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What it is necessary to know about breast cancer? This delicate subject many women prefer to avoid a doctor`s advice of

. Someone is even afraid to pronounce the word “cancer“, being afraid of a malefice. And meanwhile in a case with this terrible illness vigilance has key value. It appears, a breast cancer - not always a sentence. At early diagnostics chances of full treatment reach 94%!

To argue on a problem and furthermore - to make recommendations, without being an expert, silly and incorrectly. The main questions are answered by the skilled mammologist - the oncologist, the candidate of medical sciences, the senior research associate of the Russian oncological center of N. N. Blochina Galina Korzhenkova . whether

Exists predisposition to a breast cancer?

- Yes, really many women are predisposed to this disease. In particular, it can be descended through mother`s genes. The probability of development of cancer in women with these genes makes 40% aged till 50 years and 80% - till 70 years. whether

Can provoke an illness?

- the Risk of development of a breast cancer is increased by constant stresses, lack of regular sexual life, abortions at early age, childlessness, breast injuries.

If the woman was once treated for other tumor and received radiation therapy on area of a thorax, then probability of emergence in the future of a malignant new growth of a mammary gland at it is higher. Besides, direct exposure to sunlight on a breast, overheating in a sauna or a bath have an adverse effect on the hormonal status of mammary glands and can stimulate emergence of cancer cells. whether

Is a way to insure itself from cancer?

- Observance of measures of prevention helps to prevent development of a disease. It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle: it is regular to carry out physical exercises, gymnastics, to watch weight, to refuse smoking, excessive alcohol intake. The large role is also played by respect for hygiene of marriage, refusal of the woman of abortions, the correct care of mammary glands, the balanced food allowance with inclusion of products with the content of A, E and C vitamins (a citrus, apricots, spinach, carrots).

In addition regular visits of the mammologist allow to minimize risk of a disease. Timely inspections help to reveal violations already at an early stage. Therefore women after 40 years have to pass time in two years x-ray mammography inspection. After 50 years - annually.

It is desirable to carry out also monthly self-inspection of a mammary gland, to pay attention to any changes of skin color of a breast, its symmetry, strengthening of venous drawing, allocation from a nipple.

Only figures!

In the world over one million patients with breast cancer annually are registered. On indicators of an incidence and mortality from this illness Russia is high on the list.

according to the Russian oncological scientific center of N. N. Blochin, in all CIS countries the breast cancer wins first place in structure of female cancer incidence.

In our country this disease is diagnosed at more than 46 000 women. Only a half of them lives more than five years and only 30% get chance of an absolute recovery.

According to official data of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, malignant new growths are the second reason of mortality of the population in Russia.

For the last 20 years the incidence of breast cancer increased in Russia for 64%.

It should be known!

the Breast cancer is usually distinguished already at late stages.

As a rule, in the early phase the disease proceeds asymptomatically. If the woman does not pass regularly mammology and mammography inspections, then most often she does not notice an onset of the illness and finds her on late, the third or even the fourth, stages.

such signs as formation of a tumor more than 2 cm, emergence of wounds or grazes on a nipple, violation of a shape of a mammary gland, its deformation, bloody allocations from a nipple, a peeling, an ulcer on skin of a mammary gland, retraction of a nipple, hypostasis, reddening, nipple skin stretching testify To the started breast cancer.

At emergence of these symptoms needs to see immediately a doctor - the expert and to pass diagnosis of a breast cancer.

It appears span, the breast cancer is not only female illness. Also men are subject to this illness, however to diagnose a disease for men much more difficult.

What to do if made you the scary diagnosis?

Doctors advise

not to panic at all, and as soon as possible to begin treatment. The choice of therapy and chances of an absolute recovery are caused by the size of an initial tumor, a disease phase, a condition of lymph nodes. The success in campaign against cancer of a mammary gland depends on timely diagnosis and detection of an illness at an early stage.

At a cancer therapy of a mammary gland not only the correct approach to treatment, but also a state of mind of the woman is essential. She can help the organism to struggle with an illness, having changed a way of life. Beneficial influence on treatment process, undoubtedly, healthy food, physiotherapy exercises, respiratory gymnastics, a relaxation, an optimistical emotional spirit will render. Remember, the belief of the patient in recovery works wonders!