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Diet for suntan of

Being going to the beach or in a sunbed, we get the means urged to increase suntan and to protect our skin from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. But very few people know that specially picked up diet is capable to accelerate considerably process of receiving a desired bronze shade, to make it deeper, and also to increase protective properties of the means applied on skin.

If you resolved to become a chocolate to holiday or during it, you need to include in the daily food allowance the products containing certain vitamins and minerals which will begin to work for your suntan together with you in passing helping an organism to transfer consequences as active suntan - all this is a stress for skin.

So, for suntan it is necessary to include the products containing the following components in a diet:

1 . Amino acids, such as tirozin and tryptophane, the skin of a special pigment stimulating development with cages - melanin. The more your skin is capable to reproduce it, the more dark and deeper the suntan shade will turn out;

2 . The predecessor of vitamin A - the beta carotene which is also promoting production of melanin and its fixing in skin that will make your suntan more resistant and natural. Also beta carotene possesses protective properties, it will be simpler to your skin to cope with the free radicals which are contained in sunshine. The strengthened protection will exclude reddenings and burns which destroy cells of skin.

3 . Vitamins A and E. Pervy increases activity of the enzymes responsible for process of regeneration of skin, thereby doing it is steadier against influence of environment. Vitamin E I am the strongest antioxidant increasing ability of skin to resist to the oxidation processes happening under the influence of sunshine prevents presenilation of cages.

4 . Minerals selenium and likoptin - promote natural protection of skin against harmful effects of the sun, strengthen immunity, help to avoid dryness of skin.

the Necessary amount of the vitamins and minerals which are a part of a diet for suntan can be received as at the use of products in which they to contain, and in pure form, accepting the vitamin complexes which are on sale in drugstores.

So what products will help your skin to get a tremendous bronze shade?

of Egg, sea fish, a liver, kidneys, dates, dried apricots, green parts of plants, dairy products - are natural sources of vitamin A, E, acids the Omega - 3 and the Omega - 6, a tirozina. Only 200 grams of dried apricots a day probably will strengthen a suntan shade, a little fishes of fat grades will present to your skin necessary amount of polysaturated fatty acids, protecting it thereby from dryness, increasing elasticity and elasticity. Tirozin who is contained in a liver will prolong life term to your suntan. The iron which is contained in eggs nourishes skin with oxygen, strengthening exchange processes that promotes faster receiving a desirable shade.

Carrots, apricots, grapes, an asparagus, a melon, tomatoes, spinach and broccoli - are vitamin-rich RR, groups B, minerals, a beta - carotene and lyuteiny.

Carrots and apricots are irreplaceable as a source a beta - is more dark than the carotene promoting production of the melanin doing your skin. Their regular use in food will make your suntan more saturated and resistant. Also the vitamins of group B which are contained in a melon, potassium and iron increase color, oxygenating blood and improving the general condition of skin that does suntan equal and steady. Broccoli and an asparagus increase protective properties of skin, and tomatoes prevent the oxidizing processes arising in skin under the influence of sunshine thereby reducing risk of developing of cancer of skin. Grapes contain ascorbic acid, vitamins A and RR - prevent skin diseases, the condition of immunity improves and supports healthy vodno - salt balance of skin that is a necessary condition at active acceptance of solar bathtubs.

Is offered several recipes from the products which are a part of a diet for suntan.

Beef liver with tomatoes

will be necessary for you For preparation: 0,5kg. beef liver, 3 tomatoes, on 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, torments and sugar, 4 tablespoons of water, 1 h a salt spoon, a half of a tea spoon of ginger and a bulb.

Way of preparation:

needs to mix soy sauce, flour, sugar and ginger before receiving homogeneous mass. We fill in with the received mix the liver which is previously cut by straws, we allow to stand 15 - 20 min.

Further a liver in marinade we spread on a frying pan, with the warmed two spoons of water and we extinguish within five minutes.

Separately we brown the onions cut by rings in a deep frying pan. In process of acquisition by onions of a golden shade we add thinly cut tomatoes and we extinguish one more - two minutes.

Further we spread there a liver and sauce in which it was extinguished, and we prepare on small fire to readiness. It is possible to serve with an asparagus, broccolis or the fig.

as a dessert perfectly will approach carrot cakes - they are low-calorie and contain the substances promoting your suntan.

will be necessary for you For preparation of cakes:

of 0,5 kg. carrots, 100 g of oil, 120 ml. milk (it is better to take fat-free), 150 gr. sugar, one tea spoon of cardamom, almonds and pistachios. we Prepare

so: a Half of oil we warm

on a frying pan and we fry carrots till golden color on small fire, on it about 20 - 25 minutes leave. Then we pour in the remains of oil and milk, we add sugar and cardamom. We do fire stronger and we prepare 15 more minutes, continuously stirring slowly - mix has to thicken.

Then we display everything on molds for baking, from above we strew with the crushed pistachios and almonds, we leave before full cooling. After our cakes will cool down and will take the form them it is possible to give.

I some more councils for receiving a bronze tan and just tremendous skin:

1. Good digestion - is pledge of healthy and beautiful skin. Violations of this process it is deplorable influence a condition of our skin, doing it dry, provoking rashes and spots, deterioration in structure. To avoid problems with a stomach and intestines, eat in certain hours and small portions on 200 - 300 kcal., without hurrying and carefully chewing food. Fractional meals with an interval will allow you to have at 2 - 2,5 o`clock constantly sense of fulness, not to eat superfluous since. You will not manage to get hungry, not to overload a gastrointestinal tract “brutally“.

2. Moistening from within and outside. Under the influence of an ultraviolet skin quickly loses moisture, without managing to be restored, and dehydration of skin does it to more vulnerable to harmful components of sunshine, it burns quicker and is shelled. Actively sunbathing, you have to drink not less than 1,5 - 2 liters of water a day. Supporting healthy vodno - salt balance, you slow down process of aging of skin and consequently also formations of wrinkles. An ox brings toxins out of an organism that positively affects both the general condition of your organism, and a condition of skin. You should not forget about various means to, after and during suntan - they also actively help your skin to receive suntan, keeping at the same time elasticity, elasticity and health. You remember - on the moistened skin suntan “sticks“ much quicker and better, than on dry and dehydrated.

during a diet for suntan is recommended to refrain from some products as they slow down ability of an organism to produce melanin and complicate process of obtaining suntan. Such products first of all are various smoked products, especially fat, marinated and salty products. Alcohol intake dehydrates skin that leads to expansion of vessels and its reddening. Reduce the use of coffee and cocoa as they reduce reserves of vitamins of group B, magnesium and zinc. Also at a diet for suntan it is necessary to refrain from the use of chocolate, corn, parsley.

If you dream of a deep bronze shade you should not abuse vitamin C - in spite of the fact that this vitamin is a defender of skin from action of the free radicals which are prematurely aging her, it strongly brakes ability of skin to produce the melanin responsible for depth and a shade of suntan.

All products which are a part of a diet for suntan besides indisputable advantage for your skin are also tasty so the diet will not be neither hungry, nor monotonous. By means of the table of caloric content you with ease can calculate the daily diet containing about 1200 kcal. and not only to receive a tremendous shade of skin, to improve its general state but also to lose couple of extra kilos!