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Global warming. Who is guilty?

Global warming in meteorology call gradual increase in average annual temperature of the atmosphere of Earth and the World Ocean.

According to supervision, since the beginning of industrial revolution (the second half of the 18th century) the average temperature of the atmosphere of Earth rose by 0,7 degrees Celsius.

At the same time experts of the UN consider that the greatest share of warming is over the last 50 years caused by activity of the person (the number is not given), first of all - emission of the gases causing “greenhouse effect“, carbon dioxide and methane. At the same time the same experts recognize that in some areas of Earth air temperature can go down, that is warming not it and global.

However rather global warming there are also other opinions. Referring to data of own supervision, some researchers of the atmosphere of Earth consider that global warming is the engaged myth aiming to stop or slow down scientifically - technical progress.

The part of these researchers in general denies a possibility of influence of people on global processes on Earth, and part - does not deny some influence of people, but does not agree that emissions of “greenhouse“ gases are guilty of everything.

The leading scientists of a number of the countries, including Russia, specify that the main danger to ecology of Earth and the reason including global warming are not emissions of “greenhouse“ gases, but cutting down of rainforests in South America and other places. Disappearance of the woods in which there live two thirds of all species of plants and animals is really real and serious threat for mankind.

Russian physicist V. G. Pots claims that climate changes are caused not by “greenhouse gases“, and violation of the global mechanism moisture - the heattransfer provided with vegetation of the planet.

The academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences A. P. Kapitsa considers a mankind contribution to climatic changes on Earth in general insignificant, in comparison with hydrophysical and space factors.

Geological researches show that in the history of Earth after emergence of life on it there were different periods - both global warming, and global cold snaps that caused extinction of some types. However life on Earth adapted to these changes and prospers. On this background influence of one of types - Homo sapiens - is insignificant.

The statement of the Grinpis organization - one of the extremist ecological organizations which activity can be described the words “forbid, reduce, stop“ is interesting, up to birth rate reduction that for Russia in general is irrelevant and it is harmful.

“Fight for decrease in emissions of “greenhouse“ gases anyway will bring considerable benefit. She assumes transition not an innovative way of development of economy by introduction of power effective technologies, development of renewable power etc. These requirements would be actual even in case the problem of climate change does not exist“. That is for the organizations like “Greenpeace“ global warming - only an occasion, them and inspired, for achievement of the purposes “to forbid, to reduce, stop“. However it is not enough positive in statements of these organizations, one general words and declarations. Somebody heard from them such requirements: “To plant the woods in Africa which are cut down earlier by colonialists for the termination there droughts“, “To order deforestation in the equatorial zones with creation of the fast-growing replacing plantings“, “To stop emissions of sulfur by the industry, it is harmful Earth influencing ecology“, etc.? I did not hear.

Unfortunately, the leadership of Russia gives in by appeals like “let`s reduce emissions of “greenhouse“ gases“ and though they threaten to slow down real restoration of industrial and agricultural production of our country. Instead of ordering forestry of Russia - one of our main riches for long times - the woods distribute under a ring of the coins falling in jugs of local officials for rent to the organizations which do not have ideas of the correct forestry. And all this against loud statements about innovative economy and barbarous deforestation by Finns and Chinese.

To what such policy leads, showed the mass fires in the woods of Russia which remained actually ownerless (tenants are not owners). But huge amounts of money go to “black holes“ of science cities, innovative technologies etc., and cash flows are constructed so that it is almost impossible to trace where specifically they go. And statements of the management of the country like “Should be checked whether the purposes went to those the allocated funds“, just amaze. And absolutely there is no information about what return from them is received by national economy. At the same time financing of own science is at the same time reduced.

The evidential base of fighters against emissions of “greenhouse“ gases is interesting. All of them without exception refer to the computer models constructed by experts (to us they on a TV set are often shown). And so and all who believe in such models that their accuracy (prediction accuracy) does not exceed 50%, and, the term more predicted, the more error of a prediction will know. That is by means of such models it is possible to predict with identical success anything - from catastrophic warming before new Ice Age. Generally, as the Russian national saying speaks, “whether the rain, whether snow, whether will be, whether is not present“.

But it is admissible that global warming, as they say, takes place, and people are guilty of it. What measures are proposed by experts of the UN that to prevent it? Yes the most idiotic! Such impression that offer the first that came to mind. For example, “to reduce emissions of “greenhouse“ gases“ (though emissions of sulfur and heavy metals it is much more dangerous). Meanwhile, even provided that it will be made by all countries on Earth (and it far not so), it will be possible to reduce only slightly rates of warming (as far as - it is unknown, see about the accuracy of computer forecasting). But the damage to industrial development will be caused real and quite notable (transition to new technologies - business very expensive, and it has to be seriously reasonable).

Second “measure“ - “to reduce releases of methane pets“. Began to give to a livestock special tablets that cows, pigs etc. cut the cheese less (it - not a joke, it is the fact!) . Though methane - the good energy carrier, and already in practice technologies for its catching and use as alternative fuel are used. That is farmers by means of tablets cause damage to themselves without advantage for environment. And how to be with wild animals of whom many times it is more? Generally, nonsense full.

Dear readers! Do not trust those “noodles“ which with a serious view of you are hung up by “grinpisnik“ and unfair journalists. You want to help the nature, to improve the natural phenomena? Put everyone at least on one tree! Participate in mass actions for landing of green plantings! Do not give to officials under the pretext of construction something to cut down the woods and parks (at us is for this purpose neudobiya enough)! At yourself at dachas and personal plots create plantings of landscape type, it will tighten ground waters above and will help to avoid a drought.

Generally, love the nature, your mother, and do not give it to ruin!