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What do syroyeda eat? As it is pleasant to crackle

a cucumber, to chew a leaf of salad or to regale on a cluster of ripe grapes. It is twice more pleasant when all this from own six hundred parts. You will sometimes reflect: and whether long the person can eat only vegetable food? And in general, whether it is possible to eat only those products which were not exposed to heat treatment?

It appears i and, is such - syroyeda! It is not necessary to think that these people were nicknamed so from - for the fact that they in large quantities absorb cheese, it, by the way, as well as other products of an animal origin, they do not accept. In Russia the number of people who adhere to this current small, probably, traditions of food by meat food affect. It gained big distribution in India and in the USA, there syroyeda unite in the whole groups, propagandize it in printing editions, publish a great lot of the books devoted to recipes of “live food“, open networks of restaurants where in the menu only products of a phytogenesis and without thermal treatment appear.

And the cause of failure from animal food is reduced to the fact that this food is very heavy, from - for it the person feels tired, there is a drowsiness as instead of taking energy from food, the person spends it for digestion of a meat lunch. In protection of vegetable food says also that it no other than the purest form of transformation of solar energy. Besides it is impossible “to spoil“ products thermal treatment - to fry, cook, soar, bake; all this does not add vitamins, and only destroys them.

Besides, fresh vegetables and fruit are rich with enzymes which make a basis of digestion and a metabolism. Life and health of a human body directly depends on their quantity, eating food saturated with these enzymes it is not necessary to spend a lot of energy for its digestion, at the same time the amount of nutrients and vital force increases. According to supporters of “live products“, all people could live more than 100 years, without being ill if the organism was not “littered“ with the food cooked on fire.

But it is not necessary to think that food of syroyed are one salad leaflets with carrot and boring dishes. These are the various fruit, vegetables wetted and germinated grain, nuts, vegetable oils, seaweed and their various combinations. Especially syroyeda love cold soups (for example, the Italian tomato soup of gazpacho), sauce salads from pounded green leaves and bread. But bread at them at all not such which is on sale in the Russian bakeries its taste bears a faint resemblance to crackers, it from seeds and herbs which by special cars extend moisture from products prepares. The most important, temperature in these units do not exceed 60 degrees, therefore, vitamins are not lost, and thanks to this equipment it is possible to make crackers of nuts of cashew, a basil, sesame.

Syroyeda do not lose also some sweet! For example, at restaurants of “live food“ of the USA there is a tasty cake which cake layers are made of the processed almonds and dates, and a layer - of pulp of a coco, raspberry, a peach, plus a little crude chocolate. This “the culinary masterpiece“ has divine taste! Crude chocolate is the beans of cocoa which are not subjected to any thermal treatment only are ground in shaving. Do not eat it much because it bitter, but in desserts is very good!

At a leisure you can try salad - a mix . It prepares easily. Lettuce leaves an iceberg, cress - salad, sheet salad, tomato, a fresh young vegetable marrow undertake. Lettuce leaves tear hands, cut tomato small cubes, and grate a vegetable marrow. Everything is mixed, add a few nuts (what the more to taste) and sprinkled juice of a half of a lemon.

Or it is possible to prepare Autumn salad . For this purpose crude pumpkin, carrots and sour apple are peeled of a peel, crushed on a large grater, mixed, seasoned with 1 teaspoon of dry seaweed and sprinkled sesame oil.

Fruit cocktail is tasty also . Having armed with the blender, it can be prepared from pulp of banana, a peach and seasonal berries. The turned-out cocktail, at desire, can be parted with freshly squeezed cranberry juice.

But if you all life ate animal food and suddenly decided to become syroyedy, then it is not necessary to exclude from a diet habitual products sharply. For a start it is possible to apply the menu of syroyed as fasting days, to look how your organism belongs to such food. For want of habit he can rebel, having answered fast change of a diet with an abdominal distension and other discomfort.

Remember that each of us is individual and if one person suits a rawism, then it does not mean that it resembles all. Listen to the organism, he - that will not deceive you!