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As the tsar of mass media ruled also that from this left

As the tsar of mass media ruled and that from this left

the tsar-father Thought, thought how to improve an unenviable position of the kingdom - the state, and, apparently, found a way out. The most important clerk caused from the Order Printing, newspapers imperial letting out.

- You, - asks, - the lackey, itself - you read that what in our newspapers is written?

- I, the tsar-father, the diploma - that untrained. At us in a kingdom - the state all not in the specialty, and on devotion, personal to you, are put.

- And I here sometimes read, - the tsar to the answer sincere grinned. - Also write everything that popadya in our newspapers. That the submersible utop - noise is made for the whole world. And at us - that much at a wall costs them. Floods, fires natural. And where does not burn, I ask you? Default, crisis, still some misfortune. And the people need a positive in the press. It has enough negative and in life. And letters at you in newspapers some black, sad.

- Only order, the tsar-father, - the clerk from the Order Printing got a fright. - Now I will dispose, and from tomorrow`s morning we will give out to the clerks writing red ink.

- It is not enough of It, - the tsar solved. - It is necessary to change policy editorial. All our misfortunes from the fact that we print the wrong words and expressions. Here, for example, write that our biggest dam blew up. And it is necessary as?

- How, tsar-father?

- It is necessary to write that there is a planned transition to lighting of houses a splinter. Cheaper and more eco-friendly. Or here about August. Allegedly all our troubles in August are created. Lies full. At us and in other months of a lot of things occurs. Means, August is renamed in serpen. And in the serpena at us so far everything is normal!

And here incurred the tsar-father. The clerk only managed to remember. Next day newspapers imperial reported about the end of crisis financial in connection with total absence of finance in treasury. There is no money, there is no crisis also! Then about the fires wrote. Like, there was a mass hallucination. Enemies from - for the seas - the ocean there all in tea poured something. About flashers on carriages seigniorial specified that marks it is special and who to look at them, but not a muzzle to the earth will be kneeling, the thunder and a lightning will strike that at the same time.

And the decree imperial placed that it is obligatory to read newspapers from now on to all. And who will shirk, a birch on a stable lordly or the rack in the Order Secret expects that.

Personally the tsar signed the decree and dated: serpenya it is 19 that years from the beginning of appointment to a throne imperial. And how the tsar-father to a throne was appointed, it already another story altogether.