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About the main room in our house or the apartment. Or the Ode to “office“ of

Ya mentally I enter your office,

Here those who were, and those who are not present,

That whose for us did not die a chimera,

I fights the heart taken their prisoner. Baudelaire`s

face, Norman mustache of Flaubert,

Skeptical Frans, Saint of satires Verlaine.

Smith Balzac, Gonkura`s chasers...

of their person tart and accurate figures

(Maksimilian Voloshin) Is not present

, no, in my “office“ there are no portraits of great people! It would be too, I am not so cynical in relation to geniuses.

My “office“ very cozy. And though I do not love pink color when business reached the equipment and registration of an interior, I suddenly very much wanted to see it pink what never regretted about. In pink color, it appears, it is well thought, easily read. And most of all I like the fact that my “office“ directly near a bedroom. It is very convenient.

And the most, perhaps, main thing - the fact that here nobody ever will disturb you. It in normal families is considered indecent. And it will not even be knocked that not to bring down from thoughts.

(By the way, yesterday, when bought a water-melon, it was necessary, all - to check documents at the seller. Something now in me doubts crept in that water-melons are just brought from Astrakhan … He - that trades in them on this point since July … Uf … uf … Hardly managed to reach … It is necessary to drink coal urgently.)

And so, about “office“ … About “offices“, in general … Mother washing with

“office“ called a human resources department. Probably, because worked as the personnel manager. The father, when took resolutely the book in hand and sharply rose from - for a table, by the question “Where You?“, answered that it is already time for it in library. He called “office“ quite so, validly. Some and “reading room“ call, “apartments“ …

In general, I noticed on myself that than we become more senior, especially we treat “office“ with respect. Time we carry out here nearly on an hour by a time. And to children it is absolutely uninteresting here: came - there was on affairs, and all.

The younger son, however, mine sometimes is late. But it can be understood: the spider lodged in “office“, he called it for some reason Grishky, earlier was even afraid, and now long waits when that appears from - under a plinth to greet. I told the child that spiders bring happiness … for some reason. Probably, that did not kill as a fly or a mosquito. Well, why spiders exactly here are most often got?! It is dampish, probably.

At work I hate “office“. It is accurate, pure, but it is such uncomfortable. Yes, especially, side by side with the chief. And the window still there is eternally opened and therefore it is awfully cold, not comfortably. What here thoughts will come to mind! And there is no sound insulation. Not, at all not. Here houses …

Ya I like to dream in“ an office“. Also it is read so easily!

When the editor-in-chief wrote the summary to my book of rasskazik, he, including, noticed: “… it is possible to read these stories in an electric train, at work during a lunch break as they are written in pleasantly easy colloquial genre“. And I asked: “Add still “in an office“! The editor burst out laughing and answered: “Well, it too“! And I so do not think. Seriously. I consider if you in “office“ even read, it is success.

“Offices“ others … “offices“ on the way …“ offices“ in the wood … No, it is bad, it is awful, usually it is even intolerable … No, something, of course, changes in our country gradually. But, all the same, it is impossible to compare to native warm “office“. At me today, for example, such fragrant smell in it. I bought the Indian aromas yesterday, and since evening when I understood that I will spend this sleepless night from - for this, allegedly, Astrakhan water-melon, left to smolder a stick of “Arabic Red Rose“. Smart smell!

Yes … Today I all night long did not sleep, carried out it in“ an office“. Read almost all new “Caravan of stories“. The advantage is rather big. And the idea of this “Odes to “office“ came exactly there.

(No, all - I will check at the dealer documents today. Something is dirty with these “Ochen koroshy ripe water-melons, and the certificate is available, just from Astrakhan brought“ …) whether

you Love “office“? Whether you love “office“ as I love it?

If is not present, so or you absolutely are still young, or you eat very properly, or you - not the writer and even not the reader …

the Necessary office in the house -

my cozy toilet!

O! And pulls in verses to write about the toilet room …