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Shkola:gotov sledge in the summer and first grader in the winter?

Are valid, this expression is fair. Let`s remember what occurs in school in the summer? In the heat vacation, and it means. that we will not find either teachers, or administration of school there, and, above all we will not see educational process - one of the main criteria at the choice. What to do to those who did not manage to ask this question long winter evenings? How to make a right choice to young parents what to pay attention to? There are several councils.

1. Remoteness from the house

How many would not tell that an arrangement of school minor - do not agree with the opponent. Even if you have a car. In a month another of rises at six in the morning, nervous expectation in traffic jams you will begin to hate the most elite gymnasium of the world. Let`s consider other option: you have a beloved grandmother ready to carry through all city of the grandson in school if only that became Einstein. The grandmother for initiative needs to hand gratitude, and here the grandson … Einstein can not become, and get gastritis from - for having a snack during the lunchtime (so far to the house did not reach) is, please. In addition hour in the morning on the road instead of a dream and at midday instead of the put rest or visit of the pool, for example, also not in a positive side of remoteness of school from the house.

2. The class teacher

Yes, who is he and what your class teacher will need to learn in advance. Whether actually this person, anyway, will affect that there will be school days wonderful. The class teacher has to be resourceful and sympathetic, thinly feel the atmosphere of children`s collective and try to unite a class. How to distinguish it from the candidacies proposed to you. Here in the help of opinion of acquaintances (if those are available). It will be better to find out about intra school actions and to visit a couple from them. How this or that class will prove it is already possible to judge what atmosphere in it sets “cool“. Do not feel sorry on it for time, it is worth it! You will be able to make the smobyustvenny opinion.

3. Teaching staff

it is unconditional, there will be no doctors and professors of sciences. But big plus if at school there is a teacher with a rank the Teacher of year. The teachers having various categories too in plus. And it is not regalia. If the teacher participates in competitions, writes works and receives good comments for the works means, he develops and improved in the skill of teaching. Respectively such teacher will be interested in progress of the pupils.

4. Table to Learn

what your child as easy as shelling pears will eat. Everything that is necessary is most to come into school cafeteria and to buy on test something from the offered range. As a rule, if the school not ordinary, the director tries to keep the status in everything and in food too.

5. Protection

This factor can also be estimated on own experience, having come to school. If without excess suspicions to pass you, without having found time to ask who you and why welcomed (such “goreokhrana“ at many comprehensive schools now) are the institution means in it your child will not be in safety. Ideally, at good schools the system of admissions is debugged, and children of elementary grades cannot self-willedally leave the schoolhouse in the unknown direction.

Here, perhaps, five precepts of the young parent to which it is worth paying attention. Anyway, at the choice of school be guided not only the opinion, but also desire of the child. It should study there.