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Among iskristo the burning wood, among a pagan round dance of huge trees with the whole tiers of branches, among a live herbarium quiet, gradually - stately foliage - the high stub covered with honey agarics and which is led round by a velvet edge of a moss seemed an analogion in a limit of the solemn temple. The stub was mouldering - precisely uplifted from an earth subsoil by mysterious power, unknown fermentative force - was already ready to be reduced to dust, to merge with the earth which did not concede also in the color. In the semi-disorganized clumsy structures storing uncountable small life - as exotic flowers or the stood gnomes crowded gentle pale mushrooms. Fragile and graceful, with shaky curved legs, a suede thin skin, they were dressed by a gentle pinkish luminescence. Their great variety crept away up, along chipped sides of the blackening disorder; dense, unstable, shuddering as though, they were restricted, crawled at each other - precisely the moss colony continued from the lower tiers of the earth - and the deaf echo of the earth was concealed in their unsteady flesh.

- Look! - zakhlebnuvshis delight, greedy exhaled five-year-old butuz, and the chubby finger soiled by unknown dirt stood, ukazuya towards a stub. - How many them! - deep-voices it hooted, continuing time the sung note, and being gradually poured not so much by pleasure, how many an anticipation which was wavy rising from depths of its interior. - More likely, rather, well rather, - it hurried itself(himself) damp whisper; the grass began to move, flashing yellow, lilac - as opposed to own words butuz was chosen very slowly.

As soon as he got out of a magnificent hiding place of bushes and herbs, it became clear that he talked to himself, and not to the hidden inhabitant of the wood existing only in his imagination: in a gleam of the parted stalks immediately there was a tiny mug, mobile and unusually ridiculous, and there was it so quickly, precisely wide back of a butuz only and prevented to get out it to light. The very narrow braids which were sticking out in different directions gave the girl who hastily squeaked in an uneasy little mouse - is careful! - after to the escaping butuz.

- Go here! - without turning around he shouted, closely approaching a stub. Already having almost reached it, he got confused in difficult interlacings of a grass, and fell, cheerfully laughing loudly, and immediately rose, and the krokhotka of female reproach flew to a back to it - Said to you, more carefully! Never you obey!

I butuz, wiping the soiled fingers about yellow shorts, muttered in reply: Whom? To obey you? Little one! - and, having quickly raised a ruddy physiognomy, added - the Coward! there is no

- At all! - The girl was indignant, and bright braids began to jump in a step to fleeting indignation. - You - and the girl, having got out of shelter, began to mince to a stub.

A butuz already tore off mushrooms, broke their cool young growth, and they, soft, turned in his palms in rozovato - gray porridge.

the Girl, having sat down, came to be at crack sources, near a dense congestion of honey agarics, and, having dipped both hands into a stub subsoil, began to remove mushrooms the whole handfuls.

Butuz, seeing that the little sister is ahead of him, hooted discontentedly - Depart! I found a stub! - hooted so as if wished to protect the possession considered by the. In its voice there was a severity - the severity overheard at the dissatisfied adults lecturing it for the broken cup or an excess piece of cake, the severity aggravated by offense - it is rather on itself, on the powerlessness to resist to the tiny, fussing below being.

- Not your stub, not yours, - the girl peeped, losing tiny mushrooms, breaking them and continuing work.

meanwhile butuz distracted, having found on a finger some tiny small insect with the thinnest short moustaches, and having abandoned fragments of hats and legs, began to watch it which was making the way on thin tubules of his palm.

Ceased to work and the girl, and, without rising from cards, asked, fading with sudden, sharp, sadky horror - And how we will go back?

Butuz, having shaken it is iridescent the sparkled small insect, responded - I do not know.

the Solemn glade was silent, being poured by all richness of a color range.

- Well? - Ruthlessly - the man stupidly said, beginning to smoke the tenth cigarette - and immediately was ashamed of the unjustified pressure which is hardly marked in its voice.

- I do not know, I do not know, I do not know, - the woman went on: monotonously, deafly, with a stupid, numb despair. - I speak to you: I dozed off: the sun, closeness - exhausted, I wake up - they are absent. - She began to cry, pressed palms to the person, but at once drew aside them, rubbed whisky - mechanically, ridiculously as if such sketch of action could clear something. It seemed to the man that her face melts as sugar, and the hard ring gently and fiercely squeezed to it heart.

