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Agniya Bartho: what for it was the thirteenth day of every month?

the Previous story about life and Agniya Lvovna Bartho`s creativity broke on the mournful page when it by ridiculous accident lost the eighteen-year-old son. How on May 4, 1945 there was a road accident in Lavrushinsky Lane, only the fact that driving there was a woman is known. More - anything.

There is no death of own child for mother of an event more bitterly, than. To appease loss pain, it directed the care on the children who were deserted in the years of war: went on orphanages and helped all, than could. In several years from impressions of these trips the poem “Zvenigorod“ which begins sorrowless lines about life of three tens children was born, and then into them it is interwoven pressing soul:

Here from every quarter of the country

brought together children:

in days of war

Brought them To this house once...

Later, nearly whole year,

Children drew

the Shot-down black plane,

the House among ruins.

Suddenly the silence,

Something will come children will remember...

I as the adult, at the

window Suddenly will become silent Petya.

Still he remembers mother...

Is only Lelka

is not able to remember -

to It three years only.

Nikita has no father,

his Mother is killed.

two fighters

At the burned porch

Picked up the Boy Nikita.

Klava had an elder brother,

the Lieutenant curly,

Here on a card it is removed by

With one-year-old Klava.

it Protected Stalingrad,

Fought near Poltava.

Children of soldiers, fighters

In this orphanage.

Here portraits of their fathers,

of the Card in an album.

Here what here a family -

of the Daughter here and sons.

it is unexpected this poem laid the foundation to a new path in A. Bartho`s life. Once she received the letter from the woman who long and unsuccessfully looked for the child. As the book with verses on Moscow region children`s home fell of the cleaner from Karaganda into hands, it is unknown and what it matters!

Much more important another: thanks to active efforts of Agniya Lvovna it was succeeded to find the lost daughter who was indeed brought up in orphanage, and met mother at eighteen-year age. This story was published by Ogonek magazine and … letters fell down. One hundred and fifty and more in day. Often the address on envelopes was extremely laconic: “Moscow. To the writer Bartho“. As a result on Mayak radio station the monthly broadcast “Find the Person“ appeared. Her Agniya Lvovna, and in three years after closing, in 1974 - m conducted about nine years, wrote down in the diary:

“… Hardly I get used that 13 - e put number of every month for me now usual because within nearly nine years it was for me special. On 13 - m I approached numbers the microphone in radio studio to tell on “Beacon“ to thousands, no, to millions of people that one more mother found the son lost small in the years of war, and, maybe, this minute somewhere on a station platform or in airfield embraces him which long ago became to adults. There were transfers when I could report that several families are connected, there was also a calm. The pleasure comes not according to the schedule. And though searches - - subordinated nearly nine years to themselves my thoughts, all my time, together with the last transfer my life was left by something precious“.

For these years managed to restore 927 families. Perhaps, in the sea of losses it and is not enough. Perhaps, only drop. But what life-giving!

Be continued.