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To study or work?

In our country are obligatory the general secondary education (9 classes of high school). Having received “school-leaving certificate“, the person makes the choice: to study to it further at high school, to get secondary vocational education or to go to work. Everything is defined by desires of the person and intellectual opportunities. At this age for the first time there is this possibility of the choice: to study or work.

The modern youth coddled by parental attention and care generally gets senior secondary education (11 classes of high school). For the second time of people chooses: to study further in higher education institution, technical school or to begin to work unclear where, it is unclear whom.

The one who wishes to study has to enter to the university on a competitive basis. The higher education at us in the country is not obligatory. In Russia in some technical and liberal arts colleges the budgetary places are provided, but them becomes less every year. Therefore the higher education in Russia becomes less available to children of those parents which did not save up for study of children. In Europe and America all colleges and universities paid. Only the most perspective students who can pay the study can study in them. To study to graduate, it becomes more difficult. Besides knowledge and abilities, money of which it is always not enough are necessary.

If aspiration to study hugely, then to find an opportunity to gain knowledge in alma mater it is possible - to study and work to study. In all developed countries the credits for education with periodic percentage repayment of the credit are provided. The pupil can combine study on an evening or correspondence department with work which will give it small finance to pay study. Some “suffering“ students study on day, and on days off work at “black“ works - unload cars, boxes at the airports, wash cars, sweep streets. In Russia a study situation in higher education institution at which the student should most earn money to pay study, - a rarity, in the West - a widespread case.

Who was lucky, and study at university is paid by the state or parents, it is much easier to study and live. Therefore such students in study achieve considerable results. All free time from occupations at institute can be devoted to self-education - to broaden the horizons or to deepen knowledge of profile objects.

Nevertheless, even excellent students seek to find work on older years. It is absolutely natural and correct. It becomes easier to study, the personality is already created, ambitions grow. Work on older years - the new side of student`s life allowing to realize itself in the new social and professional environment.

The undergraduates who are getting a job not on a profile are guided by usually financial benefit. Work in the professional sphere coinciding with the chosen specialty at institute is pleasant doubly. Though salaries of the beginning trainees low and the status of the assistant to the expert is not so considerable, but understanding that study and knowledge gained at institute will not be gone in vain, encourages.

The aspiration is caused to study and work with a modern universal situation of employment - to a decent position with a good salary experience by all means is required. Without experience the university graduate even with the diploma with honors on “casting“ in the organization will appear “out of competition“.

To study or work - the personal choice of everyone. Decent existence of the person in society demands both receiving, and application of knowledge, and for this purpose it is necessary to study and work at the same time.