- is fine, do not cry, - he told. - Well do not cry, I speak to you.

They sat in the car, was stuffy, hot air, being stirred with gray shreds of a smoke, waved heavy a haze; attacking uncompromising glass, large gadflies ached. Through wide scope of a windshield the bright wood appeared as a magnificent panorama, and each entrance to it blackening among trees, appear, here - here will give the gone children.

- is fine, - the man told. - Far they could not leave. Maybe hid somewhere in neighboring bushes and will get out to this glade. Perhaps went along the road, and are now somewhere below, on the way to the village. Remain here, only try not to become hysterical, and I will go to the village. - He tried to embrace the woman, but that was discharged. - Well, we will find, we will find them! Well? She did not answer

, stupidly winding the head.

- I went. Wait.

It vybralsyaiz cars.

It went on a mossy track.

the Brown clay which stiffened a total print are various traces, merged in the unclear ornament thought by a symbol of a way, and together giving itself this way.

the Man went, crying out names of children, he knew that nearby there is a road on which they, without having a presentiment of anything, and moved down in the wood, and thought - can be necessary to come to it, to raise a hand, to stop any of passing, to ask about the help. Also it became suddenly clear - the help will not come, and what remains? Only to go and call and hope. All charm of the autumn wood seemed senseless, overwhelming, it went, shouted and remembered - he remembered a sweet mug of a butuz, awkward harmony of its movement, he remembered that shchemyashche - the touched feeling covering it when the girl got to it on knees, it went, crying out their names, and the fear froze, crawling, I smother.

Children were tired. Long fuss, the sun, fear - everything merged in one - not clear, wearying, driving in a dream. Butuz sat, privalivshis to a trunk of a thick tree, and the girl slept, having put the head to it on knees. The wood surrounded dense density of smells, color weight, the wood suppressed, without promising anything; the big mug of milk, a rich dry biscuit was presented to a butuz, and the silent warm tear spread on a thick cheek.

the Girl fell down. He began to finger it. She muffledly muttered in reply until it pulled it stronger, and then she shuddered, woke up, looked at it wondering, asked - And where we?

- I do not know, - answered butuz. - Let`s go where - nibud.

having Slightly shaken off, they moved at random, making the way a small grass and carefully bending around ravines, butuz sshib a thick boletus, lifted it, but right there threw, stretched to a bush to break berries, but the girl stopped it, both he obeyed, and they went further, being tired more and more, being confused, being frightened.

the Wood thinned slightly - slightly, and the glade ahead flickered.

Among this glade turned gray the truck case. - Watch

, - whispered butuz as if having forgotten about an unknown way, and being poured by delight - almost same, as at the sight of a stub.

He quickened the pace, panting and swinging hands. The girl, at all not interested followed it, got on the way not into a huge pool, not into a tiny bog, but got out, and already climbed for the brother in the broken cabin.

Black poluduzhya on the place of the absent wheels gaped as zevlo the rural furnace, the door displaced on one side hung, and contents of a cabin represented an unattractive picture of the served mechanism: shreds of yellow foam rubber hanged down from the torn apart seats, and the control panel with the squeezed-out glasses and the bent shooters resembled the old card.

the Wheel was whole.

Children were arranged on a seat, and the girl began to doze again, nestling on a butuz more closely, and that whispered something, calling the father, whispered, sure that they will be found, understanding that to move further they have no forces.

Having crossed on a palm wheel, and having fallen face down in them the woman thought - Really, really, really Words merged to the long, continuous line, it extended infinitely, turning gray dullness and fear. How so it could turn out? Why with me? For what?, and - it is fractional, nervously, terribly, breaking off the line of thought new words - And suddenly, and suddenly, and suddenly were rolled? Never There was a wish to run somewhere, to shout, to do something, but it was impossible to do anything but only to wait - to wait and hope, and infinitely to exhaust itself the ridiculous, explaining nothing, not helping words. - Really? And suddenly? For what?.

