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Who was a beloved of Yesenin?

Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin - a romantic figure, associating with a large number of fans. Women loved it and idolized. Many favourites of the poet played a role of “the throughput ticket“ in secular society, to the Olympus of elite of that time. Yesenin always pursued glory, sometimes envying more successful people, and blaming for everything the fact that he is only a visitor from the remote place.

Young Yesenin`s verses were not pleasant to capital beau monde as seemed too naive and provincial. However, masters of art had the same opinion, and to other nuggets which arrived to conquer the big city. Having appeared for the first time in St. Petersburg, Yesenin plunged into night life, began so-called “traktirno - saloon“ chaos of Yesenin`s life. It was difficult to learn the former Ryazan guy Seryozhu in few months. He twisted completely, had a good time with prostitutes and learned to be expressed abusively. Contemporaries claimed that he smoothly a tongue twister said the “small abusive bend“ of Peter the Great including 37 words. Later he in perfection mastered the “big bend“ consisting of 260 words. In pre-revolutionary Russia only Alexey Tolstoy could brag of this talent. And in intervals between the entertainments the poet wrote verses.

The opinion of influential people meant to Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin a lot of things. Being awfully hypochondriac and uncertain person, not to find a capital luster, he madly was afraid to make some mistake which could distance an instant of the coming glory. Only one statement of the artist Yury Annenkov, concerning the first wife of Yesenin, Zinaida Nikolaevna Raich, having called her “the fat Jewish woman“, gave the grounds to get divorced from pregnant wife. Which gave birth from it to two children - Tatyana and Konstantin. Several years later Raich married Vsevolod Meyerhold, having replaced a profession of the secretary with role of the leading actress. But how with it Yesenin roughly managed, she continued to love him. People, it is close knowing it, said that if Yesenin called her, she would come running to him at any time.

Meanwhile at Sergey Yesenin one mistress replaced to the friend, but to the pretender to a role of the constant woman he had only one condition - it has to be notable. Once it met Shalyapin in a beau monde circle. Odium of this personality so shook the poet that he was literally killed in a corner, without cramping delighted eyes from the great singer. “This glory!“ - he whispered and at the same moment noticed near himself the angular, ugly girl - the daughter Shalyapina. Having learned who is she, he did not depart all evening from her, whispering different tendernesses on an ear, and admitted to friends later that as if the surname “YESENIN“ loudly would begin to sound, having become related with Shalyapin. But it was not fated to be it together, it was eclipsed by the grown heavy fifty-year-old American dancer, Isadora Duncan. Only the lazy person, then did not speak about it, it became very popular in Russia also desired guests at any parties. The Soviet government treated it very favourably, having opened for it dancing school in Moscow. Their novel began fall of 1921, Duncan at once allocated blond Yesenin, having called it “Zolyyutaya the head“. Then got closer to the poet and publicly passionately kissed him. They went to that evening together and did not leave within a year. And on May 2, 1922 before departure abroad they undersigned for the REGISTRY OFFICE. She thanked god for a meeting with Yesenin, executed all his whims, turned both cheek, both for kisses, and for slaps in the face. He hated it, for the growing old appearance and blurring figures, and also for the fact that it is more popular than it, to nobody the poet unknown abroad, Sergey Yesenin. He was angered that it there - the stranger, does not know English, it seemed to it that everyone laughs at it, calling him the crude yokel. Not pitch and Isadora to take out an everyday beating and other Yesenin`s drunk tricks. They leave. The thoughts of own lack of talent and an otioseness multiplied by suspiciousness and alcohol did not allow it to live quietly. Yesenin returned to Russia strongly drunk and rudiments of a severe mental disease.

On September 18, 1925 he married Sofya Tolstaya, the native granddaughter of Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, the next tribute to the great person and foreign glory. But also with it family life was not set. But the only woman to whose councils listened, the poet was, Galina Arturovna Benislavskaya. She Platonically loved Yesenin, they were never physically close. It is known that exactly in a year after death of the poet Galina committed suicide on his grave, having left the suicide note: “It Samoubitsya here, though I know: after that will blame even more Yesenin. But also to it, and me it will be all the same. In this grave for me the most expensive …“. Nevertheless the person who was so loved by women, probably, was happy in own way.

But only “woman“ whom Sergey Aleksandrovich loved all the life, - glory. For the sake of it he arrived to the capital, met with the famous mistresses and then ruthlessly threw them when he understood that he took from them all their limit of popularity. Yesenin all avoided any sincere feelings, running away from the slightest manifestation of the love. And, as a result, escaped also from himself.