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Agniya Bartho: in literature … on pointes?

Who does not know this name - Agniya Bartho?! Even malyshnya doshkolyatsky it is aware. And here is how she became a poet, it is known to not everyone (yes, the poet, - I am jarred on long ago by the word “poetess“ causing associations with “secretary“, “inzhenershy“, etc.) . Someone, perhaps, will tell: “Yes what difference how began to write A. Bartho`s verses?“, but then I will object: “The destiny of the person is always interesting, and the one who is endowed with special talent - especially“. Well, and now - in fact.

As pointes really are related to the beginning of professional creativity of the heroine of the story, at first, probably, It is necessary to tell how they appeared in her life. It is all about the father: Lev Nikolaevich Volov, the veterinarian, was an aficionado of art and literally raved the ballet. And therefore hotly beloved daughter to whom gave good house education before receipt in a gymnasium, dreamed to see the famous ballerina.

The girl`s mother, the woman beautiful and witty, quite trusted the device of her future to the husband. Maria Ilyinichna had a character which is described best of all by the phrase which was constantly repeating due to the need of any actions: “I will make it the day after tomorrow“. Nevertheless, Volov` family was strong and amicable, in it features of character of members of household were considered and delicately weaknesses inherent in them said goodbye.

Agniya thinking of the father much came to a ballet school, despite strong hobby for poetry (by the way, she began to write verses at four-year age). There were two major events in its destiny. At first she got acquainted with the young man - the handsome Pawee Bartho who subsequently became her husband. And then, already at a graduation party, read from a scene the first poem with the expressive name “Dead march“.

Also it that among the audience of the concert program there was a people`s commissar of education A. V. Lunacharsky and as writes Agniya Lvovna`s daughter should have happened, constrained strong-willed effort a smile during its performance. And then invited in Narkompros to conversation and suggested “to write only cheerful verses“.

Agniya followed advice and began to compose. However, after the ballet troupe in which it was enlisted emigrated, and to it the father did not allow to leave. The first poem - “Kitaychonok Van Li“, under this name left in 1925 (or in 1926 - m) and the first book. And all circulation was right there bought up.

Consider how many years were to the author who was born in 1907 - m. Though help buildings specify 1906 - y. Why? The answer is simple: getting a job for the sake of the grocery card (called by “the herring heads“ because employees did shopping herring), added to itself year, otherwise would not accept.

First in versification Agniya Lvovna cooperated with the husband. Together they wrote “The dirty girl“, “The girl - a revushka“, “Counting rhyme“. But coauthorship was short, as well as marriage: it turned out that, except mutual hobby for poetry, anything else does not connect young people. The son Edgar`s birth, home-style - Garik (who, receiving later the “serpasty - molotkasty“ the passport, became Igor), did not strengthen a family too.

taking the family drama Hard, the young woman went to a gap, but kept a surname of the husband for the rest of life.

Here it is pertinent to notice that in its character the active determination and natural shyness wonderfully were combined. All life A. Bartho regretted that on modesty did not venture to start talking to V. V. Mayakovsky adored by it though the destiny gave such chance several times: they went in one official car where “the hillock of Pushkino hunched the Akulovy mountain“, Agniya played tennis in the neighbourhood with giving the poet, and he strolled on a garden.

But in other cases worked without doubts, sometimes desperately. So, in 1937 - m as a part of the Soviet delegation arrived to warring Spain to the international congress and, having seen a bench in which castanets were on sale from a bus window, right there asked to stop and went behind purchase. She is a ballerina!

While chose, in the sky planes seemed - here - bombardment here could begin - but it did not stop the customer at all. When returned to colleagues, Alexey Tolstoy derisively asked whether it took with itself also a fan to wave away from raids. This case from today`s it is far can seem amusing, but threat was quite real.

And still that is called without fear and reproach helped families of victims of political repression together with Lev Kassil that was also very dangerous. And itself sometimes it appeared “between two fires“. Who could assume today that they axiomatic “Dropped a bear on a floor“ in 1930 - e was exposed to sharp criticism with a verdict of competent instances: “To change rhymes, they are difficult for the children`s poem“!

Despite everything, Agniya Lvovna “from young nails“ to the most respectable age kept sense of humour (isn`t that so, it clearly appears also in her verses?) . Was famous as the master of draws in which was not confused circumstances at all. Especially got to Irakli Andronikov to whom, for example, could call right after the telecast and, allegedly on behalf of a litredaktor, to ask a question why it, showing the photo, held it head over heels, and at the same time to invite in the program with participation of contemporaries of Lev Tolstoy that caused frank bewilderment of the interlocutor. And only then to it declared that it is draw.

But it was in later years to which it was necessary to live still … And on the way both pleasures, and troubles met. So, once absolutely unexpectedly there was a meeting which presented mutual love. And what! With Andrey Shcheglyaev, the talented power engineer, subsequently - a star of domestic science in the field of steam and gas turbines, she lived happily more than forty years until the death separated spouses.

In this marriage the daughter Tatyana who in infancy hardly survived was born, having got sick with whooping cough. The doctor from the category of coryphaeuses pronounced a heavy sentence: “Still give rise …“. But the stubborn woman found other doctor, without professional “nimbus“, and the illness receded under the pressure of Yulia Fominichna Dombrovskaya and maternal love.

Such fact testifies to the active power of this love at least. It was required to buy urgently medicine, and on the street there was an inconceivable ice. And Agniya Bartho moved according to her, having settled on a small suitcase for tennis accessories and making a start hands and legs. The daughter remembered the story of mother that some passerby, having estimated sharpness, exclaimed subsequently: “My dear, take me with yourself!“.

And then war burst. The husband was sent to the Urals, to Sverdlovsk, and Agniya Lvovna was torn to the front. And even managed to obtain monthly business trip as the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda“. Also read verses: on radio, in hospitals, schools. And still, to understand how children get up to the machine together with adults to forge a victory, itself, on the advice of P. Bazhov, went to plant and even received the category of the turner.

And her son strained to be in action with fascists too. At first went to flight school, but it was deducted for health reasons. Then entered the aviation institute (and at the same time - conservatory). But on the edge of a wartime when “Fascism“ already choked in the Berlin bunker, the misfortune came to a family: near the house, in Lavrushinsky Lane, Igor was hit by the car. To death. Ridiculously, but it is irreparable.

It is a grief of mother it was not succeeded to endure lives till last days, it lodged in her soul forever. Loss pain opened eyes on the tragedy of death of millions of people destroyed by war of families, the deserted children even more widely. And it roused Agniya Bartho to new actions.

Not to crumple the story about it, perhaps, it is better to continue it in separate article.