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How to believe in God.

How to believe in God?

If the person asks himself such question, so God already lodged in his heart. But he still did not realize it, did not experience. Let`s talk about Vera.

What is it?

the Belief is a recognition something, without having on it established facts. In this case recognition of truth. Perhaps, matter in the word. Let`s look for cognate words, to the word “Belief“. Here they: fidelity, confidence, trust. Let`s consider the word “Fidelity“. Where it can be applied or in what phrases. Fidelity to the business, marital fidelity, confidence in tomorrow. And you know that in religious aspect parallelism of marital fidelity with fidelity to the Lord is carried out? If you are not able to be loyal to the person whom you saw and you know. That unless you will be able to be loyal to God who was never seen, and were not heard. But now not about it. Let`s return to the concept “Beliefs“ and as to find it.

Very difficult happens sometimes to believe when you see so much evil, injustice, hatred, falseness, immorality around, and still many and much.

Yesterday I with own eyes saw, coming back from work as one bum closed the second what - that a black film, looking around. It was in the morning, about the subway where it is full of the people. Of course, they are guilty that reached it, but they, people. They too when that were children. Maybe we became too severe to the neighbor? You are sure that if you fall tomorrow and you will faint, then on you will turn attention? Of course, it is necessary to believe in that good which remained on the earth and to multiply it. And being in these thoughts, very often you wonder: “And whether the person just like God`s is created or not“.

If yes, that why so is not simple to believe us in him. Why we are not convinced by the previous generations, and all stories connected with martyrs, people who died for the Lord. And all stories connected with it.

“Be perfect as your God is“ are words of Christ. But as we are far from perfect, to us at least just to be “People“, in the real understanding of this word.

The Lord understanding that it is very difficult for us to be perfect, gave us only ten precepts which by all means will make us better and purer. Many consider it banal, and I will ask them: “And you tried to live on precepts?“

Yes, their of everything ten, “Only ten“. Try, and your life by all means will change, all ingenious is simple, but not just to understand. And you try and at you everything will turn out.

Every day the huge flow of information falls upon us. And we continually should choose, be protected and to eliminate, defining one from another. But the choice is that the Lord commanded to us, for all times. The choice which always we have how to arrive what to tell and make. The feeling of the choice is given us from above. But, there are also reflexes. Which, we want that or not, remind us that we have to: to eat, drink, sleep, and. etc.

We all life, live between the good and evil, between black and white, between moral and immoral. Between mind and body. But, all of us are united by one. We are “People“ and are created just like God`s. And proceeding from it that the Lord leaves us an option and as differently. That any Divine presence at our life will have two different, opposite aspects, thereby the Lord leaves the choice for us.

That ourselves could make a choice. To believe to us in God or not. And what it will be “Belief“ if we see, or we will hear, or still as - nibud we will be convinced of its existence. It will be already “Belief“, and “Knowledge“, and these are different things. And therefore once again I want to repeat that any Divine manifestation in our life. Will always have a different explanation. And differently we will have no option. And God cannot leave us WITHOUT OPTION.