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Glyukometr - a fashionable toy or a necessary thing?

Are known that after forty years the risk of a disease of diabetes sharply increases. Excess weight, smoking and existence of various chronic diseases are additional risk factors. And if you get this diabetes, then then will already not seem a little. Complications of this illness are so serious that you will not wish to the enemy. Here and a blindness, and total, and possible gangrene which can lead to amputation of extremities, and also dysfunction of kidneys and other vitals.

But all these complications it is possible to avoid if in time to pay attention to increase of sugar in blood and to take all measures for compensation of an illness.

All of us constantly hear recommendations of doctors of times in several months to make blood test on sugar. However very few people from us find for this time and, frankly speaking, laziness to trudge in policlinic, to take the direction from the doctor, and then to defend line to the laboratory assistant. Of course, now there is a mass of paid laboratories where to you will make the analysis quickly and without any turns. But it is far more convenient to make the analysis, and besides for only a few seconds.

Having thought a little, we will come to a conclusion that glyukometr - a thing very much even necessary. What to choose?

Modern models of glyukometr in principle differ from each other a little. They represent the machine, small by the sizes, with several buttons and a small screen, and also a cut for an insert of a disposable strip. At the same time it is necessary to consider that the main expenses at you will be connected with acquisition of these strips. Their price is rather big, in comparison with the price of the glyukometr. It must be kept in mind that for glyukometr of some firms the test - strips cannot be found in the Russian market at all. Specify this question in advance not to be trapped.

Active people should pay attention to the size and design of a glyukometr. Many models are specially created for daily use and carrying with themselves. For the advanced PC users there are models which can be connected to the computer and to analyze the indicators for a certain period. However such fancy models will be not really convenient for elderly people, they in them will simply get confused. For people with the weakened sight there are glyukometra with speech information output.

So, it is possible to think in advance of the health and to get this inexpensive, but much-needed thing.