moved. To me bothered to trudge behind it, and I tried to get over on the next strip. At this moment the bus sharply braked and stopped, and I already began maneuver. It is natural that I lacked the place, I slightly touched the bus, the right headlight at the car was broken, the wing is rumpled, the mirror was damaged too. I pressed a brake at once and stopped. The driver of the bus - the young Mexican - approached at once me and asked whether I need the help. I answered that with me there are no problems, but why it stopped the bus, seeing that close it is followed by the car. It turned out that it “forgot“ to look in a mirror that it is created behind the bus.

The Mexican quickly called the average commissioner of the bus company. The lady arrived very quickly, parked the car with a flasher behind my car. Photographed the scene, asked me and the driver of the bus that happened. Both ladies invited me in the bus as on the street was very hot, and in salon the conditioner worked. The average commissioner called police that officers arrived for registration of the protocol.

The police car appeared hour through one and a half. During this time we managed to discuss incident with girls, to talk about weather, about their families and children. The arrived police officers separately have a talk with the driver of the bus and with me. Then the officer asked me to give it the document on registration of the car, an insurance for it and my driver`s license. With these papers he left in the car for verification of information on the computer.

The car was registered addressed to my husband. I thought that in the happened accident nothing shines me since I was driving, but not the husband. Approximately minutes through the 40th police officer returned. Gave me documents, informed of the protocol which I signed, asked whether I can drive this car home. I answered in the affirmative. Then the policeman told that they will send a penalty to me by mail, and advised to address to insurance company behind receiving an insurance on repair of the car. With these manuals I also left to myself home.

When the husband returned from hospital, I told everything to it and showed the broken car. Of course, it did not add to it pleasure, but it was necessary to work. He called insurance company which was located in other staff, and told about incident. Then the officer from insurance company invited me to phone. I told it that I prefer to say in Russian since I am afraid that I will not be able to understand any special words in English. In 5 minutes the Russian-speaking translator online was provided to me. I was warned that our conversation registers.

I repeated the version of collision with bus, told about police and the protocol. At the end of conversation to me it was told that the insurance company will send to us home the employee who will assess damages caused to the car. If we gather for time of repair to rent a car, then the insurance company will pay for it too. I answered that we have the second car, and we do not need rent of one more car. On volume our conversation was complete. For me it was surprising that the insurance company is ready to pay repair of the car though I was driving, but not its real owner.

In several days I received by mail the document with the sum of a fine of 160 dollars for careless change of a lane though the Mexican - the driver of the bus was actually guilty. The husband explained to me that when there are accidents to public transport, private drivers are always guilty. It is the law. I could pay a penalty, having been in court, or having sent the check for the specified sum. I chose the last option.

In several days to us there arrived the appraiser from insurance company, everything was examined, photographed, for a couple of hours left in the car where it had a computer and the printer, then brought several pages with the description of damages, costs of replacement of details and work. The husband looked at all this, checked and signed documents. It is necessary to notice that the insurance agent was not interested in documents from police at all. Leaving our house, he recommended us several auto repair shops where it is possible to repair the car. In a week we received the check for the repair sum from insurance company. What was farther?

We delivered the car in a workshop where in a week it was repaired cool: replaced the rumpled wing, a headlight, tripped a new mirror and new chromeplated. Old and new unused details from sets returned to us. By the way, approximately in half a year we sold the pickup and bought the new car.

About our next “meeting“ with other insurance company the speech in the second part of article will go.