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At everyone the ceiling?

Since the early childhood constantly join our yet not strengthened minds various information. In the first years from parents, then in kindergarten from tutors, then school, institute and this process it is infinite. We absorb this information, sometimes unnecessary, and we think, what we become cleverer.

And here we grew up. And what`s next? it would Seem to

, all of us were brought up in approximately identical conditions, we have approximately identical set of opportunities. But why one try to obtain much, and the others nothing? What influences it?

I think that the main reasons following :

the Underestimated self-assessment . Very many consider by

themselves it is worse than others and believe that they will not be able to achieve bigger in life. They are afraid to make decisions and prefer that for them it someone made another. I.e. people accept a passive position in this life. And it in turn cannot promote the moral and material growth and achievement of goals in any way. Be more active!

the Underestimated requirements.

Many consider that the fact that they already have them enough. Also are repaid the fact that others live even worse. I.e. are guided not by more successful people, and by those who perhaps owing to any circumstances appeared behind a board of happy life.

People consider that all of them know and they do not need to listen to someone.

is the reason of many problems. Sometimes you see some situation in which you precisely know how it is better to arrive. You try to prompt to the person, and it turns out that it is not necessary for him. And this seemingly good intention is perceived as some attempt to humiliate, prick.

Then you see that the person was not right, but he never recognizes it and will look for the reasons of the problems in people around, but not in himself. You will tell why someone to teach life? Life itself will teach. Perhaps, you are right, but as it is good to have people who will make it earlier. Me it seems to

that this reason is the cornerstone also of disagreements of generations - parents and children. Parents, having got already certain life experience try to prompt something, to save from mistakes which they already made, but it is frequent without results. And then children grow up, and understand how they were not right.

People often do not analyze a situation. Before something to do

think to whom it favourably. Estimate risks. Quite often try to manipulate us for the purpose of obtaining a certain benefit.

Lack of self-criticism. needs to recognize


- you are not ideal.

- you make mistakes too.

- you have that you deserve.

- If you want to receive something, it is necessary to make something for this purpose.


do not look for a justification to the mistakes, laziness and problems. Everything depends on us, our desire and efforts.

Fear of changes.

This fear prevents people to take the first step and forces to be trampled down on reached.

All above-mentioned and many other things create a certain ceiling which is very heavy for lifting for the person. But it in our forces. And the Above we rise, the more we see and we realize. Our many stereotypes fall, the outlook changes.

We feel when the person is lower than us, but we always refuse to recognize that someone is higher than us.

U of everyone in life the ceiling. Try to lift it.