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What it, Laziness?

Once Laziness overcame Oblomov, and then and many others. And can at first many others, and then and it. No matter. Important the fact that it exists and lives somewhere among us, to be exact in us. It as the ant brain slug, subordinates our reason of the will. But it is not so cruel. Laziness forces to die nobody and it is quite possible to get rid of it by means of a gomeoteripiya or by continuous psychological trainings.

Laziness a lifeless being, but mentally we can quite animate it. Let`s present that it is a certain microorganism which becomes populated in us under unknown circumstances. The place of its dwelling in the person is the brain. Thanks to the wavy form, it is very mobile. Laziness actively moves on a brain, pulls the nervous terminations, caresses the centers of a dream and rest. Therefore the person has an uncontrollable desire of nothing to do. Laziness deprives of the person of diligence.

So, Laziness - the pathogenic multicellular microorganism of the unknown nature, is indiscernible with the naked eye, lives everywhere, is not sensitive to antibiotics. The way of life conducts independent, is capable to enter various relationship with a macroorganism: commensalism, symbiosis and parasitism. Causes an illness under the name “laziness“. Infected with Laziness call “lazy“. The disabled condition is optimum for Leni`s life.

Most often get sick with “laziness“ at children`s age. Children who are discharged of a physical activity to which they do not allow to help about the house are most subject to infection. Therefore that Laziness did not lodge in your kid, allow it to wash the floors and to dust. People of average years get sick less often. They are overcome by this illness in the difficult moments, before performance of serious work or after long intellectual loadings. As a rule, the current short, passes independently. Old men are ill a special kind of laziness - senile laziness.

Immunity to laziness can be both congenital, and acquired. Workaholics less than the others catch this illness. They have a specific immunity.

The person in whom there lives Laziness is inactive, tired, sleepy, does not go anywhere, does not want to do excess movements. Such person feels constant need for rest. Psychologists, claim that it just has no external and internal motivation. But there is also a positive moment: such person is cunning on inventions. Lazy constructed the panel that to the TV not to go, the moped that not to twist a pedal, the washing machine that hands not to wash also a lot more useful things which help us to cope with daily affairs.

Therefore if Laziness lodged in you, you do not hurry to distil it. Having made friends with it, you will be able to be among great famous inventors. And having quarreled - in Oblomov` number. These are, of course, extreme positions of relationship with Laziness.

Laziness which lives in everyone just a little prevents to work and study and practically does not influence quality of life.