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Wedding 10. 10. 10. - original date or invitation to the conveyor?

for anybody not a secret that very many couples dream to register the marriage in “beautiful“ date. The real wedding boom had on 7. 07. 07, 8. 08. 08, 20. 06. 2006, 20. 09. 2009 and on that similar days. And how many works are necessary on filing of application for interesting date! Let`s try to understand whether the game is worth the candle.

Statements begin to accept a maximum in 2 months, so if you decided to get married, for example, 20. 10. 2010, it was necessary to arrive to the REGISTRY OFFICE on August 21 at the crack of dawn. If you arrive in September - there is every chance that your statement will not be adopted any more. After arrival in the REGISTRY OFFICE you should defend in huge turn uncertain amount of time and only then a tax, as well as very many couples, the application for the same number. Then you will need to reserve quickly the restaurant which is most suitable for you, to agree with the best photographer, the operator and the host. Otherwise they will be intercepted by prompter competitors fortunately.

Cases when couple did not manage to submit the application on 08 are known. 08. 08 and therefore postponed a wedding to the whole year. Or rather, for 13 months. For date 09 - 09 - 09. Already the real wedding races similar to “Formula One“ began. This year I managed to face couples which were ready to spend the night under REGISTRY OFFICE doors if only to manage to submit the application on treasured on October 10.

The groom and the bride who need this date, except you, in what sense of “special“ date? Friends and acquaintances, perhaps, will also envy it, and relatives will be glad. Exclusively.

You want that date of a wedding was beautiful? Then let everything in your life will be beautiful: plan the child`s birth on 1. 01. 11. And neither one day earlier, nor one day later!

You want a nezabyvayemost? Yes as it is possible to forget day of own wedding, whatever number it was dated! Probably, the bride is afraid that her future husband in 20 years will forget about anniversary and will not congratulate on significant date … you are convinced by

that the marriage registered 20. 10. 2010, by all means will be happy? Marriages as popular wisdom says, are made by in heaven , and is made not very well when you get married, on Friday 13 - go or in day three ten. What will be your union, depends only on you and your elect.

You want originality? Trying to try to be original, you only get under sample system. Besides, all ceremony will be very greased and quickly held. Instead of habitual 15 - 20 minutes on registration of marriage in the REGISTRY OFFICE 7, and even 5 minutes are allotted. On a limousine just like that not to drive up to the REGISTRY OFFICE - traffic jams. You stand and wait when it is possible to approach closer. The real turn, as in shop during sale!

The photoshoot in the REGISTRY OFFICE (in rooms of the groom and bride) is besides catastrophically short! Literally 3 - 4 photos - and on “escalator“! In total run, around vanity. Real wedding conveyor! In such turmoil not that to be photographed, - that not to mix the groom, considering that wedding suits both all grooms, and all brides, inherently, are similar. Originality is good!

From - for a large number of persons interested to register the marriage in beautiful day it is impossible even to go down properly, that is on the same ladder which climbed. It is necessary guests, and in certain cases even to newlyweds, to get out of wedding palace through a rear entrance. Though, really, it is unforgettable!

I, of course, do not want to dissuade intending spouses to choose beautiful calendar dates at all. Just I want that you felt comfortably in this holiday. It is better to appoint such date which will be significant only for you. But not for a half of the city except. Let it will be date of your first meeting, your acquaintance, start date of your relations. Besides beautiful dates and - la 10. 10. 10, newlyweds can find the mass of interesting days and months in a calendar. I, for example, by all means want to marry in September. And to someone just to liking number 18. And someone wants to get married on Wednesday.

I do not think that all these efforts with numbers stand your dreams. People fuss, being in a pursuit of some illusive values. The holiday is good not date, and people, as well as not the place paints the person . Just be oneself and, of course, be happy!