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How to choose PR - agency by means of the tender?

C of what should be begun? Ask your colleagues what PR - agencies they know, cooperation with what value. Then look on the Internet by key inquiries, “PR - agency“, “PR - the company“ and dr - surely look at search results in different search engines - Yandex, Google, Rambler.

Make the list of the pleasant companies. Approximately, 5 - 7 agencies. Believe, no more - will difficult choose.

Customer reviews will be the main criteria of the choice. First of all, clients with whom you are familiar and you trust them to opinion. And in - the second, let it will be the eminent companies or those companies about which activity you have heard a lot (actually same and there is an ultimate goal of PR).

This stage is extremely important, that you will seed, will reap.

Further it is worth defining PR - a task. Ordinary “to attract clients“ or “to declare oneself in mass media“, “to provide recognition of a new product“ are left mere words, without functional loading. If it is necessary to provide publications, then for what purpose. If to restore reputation, then on means of what. Of course, if itself knows, then to PR - cheeks did not go. But besides, it is worth understanding why to you PR. What hopes you lay. Can be more rational to address advertisers? And there can be enough one PR - the project (a press - conferences, a seminar, a press - round or a lunch with the invited journalists)?

Week of meetings. The meeting with the alleged contractor is inexpressibly important. It is possible to send the application by e-mail. But it is better to call. And better than phone call there can be only a meeting. Before a meeting allow PR - to agency to prepare for you PR - the offer on your task. For this purpose fill the offered brief, by phone or e - mail. Give all information on a situation. Let specialists in communications will make you the exclusive proposal!

Estimate efforts of experts. Tell that it seemed interesting what hooked on you. If is not present, then just thank and you will state wishes. Perhaps, PR - the offer should be corrected, and then it will turn out super - the offer from PR - agencies.

The final of the tender has to become open for its participants. Sum up the competition results, declare the winner. Surely It is necessary to tell why you chose this or that project. For the competing organizations it is very important to know each other by sight, to see the weaknesses or, on the contrary, it will be pleasant to the beginning office to compete with leaders of the market.

You understood that you are not ready to PR yet - to cooperation or there were changes in plans? Report about it at once. The worst situation can be only that where you till the last moment keep silent and in vain spend time, so, and talent of experts. Thank all participants of the tender for the sent ideas. If ideas were pleasant to you, but you consider that their embodiment too expensive for you - tell about it public relations - to agency, perhaps you will be given a discount or payment by installments. The main thing, do not try to use PR - idea independently “in house conditions“, only the agency knows, the idea to develop and fulfill the how exactly has to.

Observance of these 5 golden rules will work, mainly, on you. And not finally, and from the very beginning, still vmoment of making decision on carrying out the tender. How? You save money.

The logic of PR - agencies is simple: than more they should spend the ideas in empty, participating in “zero“ tenders, they specify high price by that at the next competition as it is necessary to pay back the previous expenses. It turns out that your colleagues will pay for your mistakes at the last stage, literally. And next time also you are.

Be attentive to work of potential contractors.