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Noah`s Ark. Whether there is it?

are known to All the bible legend on a Flood and on how Ache, the husband just, on God`s command constructed an ark and escaped on it with all the family and representatives of all living creatures on Earth. Bible, hl. 6, 7: “by I make it so: length of an ark is 300 elbows; width of his 50 elbows, and height of his 30 elbows; arrange in it the lower, second and third housing. And any cattle pure take on seven, a male and female, and from cattle dirty on two, a male and female. As well from birds heavenly on seven, a male and female to keep the tribe for all Earth “.

What there was knowledge of Nov and his members of household not to miss any creature from living on Earth?! And how all of them accommodated in an ark? And what they began to eat on Earth if there are no mentions of seeds, saplings or seedling of terrestrial plants? Probably, hoped for God. May we learn about existence of an ark now and confirm, thereby, reliability of a flood? Many were engaged in it and even found the wood remains, but scientific researches rejected any relation them to an ark.

The matter is that the tree of which the ark was made lately (more than 4500 years) would have to decay if it was on a surface or to harden if it was brought by silt. So to look for wooden artifacts it is useless. Besides, in the Bible it is told that the ark stopped not on the Mount Ararat, and on “the Ararat mountains“. If to restore and to correctly translate the initial Aramaic text on which the most part of the Bible was written then it there will be “mountains of Urartu“ (there was such state in the ancient time, its territory is in Turkey now). So, looked not for that and not there.

Besides, the top of Ararat is covered with a glacier which all the time is in the movement and for last period had to process everything. Mount Ararat is a volcano. Its last eruption was in 1848 therefore the grandiose Akhursky gorge was formed. In time from an estimated flood there were also other eruptions. And what was as a result become with an ark? The only hope - on the fact that the remains of an ark were quickly covered with eruption products hardened and, thanks to it, remained.

In 1959 the Turkish military pilot in the district remote on 20 km to the South from Mount Ararat, found the object having the vessel form by the sizes similar to Noah`s Ark. There expedition of the Turkish and American scientists which did not find signs of an artificial origin of object was directed (probably, looked for a tree, as well as all others earlier).

In 1977 the American archeologist R. Wyatt was engaged in its studying. On its hypothesis, covered an ark with volcanic eruption products (ashes and a lava) that protected a tree from decomposition. Over time it hardened. Then erosive processes spread out eruption products, they were scattered and were washed away, and the ark appeared on a surface. Wyatt found a set of artifacts which analysis confirmed their accessory in an ark, including the floating anchors holding in ancient times the vessel by wind from a turning. Wyatt`s conclusions are confirmed by the analysis of the samples collected by it in the leading scientific laboratories of the world.

So, from the scientific point of view, one may say, that the ark (or the vessel, similar to it) at last is found! The Turkish government, referring to R. Wyatt`s data, opened the tourist center near the ark remains and correctly made: this object proves existence of the event confirmed with sacred books of three leading world religions!

And what? Opening of River. Wyatt caused rough disputes and negative reaction both in scientific, and in church circles. Now he is carefully suppressed. Why? Not therefore whether what many statements which are still taken for absolute gospel are disproved? Well, and people do not need to prove to believers anything because it is told: “Believe, without arguing“.