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Agniya Bartho: whose opinion she appreciated? Several instructive stories of

Should be told that Agniya Lvovna liked to consult and did not miss an opportunity to ask about that for people around. For example, will write new verses and right there seeks to read them. To whom? Well, to colleagues, for example, to L. Kassil, M. Svetlov, A. Fadeyev, S. Mikhalkov, and at any time. Or to members of household: to the husband, children, nurse. Or even to the mechanic, the plumber or the repairman called for repair house electricians who came to repair.

It is curious and remarkable that verses not only were read, the author requested opinion, and to each stated look treated with attention, regardless of the one to whom it belonged to the writer - the professional or just the reader. Here, however, it is necessary to make the reservation: so was, so far as concerned councils.

And attempts to direct itself stopped resolutely and irrevocably. So, in pre-war years S. Ya. Marshak appreciating Agniya Bartho`s talent tried to treat it patronizing, but was stopped very sharply: “You know, Samuil Yakovlevich, in our children`s literature is Marshak and podmarshachnik. Marshak I cannot be, and a podmarshachnik - I do not wish“.

Alas, it spoiled their relations for a long time. The master of children`s literature strongly took offense. Evil tongues even said that from its giving on A. Bartho the criticism in newspapers and magazines fell down. However, unless someone managed to avoid at least criticism in that ill-fated 1930 - e?

Later Agniya Lvovna made friends with Sergey Mikhalkov. But, though it on literary questions very much appreciated opinion, furiously argued on all we designate. Her daughter Tatyana remembered that in telephone negotiations the family determined by intensity of emotions that an interlocutor is S. Mikhalkov. And in the Writers` Union, long did not linger on positions which offered it as could not to please to orders from above renounce conscience and honor.

A. Bartho was on friendly terms with Reena Zelena and trusted her to views of art so that she in the creative commonwealth with the actress wrote the script of the movie “Foundling“, especially for Faina Ranevskaya having composed the well-known phrase: “Mulya, do not irritate me“ for which from that later received the playful rebuff: “I hate you: I cannot go outside, I hear behind the back: “Mulya, do not irritate me!“. By the way, it is not the only scenario which appeared from - under Agniya Lvovna`s feather. There were also others: “The elephant and a string“, “Alyosha Ptitsyn forms character“, “A black kitten“, “Ten thousand boys“.

Also there was one more person on whom A. Bartho consulted constantly. It is Ivanovn`s Blast furnace, the nanny living in the house since 1925 to the most death in 1984 - m. History of its emergence such is. The rural woman at whom the husband went to the city on earnings heard that it found to itself(himself) another there, and with a log in hands moved off to Moscow in searches of the apostate. Without having found it, knocked at everything the doors, offering the help with the house to live. - Also reached.

Ivanovn`s blast furnace was authority on the house. And not only because looked after children, cooked Russian cabbage soup and baked pies. She was the chief expert in equipment of the hostess. Before an exit from the house that by all means asked: “Well, how I am dressed“? And if the nurse did not accept a dress, then obediently changed clothes and again asked about the same, did not receive “blessing“ yet.

Here character at the poet Agniya Bartho was such: respected people, despite of their social status, and did not lose self-respect. In my opinion, very honest position.