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Heroes of the anniversary are creators of the computer and the Red Cross - who they are?

Who invented the first computer? The names from Charlz Babbage and Alan Turing to Bill Gates are in reply told and only the few know the correct name: Conrad Tsuze. He was born on June 22, 1910 in Berlin. In young years to Tsuza showed a great interest to mechanics and designing.

After obtaining the diploma of the civil engineer, it started a soedaniye of the first-ever computer. Purely mechanical binary computer designated by Z1 structurally reminded present computers. This car had the computing, keeping and programming functions.

But as it was susceptible to hindrances, in 1941 to Tsuza developed the Z3 model - the first world famous, automatic, freely programmable COMPUTER. It was used for research of the vibration of wings of planes leading to their falling. in 1944 this car was destroyed at an air raid.

The Z4 model constructed in a stable made commercial success and formed a basis to the German computer industry.

Along with it fruitful Tsuz presented to mankind other inventions, such as, the first algorithmic language of programming for estimating and calculations with accounts. In 1949 together with association Tsuz of KG he founded the Germany`s first computer firm. To Tsuza had the gift to inspire people so they endowed to it money and time.

Conrad Tsuze is known not only as the successful inventor. In art it left a considerable mark, especially in painting too. - the expressionist he acted as the artist under a pseudonym Kuno Zey. 2010 is declared year of Conrad Tsuze.

This year century of death of the founder of the Red Cross - the Swiss businessman and the Christian humanist Henry Dunand is noted. During a business trip in 1859, he incidentally was the witness of bloody fight between the Austrian army and Napoleon the third troops at the Italian city of Solferino.

In three years the shaken Dunand wrote the book under the name Memories of Solferino which published at own expense and distributed in Europe. In the book he told about sufferings of wounded and demanded creation of the neutral organization for the help to the victims of war. Year is later with its active participation it was founded the International Committee of societies on care of wounded which since 1876 carries the name of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The Geneva Convention signed in 1864 in the provisions essentially is guided by offers and recommendations from Dunand`s book. After that Dunand fell into poverty and thirty years stayed in uncertainty until he in 1895 was found by journalists, having paid to it public attention.

Dunand got support and assistance from all directions. In 1901 together with the French pacifist Frederik Passi the first Nobel Peace Prize was appropriated to it. In honor of Dunand in Switzerland the 20th frankovy silver coin with his portrait, a symbol of the Red cross and dates of life and death is let out: 1829 - 1910.