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From what sum of spare cash in a purse the inhabitant can do charity work? Who has nothing

, is always ready to share with others. (the author is unknown)

- And why you climb in charity with “remains“! - the young guy of years of twenty five a little derisively looked at the fair-haired girl of years of sixteen, it is no more. - You understand, the little sister, your “fifty-kopeck piece“ is not a charitable contribution, but a sneer at poor kids!

So, small line to the payment terminal. Really, the girl tried to insert a sinenky banknote only 50 rubles into a bill acceptor. These are slightly more than one and a half dollars. The device did not accept a banknote.

I stood in a queue behind a couple (apparently, it were the elder brother and younger sister), and saw that the note in a palm of the girl is initially crumpled, bedraggled. Probably, the banknote long was based at their grandmother in a stocking, kept for rainy day, was periodically recalculated with an other money. Perhaps, the grandmother took out to the granddaughter this pyatidesyatirublevka on “ice cream“ from “nychka“, and the little girl tried to transfer a money to a charitable contribution.

So, the device several times in a row did not accept the crumpled note (the equipment loves starched, tverdenky banknotes) and the fair-haired little girl, having noticed the elder brother that “And fifty rubles are better, than nothing!“, departed from the terminal. Before children paid a payment for some credit and recharged the mobile operator. And here they left and as it happens, left open a payment window on the screen.

As I went following in turn and heard their short conversation, involuntarily saw requisites of the organization where the little girl tried to transfer 50 rubles. It was the charity foundation of the help to children with a certain specific disease. The elder brother of the young blonde obviously considered that it is senseless to be put with semi-Torahs of dollars (50 rubles) in charity. The younger little sister obviously thought differently. So from what sum usual mortal can participate in charity effectively and so that money, let and small, did not plunder? How the inhabitant, besides monetary donations, can participate in a good cause?

1. Orphanages. The sum is 50 rubles. Personal visit

Is sure by

, at you is free fifty rubles which you wish to give, for example, to the thrown children. But if you come with “fifty-kopeck piece“ to Orphanage, then slantwise will look at you. Even if not slantwise, then to whom you will give them? To the director? To the specific child? If to the child, then he can buy on this money of a cigarette or beer to himself and peers. It is not excluded that “fifty-kopeck piece“ will be selected by the senior children, and that pupil of children`s home to whom you gave a money and which held it in hand (and she was selected!) will just become embittered. To the Director of Orphanage you with your pathetic “fifty-kopeck piece“ will not be let. To them other sums are allocated by sponsors. Whatever one may do, with “fifty-kopeck piece“ personally in charity be not put.

2. Money transfer. Same 50 rubles.

the same Orphanage Is available. Its bank details are brought, say, in the payment terminal and you can transfer the same 50 rubles on directly to the account institutions. As the teenager in above described tried to make by me situations. However, where guarantees that this “fifty-kopeck piece“ will reach children? Perhaps, it is the account of pocket Ltd company of administration of Orphanage? Or in general, it “firm - a something ephemeral“, engaged by owners of payment service provider?

If fifty thousand people put on “poltishka“ into the account of a certain Ltd company, sincerely counting that they thereby help kids, then those who opened this account will become very wealthy people. Many a little “The gold shirt“ to each member of administration OH! But in any way not to pupils of an institution will turn out …. So there is no sense in a money transfer of 50 rubles via the terminal too, it seems.

3. Note of 1000 rubles. Personal visit. A bank transfer

If you are ready to offer

to the same children from Orphanage of 1000 (one thousand) rubles - that it already which - that because on this money it is possible to buy a box of baby food (mashed potatoes, juice) and, unopened, will personally bring it to Orphanage. I think, with one thousand rubles you will be accepted by already senior tutor of establishment. Perhaps, with one thousand it is already best of all to come into Sberbank and to transfer money according to the payment order. In Sberbank true requisites of Orphanage, but not a certain Ltd company are for certain specified. At me trust to the main bank of the country will be more, than to payment terminals of unclear, sometimes, accessory. Thousand rubles are several packs of the same pampers for the kids who are on care of the state. I believe that EFFECTIVE charity begins with this sum - 1000 rubles -.

4. The sums from 50, 000 rubles and indefinitely.

to Money-bags with millions on accounts, seemingly God ordered to be spent for a good cause. For their budget it is easy and most of rich people without notable blow to a purse are capable to list to the thrown kids not that 50,000 rubles, and many hundreds of thousands. Even one million, two, three etc. However, are capable - yet does not mean that will execute, but not in volume an essence. It is important that with the large sums you the welcome guest of any Orphanage! There will be an indispensable personal meeting with the Director, but not with the deputy or the senior tutor. Moreover concert of grateful children. Such sums - from 50,000 rubles - are also LARGE-SCALE charity.

5. The sum of spare cash is equal to 0. Give tithe, but the

In Russia it was long since moved that give the tenth part of the income for a good cause. Only here, as it is represented to me, the income size is very important. If single mother hardly - hardly makes ends“ meet“ to dress, put, learn the native kids. If still the rent needs to contrive to be paid also itself, the toiler, at least to indulge with occasionally beautiful jacket or brilliant sandals. The most reasonable charity in this case - to spend the last 50 rubles for cottage cheese to the blood kids, but not to transfer only “fifty-kopeck piece“ to a certain account via the terminal. Because it can turn out so, as the krovinochka will remain hungry, but also to other children the translation will not reach too.

And here if bailiffs of her ex-husband, the running person paying alimony suddenly caught. Inspired in it that is more useless to hide from obligations. And then it will get transfer unintentional from the law of the former promised which is brightened up by attendants in 1000 rubles, we will tell. Here the best charity will be to buy the most beautiful brooch which to it attracted long ago in the next shop. To present itself pleasure, and it appears, and to specific children. Pleasure for the difficult, lonely fight for a survival. Most likely, if money at you absolutely “end-to-end“, then there is nothing and “to bother“ with charity. Support the dependents - it is more than good and difficult cause.

In final part of article we will consider not monetary ways of participation in charity beginning from the “fifty-kopeck piece“ given in the subway to the beggar and finishing MONUMENTAL charity. And also we will think whether it is necessary to suppress a good deed that you made (the Good type loves silence).