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Whether it is possible to forge handwriting?

For profane persons work of the expert of the psychologist - criminalistic examination of the letter is similar to guessing of the chiromantist. The difference is that fortunetellers and predictors attentively consider lines on a palm of the person, and the expert - hand-written documents.

The person sits to himself and examines pieces of paper, with the naked eye, under a magnifying glass and even under a microscope. All know that handwriting of the person is individual. But, on the other hand - compare the records made in habitual conditions and in a condition of strong excitement or intoxication. Not all will be able to learn own creations.

The main objective of the expert - having compared samples to draw the conclusion, they are written by “one hand“ or different people. Of course, mistakes are not excluded in any business, but the competent expert will understand even if record is made printing letters and the left hand.

The case when the maniac by means of the heated iron rod points burned out the word on a body of the victim is known. Researches of examples of handwriting helped to catch the torturer.

At a boundary 70 - x and 80 - x years of the last century somebody Mikhasevich kept in awe all Vitebsk and vicinities. The notes enclosed in a mouth to the victim were “counter“ of the serial murderer. One of witnesses paid attention to the suspicious man in red “Zaporozhets“. The criminal was found by experts, having investigated the mountain of the statements and forms completed with owners of cars at registration of vehicles in GAI.

To the expert in forces not only identification of samples. On records it is possible to reveal a sex, age, education level, a profession and even a nationality of the person. Considering such high information content of a manner of the letter, can seem that features of handwriting - manifestation of congenital identity is exclusive. But it not so, handwriting, first of all, the result of process of training is also formed within the first twenty years of life. For this reason the American who once graduated school in Russia for the expert for the rest of life will remain to Russians.

The manner of the letter is influenced also by mental health of the person. Characteristic signs of handwriting of the schizophrenic - an inscription on leaf diagonals, the text a rectangle and a triangle, dash lines and letters, shredded on part, pretentiousness of the letter.

Despite the expressed identity, handwriting stores the certificates on events happening around the one who writes. For example, in one criminal case examination confirmed an alibi of the defendant. According to the man during a crime he was at home, wrote a note to the room hostess, being going to leave. Suddenly light was gone in the apartment, and it was necessary to finish the message in the dark. Experts confirmed that the last phrases were written “blindly“, and time of accident of power supply was recorded by emergency services.

The most part of work of the expert - routine studying of boring documents. Consignment notes, anonymous letters, wills, protocols, reports... Among difficulties of the last years there is a considerable reduction of quantity and volume of hand-written documents. People even more often use computers and printers, as a result experts should identify the author only on several letters in the signature.

Whether the handwriting fake is possible essentially? From detectives we know that intelligence agencies of the different countries use high-quality forgery including hand-written in the activity. But the experts able to write with others handwriting not only have a certain talent, but also are trained in the craft for years. Whether it is available to the “ordinary“ malefactor?

Any expert with confidence will answer - no.