Butuz, nestling close to the sister, too zadryomyvat, then it was hitched up, and again floated, I left a warm, dark somnolence. He was hungry, and seemed - so obviously, so distinctly - the table laid in the rural house, the grandmother dividing roast chicken, the smoking potato in a mug juicy milk. And again the reality flew an unsteady haze of a sleepiness, and again he was pulled out from it by a fear paw, and through space where there was once a truck windshield, saw wood pieces, all same is beautiful - motley, but already only frightening.

was also the dark mass of a dream, bed curtains covered consciousness. Then its edges began to move, moved apart, turned into the grass quietly rustling in opal twilight and they - this twilight - left the big, familiar person walking easily and strongly, shelling crowns of hazelnuts, - there was a father, such native and warm, and butuz rushed forward, but behind him also the darkness of a dream which scattered at the moment that it, butuz, was knocked by a forehead about a control panel and measurement rushed, being convinced that nobody goes



places where time as if fades Are, or reduces the speed, and such concepts as will, either the internal force, or commitment seem empty, ridiculous, and the person and who created these concepts, forgets that was with it before arrival here and does not think of what will be later.

Near the strong river was a shabby cemetery. Wedge the island of the green land interfered during the river, and the forgotten cemetery behind the wooden, by miracle remained church over which several old willows fell asleep was based upon it a live protest against the movement of hours and days.

Was foggy morning of early fall. Near the river it is damp smelled of water, and sense of reality receded before a type of old crosses.

Having passed the wood and the field, the person appeared in private with the church surrounded with sickly bushes. He did not notice a cemetery at once. Crosses opened only at approach to church. Near them smelled of wind which filled with itself(himself) the vicinity, entering intricate game with reality. now also you will not meet

of Such churches, he thought, approaching it, and only then saw the cemetery which surprised with nothing him. The door of church was driven in, but boards dispersed, they were easy to be torn off, and from all cracks which did not grass, watchfully - a frightening look watched a darkness. It tore off two boards and entered into church, and it appeared in time - or in its pure smell, in pure breath of metaphysics.

the Essence of church remained - sealed in time vessel, it radiated tranquility and a pacification, but it seemed that it the soul while contained in a body cannot sustain shine.

of People left church. Directly against it descent to the river whose lead waters smoothly and quietly as if without making any work, escaped - a look, a reality began

, cemeteries - escaped, seemed, in the infinity expressed by heavenly power, not clear power of the huge supermundane sphere. On the course of the river there was one more island, and on it, precisely justifying its existence the tree of indiscernible breed grew, and stood, rocking,

arguing with wind, hesitating of the loneliness which could not divide even a cloud.

of People went down to the river. Along the coast the thin edge of yellow, volgly sand, and in the distance where it was already impossible to distinguish where the river comes to an end lasted and the sky begins - everything merged in one light infinite weight.

He has a look at the opposite coast. As far as there were enough eyes, only the green plain is visible there

was Wanted to be redeemed - and more true to join the hidden course of a current, forces providing life of a water

scope. He decided to reach an island and to touch by a hand of a lonely tree.

He undressed, and began to enter water slowly. Sand quickly came to an end. Viscous dirt covered a river bed - it sucked in, pulled in itself in millions of soft tiny fingers.

Was cool. The strong current forced down from legs. It made a start, came off a ligature, and floated to the island. It was easy to go down stream: water bore itself, filling a body with the ringing ease, water was a friend, accepted in itself his body, and it seemed even, passed through it, interacting with blood. whether

I Will reach the island? it was thought suddenly - and whether there will be enough forces to return back? The fear touched heart, and the person, having developed in water, felt the hard, dense force of the current interfering now.

It got out to the coast, both stood drying, and watched in the sky, at massive clouds - zheltovato - a gray shade, they which - where parted, forming gleams, blue, azure, and some others, unknown as though and the attracting flowers.

Then he put on, passed along the coast a little, picked up hard, obrossheyu a water grass the sink closed so densely that no force could open these shutters.

the Mollusc lived inside, storing the life in inviolability.

of People threw a sink into water, and rose to church from a cemetery, and only now considered it. The lop-sided crosses were gray and lonely, others almost grew into the earth, and inscriptions were erased, any could not sort.

of People raised the head, and in the depth of the sky saw a tiny white seagull. Gracefully curved wings, appear, carried her, and it as if did not fly, and floated - floated soon to disappear as a fleeting smile of the sky, as a symbol of our generality which can be felt, but it is impossible to keep for a long time in heart.