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What Yaroslavl before - summer anniversary surprised 1000 with?

to One of the most ancient cities of Russia - to Yaroslavl this year are executed 1000. For the middle of September planned the grandiose holiday devoted to this date.

I dreamed to visit Yaroslavl, but ways all somehow - roads took away to other regions. And the school girlfriend living in Yaroslavl invited long ago and persistently to arrive at least for several days. Decided to go to this summer at the beginning of August. July was given very hot now, but thought that August will be more cool, nevertheless is closer to fall. But August did not please with a cool, besides the smog from the fires situated near Moscow reached also the Yaroslavl earth. It complicated a sightseeing which here great variety. Except extreme weather, rough activities for repair and reconstruction of a set of objects - roads, temples, buildings, monuments very much affected bright impression of undoubted beauty of Volga and the ancient city. Yaroslavl reminds a huge building site as though it only - only began to be restored after defeat.

The feeling is such that city anniversary for the authorities arose suddenly, unexpectedly. Well, at us is unexpected frosts, plentiful snowfalls, suddenly a tropical heat! Perhaps city authorities would also not be is zealous so with repairs and on celebration expect arrival of the highest representatives of the government, and it is necessary not “to strike with the person in dirt“. “Window-dressing“ is live, live in Russia! Here also lifted the city on racks!

Locals complain, what`s the use from such emergency repairs will be a little. Many years became little, and in a hurry again will make which - as. On reconstruction all Moskovsky Avenue, the main thoroughfare, drivers should go round on other streets, there are traffic jams and other inconveniences. On repair the lower Volzhskaya Embankment. It is known that along Volga two embankments - top and lower. Repair the most part of Kotoroslnaya Embankment, carriageways around the Memorial estate, - there is Spaso - Preobrazhenskoye of the monastery, Revolyutsionnaya Street, and a great number of others. In the center of the beautiful city all three days of my stay, to the smog and a smoke brought from Moscow area the construction dust which is kicked up by various cars was added.

The most beautiful place in Yaroslavl, in my opinion, is the top Volzhskaya Embankment. There almost all ancient buildings are already painted, the brand new benches which are specially made to anniversary are put. Arbors - rotundas are magnificent. On the embankment there are a private museum “Music and Time“ and the Art museum in the former residence of governors. From the top embankment the magnificent view to Volga opens. Early in the morning, while heat was not so big, we passed on foot along all top embankment, to the Arrow - places where merge Volga and the river Kotorosl. Here too there is a great building - finish construction of Cathedral Assumption Cathedral which will be the biggest in Yaroslavl. Near a cathedral there is a sculptural composition the “Holy Trinity“ established in 1995 on the place of an altar of old Assumption Cathedral (it is destroyed in 1937).

On the Shooter as tell, once there was a city beach and it is better not to think up places for the beach. And now look through lines of the paths asphalted and laid out by tiles, probably, there will be a place for walks, but the beach will not be. In general, what strongly surprised me in Yaroslavl - it is lack of the well-planned city beach. The city on Volga, and without beach! Agree, it has to be very offensive for citizens! The beach on the bank of Kotorosli, at once for Spaso - Preobrazhensky the monastery, near chapel of the Kazan Mother of God , call Central, but officially it is forbidden to bathe from there - for qualities of water. Yes it also does not make impression well-planned, even at such hot weather bathing there units. It is officially authorized to bathe only on the Tveritsky beach is on the left coast of Volga.

There are “wild“, shell and core beaches in Dzerzhinsky district, behind the Pavlovsk grove, at Bragino and Ivankovo, we went with the girlfriend there. Water there pure, but the coast is littered by people to a disgrace and cleans up nobody.

Kotoroslnaya Embankment conducting from the Arrow to the center, too on repair was necessary to do zigzags all the time, bending around holes, heaps of sand and crushed stone. Here one by one there are ancient churches - of Saviour - on - to the city, Nikola - the Chopped city and Garrison Archangel Michael Church . And already Spaso`s walls - Preobrazhenskoye of the monastery in which is State the historian - the architectural and art memorial estate. As well as all holiday city, the monastery which is often called the Yaroslavl Kremlin, all in the construction woods. Something will not be managed to be restored, most likely, to 1000 - to the anniversary. Visitors there now very little. The exhibition of very original beehives was pleasant, such it was not necessary to see still.

And between walls of the monastery and the Central beach there is an original chapel of the Kazan Mother of God established in 1997 at the initiative of Yu. Luzhkov in memory of a national militia of 1612 exempting Russia from the Polish interventionists. In a chapel - an icon in the form of a stained-glass window, a bell and a plate with an inscription: To “A national militia from grateful descendants“.

I deliberately do not tell about ancient temples, about them is already much written. And here I want to tell about some pleasant monuments.

In the green square which is called generally Chelyuskintsev Square on small distance from each other there are two high monuments. One is put as the inscription says, “To the fighters for the Soviet power who fell during suppression is white - eserovsky mutiny in July, 1918“.

The second, is closer to the Volga descent, is restored in 2005. It is put in honor of the founder of the first higher educational institution in Yaroslavl Pavel Grigoryevich Demidov . It was based under the royal decree of Alexander I in 1803 at the expense of P. G. Demidov - for financing of activity of school completely there was a quitrent from Demidov`s ancestral lands in Uglichsky and Romanovsky Counties of the Yaroslavl province. The school was open in 1805. Since February, 1995 the name of P. G. Demidov is born by the Yaroslavl state university .

On December 29, 2007 very beautiful monument to the famous Russian singer, opera lyrical tenor L was solemnly open. To V. Sobinov (1872 - 1934), on crossing of streets of Maximov and Trefolev, opposite to a concert hall. Yaroslavl - the singer`s homeland.

Near the building of the railway station at the station square, to the right of it if to rise facing the building, the monument to Savva Ivanovich Mamontov (1841 - 1918), patriot of the country is delivered, to the builder of the railroads as the inscription says. Postoyte nearby, be glad that in Russia there were such people!

There is a strong wish to go to Yaroslavl once again when there takes place anniversary celebration and the city will return to usual, everyday life. There is what to look at!