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August 23 - International Day of elimination of slavery. There is no slavery in the world?.

the whole world celebrate on August 23 the International day of memory of the victims of a slave trade and its elimination . The official moratorium on slaveholding was imposed in all countries last century, however day by day mass media report about stealing and human trafficking, and also the fact that the modern slavery gets new forms. What during a holiday on August 23 - a fiddle while Rome burns?

the Page of dark history

From history we remember that the slavery is a possession of the person of the person. A classical slaveholding system - Ancient Greece, Rome, China, slavery in the States and Brazil - all this had to remain on pages of the textbook of history, the beginning of elimination revolt of slaves San - Domingo and Haiti in 1791 is considered. Nevertheless, on the dawn of the new millennium the problem of slavery affected all countries of the world. The classical form of slavery about which all of us know sank Into oblivion. The relations mister - the slave where the first had all rights for possession of the last, were supported with laws of those times. The slave was considered as “personal estate“, he belonged to this or that ethnic group or race, the prices of live goods were considerable, and the owner bore a certain responsibility for destiny of “dependent“.


Now when purchase and sale of the person is a crime, is not present any rules and laws. The people who got to slavery stand is insignificant a little. The relations between them mean nothing: mother can sell the child on bodies, and the young man to enlist the girlfriend in ranks of prostitutes. You will not find the list with calculation of exact number of dependent people in the world anywhere, but the modern slavery strikes with the scales. The people getting to involuntary work are estimated in millions. And, the overwhelming number is women and children.

Where waits danger

In the face of swindlers all are equal, whether it be the inhabitant of the village or the person of the big city.

the Inhabitants of rural areas suffering from lack of work get to slavery, without suspecting that. In the settlement the acquaintance of the familiar friend appears - suggests to earn quite good money. The person agrees, and vanishes in the unknown direction further.

As is sad, residents of megalopolises get on the same rake. Here the list of places where swindlers usually advertize: marriage and model agencies, travel agency, work abroad. The scheme everywhere same - take away documents from slaves, threaten, apply violence and force to be engaged in a hard work for low payment at best, in the worst it is still more terrible. Who is guilty

and what to do

We can conduct long and tiresome reasonings on imperfection of laws, on corruption of the power, that the contribution is brought by both organized crime and drug traffic. And still, as if it was is banal, we need to begin with ourselves. To remember that first of all we are people and we have a strong weapon - culture. we have to sow kind, eternal and reasonable. Society gets used to all terrible things which we hear in mass media. Our ear needs to be made more sensitive, and heart sympathetic to a global problem of modern slavery.

The question of slavery is global and accrues as a furuncle on a world body. Anyway, day of elimination of slaveholding exists, and it means that it is necessary to use the best efforts and once and for all to perelistnut this scary page of history of mankind.