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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 21 - 22? “Karate - the boy“, etc. the Russian film distribution plays

this week in a game of tag because the most part of “novelties“ actually already those is not. Nevertheless, we live by the principle “did not see, so was not“ therefore we will not pay attention to this nuance, and we will try to understand what on these days off we should look at cinema at. So, to the next Wick - and on screens of our movie theaters we will be able to see: a remake of the sports tape of the same name eightieth “Karate - the boy“, a teenage fantasy “Scott Piligrim against all“, two American comedies (“It is more, than the friend“ and “the Family Dzhonsov“), two French dramas, the Belgian animated film and two tapes of production of Russia. And now is more detailed:

1. “Karate - the boy“ (The Karate Kid). In far 1984 to John Evildsen, the director who gained wide fame thanks to the sports drama of “Rocca“ with Sylvester Stallone`s participation suggested to return to scope of sport again and to shoot this time the melodrama for teenagers under the name “The Karate Kid“ which in video salons went under nicknames “The boy - karate“ or “The kid - the karateka“. Probably, the word “boy“ is closer to modern Russian society though in the English option the heading of a remake of Harold Tsvart does not bear new information. The original of 1984 enjoyed in the homeland wide popularity, having collected in hire, neither more nor less, 90 mln. dollars. Then in 1986, 1989 and 1994 three official continuations followed, but any of them did not cause a big stir at public any more. As well as the leading man, Ralf Machchio did not manage, to become in Hollywood the real star.

And here in 2010 the director Harold Tsvart who removed before “Agent Cody Banks“ and the sequel of “A pink panther“ put a remake under the sensitive management of a married couple Smitov (Will and his wife of Jada Pinkett). A leading role, by itself, entrusted them to the joint child, Jaden Smith who earlier very irritated the viewer in a muffled fantastic tape (by the way, too a remake) “Day when Earth stopped“. In workmates it was given this time not the Japanese, but the Chinese whose role is played by Jackie Chan. The tape, despite rather average start, managed to show endurance and as a result currently earned 281 mln. dollars in the world, having very pleased the creators.

2. “Scott Piligrim against all“ (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). Edgar Wright became world-wide popular after an exit of the picture “Sean of Living Dead Persons“ which he wrote and put. The factory of dreams by does not pass such talents therefore soon Wright moved to the States where a week ago there was his first full and independent work - a teenage fantasy “Scott Piligrim“. Alas, the screen version of the cult comic book of the same name came to in native American hire deafening grief because at the declared budget in 60 million could earn only pathetic and unconvincing 12. Considering that in other world this comic book is not so well-known, world hire of a tape will hardly strongly change alignment of forces. Nevertheless, that audience that watched the movie, is very satisfied with what was seen and leaves positive comments on the websites. Most likely, Wright`s tape will repeat destiny of amusing, but very extraordinary project of Mathew Vaughan “Fuck-up“ which, despite obvious cinema merits, did not manage to become a cash hit.

3. “It is more, than the friend“ (The Switch). the Star of series “Friends“ and the former girlfriend of Brad Pitt, the actress Jennifer Aniston few times tried (and it is very successful) to participate in serious drama cinema. Alas, devoted admirers did not appreciate these attempts therefore Aniston as a result returned to a bosom of romantic comedies where it is difficult to overestimate her progress. Here and “It is more, than the friend“ is a striking example of the fact that the actress as well as possible are successful comedy roles. In this case Aniston will play Cassie whose internal clocks dotikat till forty years, and she decides on artificial insemination. Present technologies do this procedure simple and elementary especially as in mind there is a thoroughbred male. However at the latest moment the close friend of Cassie, Walley in love with it for many years, in a condition of alcoholic affect substitutes a beaker with precious contents. By itself, several years later, having met, heroes of a picture understand that the young offspring of Cassie is too similar to her old friend that becomes a reason for a set of ridiculous, ridiculous and touching situations.

4. “Family Dzhonsov“ (The Joneses). it is Even surprising that the duet Demi Moore and David Duchovny, the former main fighter against an alien infection in series “Confidential Materials“, took place so unsuccessfully. And it seems the idea is quite good - the small family of four people comes to a small town and becomes local sight thanks to the ideal way of life. However, soon the viewer finds out that actually Dzhonsa - not a so happy family, and competently working team of advertisers - the marketing specialists thus selling and advancing hundreds of goods in the market. In fact, the picture represents benefit performance of the above-stated actor`s couple, however Americans, despite the majority of positive responses, did not estimate a tape which at the budget in 5 million did not manage to pay back in two months of hire even a half of the spent sum. Many note obvious subject predictability and not always ridiculous jokes. To estimate fully, so it or not, we will be able this week at movie theaters of the country.

5. “My girl does not want …“ (Non ma fille, tu n’iras pas dancer). the New movie of Christoph Honore (“All songs only about love“) is a picture for true admirers of the French drama cinema with a totality of necessary attributes. Throwings, sufferings, tears, experiences against fine French landscapes with participation of the featured actress Chiara Mastroianni, daughters Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve.

6. “Compensation“. you will be surprised, but Gosha Kutsenko acts not only in silly comedies and fighters; he periodically wants drama roles. Well, there would be a desire, the director Vera Storozheva answered (“the Sky. Plane. Girl.“) also removed it in the new picture “Compensation“. As envisioned by authors a story about two girls who arrived to Moscow from Tambov again to find the lost family happiness long ago, has to be touching to tears. The way, however, it was chosen a little strange - they decided to steal the present child once of the father who threw them and to demand repayment in 2 million dollars. As compensation for fatherlessness. Therefore it is not absolutely clear, whether it is the story about love and compassion, whether the drama about what any more never to return.

Besides above-mentioned movies in hire there will also be a new tape of Igor Maslennikov (yes, that that removed the Soviet Holmes and “Winter cherry“) under the name “Bankrupt“ - the comedy about affairs of bygone days with Leonid Kulagin and Leah Akhedzhakova`s participation. And Belgians will present the view of turtles, and in the fashionable 3D format and in the form of the animated film “Move with flippers!“ . Closes the list of beginners one more French drama - “I is happy that my mother is living“ , considering the same problem, as “Compensation“, only with other end. In this case the main character finds mother who threw him in the far childhood.

I have no special doubts in leadership of the tape “Karate - the Boy“, but believe that in this case this advantage will be not so obvious because all first four pictures of our list have good chances to attract the viewer in movie theaters. From them the visually richest and demanding viewing on the big screen is the fantasy “Scott Piligrim against all“.