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The protest action to Sinimyae - Us is not enough, but we in stripped vests!

on July 31 in Ida - Virumaa at heights of Sinimyae there took place the action devoted to anniversary of the fights which took place there in 1944. The never-ending steam of cars was flown down towards “holiday“ of nazis. The huge number of admirers of Nazism among whom Riygikogu`s deputies were noticed was going to Sinimyae.

In a barrel of “honey“ on which “liberators“ and their associates who were going to note defeat 20 there - y the Estonian division CC were flown, a spoon of tar the Night watch organization and the movement “The World without Nazism“ poured having organized an action - a protest - meeting. About 150 people took part in meeting.

On the party where there passed “memoirs“ and falsification of history were the car voyenno - a field kitchen, the car of police and intelligence agencies, from protesters as “defenders“ protection of “HOTRONIC GRUPP“ acted.

On the right side at an entrance, on raising of the mountain where there is a memorial of CC, concentration camp “gate“ where huge posters with the image of execution of prisoners and gas a chamber were hung out were made participants of the action. Also the symbolical fence where there were people dressed in camp uniforms was created, and in a consequence on a barbed wire of a fence hung out photos in which FACT`Y of atrocities of fascists were recorded.

Unclear “contract“ with police

After to police “environment“ was not succeeded on to detain long the sound equipment for providence of full meeting, the pedestrian police squad which “armed“ with a chamber went to “camp“ of protesters. Having found one of organizers, they forced it to sign paper in which it was stated approximately following: As in this territory there take place two actions, your music should not disturb, to another - a meeting of CC. If music disturbs, the police will come and will ask to make more silent as not strange then it and occurred. Otherwise the device will be withdrawn before the end of action.

Only for all and remained a riddle how many the decibel is norm not to stir “tired“ ears which heard so many shouts of the victims …

the Unreasonable atrocity on estonsko - the Latvian border

As reports to REGNUM news agency in the night of July 31 the bus with the Latvian anti-fascists and representatives of the press going to Estonia to heights of Sinimyae personally to see a meeting of veterans CC and their admirers, it was detained on estonsko - the Latvian border.

10 representatives of ZaPChEL party, 15 people from the social movement “Our Choice“, and also correspondents of the Latvian newspapers “Chas“ and “Vesti segodnya“ and representatives of the Russian mass media - Russia today and “The Russian messages“ went by the bus. The reason of detention of the bus called - failure technical condition.

Also the REGNUM news agency writes that in attempt of the correspondent of the federal weekly “Rossiyskiye Vesti“ Aleksandra Turchaninova to go out of the bus the Estonian frontier guard hit it on a hand and rejected back.

As a result the delegation crossed the border in a pedestrian order and already by bus of “Night watch“, though not in full strength, six people of delegation after one and a half hour verification of documents were declared not entrance on the territory of Estonia, but nevertheless reached Sinimyae.

For some time Estonia left Schengen?

As is written by Delfi. ee with reference to Yannis Kuzin the planned anti-fascist action in Sinimyae was almost broken as the Estonian frontier protection and police, forbade the bus to cross border.

As Yannis Kuzin speaks, “the Estonian frontier guards did not explain on what basis technical inspection of the vehicle was performed, and also why on border there were about 50 police officers“.

And now one of leaders of the Latvian party “ZaPChEL“ decided to have legal proceedings with Estonia and to defend the correctness in the European Court of Human Rights. As Kuzin considers, actions of the Estonian frontier guards contradict rules of the Schengen area and the Treaty of Lisbon of the EU where it is accurately specified that citizens of the European Union have the right for free movement.

An epilog Summing up of

the result, it is possible to tell only that organizers of all provocations, whether it be on border though about what borders there is a speech in Schengen, or in the territory of our country and around Sinimyae, that not inhabited the brutal actions caused a bigger resonance, in society and mass media, than organizers of a protest action expected.

And so serious preparation and organized preparation of provocations proves once again that annual meetings of veterans 20 - y the Estonian division CC/20. Waffen- Grenadier - Division der SS are organized from an easy hand of people of

of FACT sitting on high posts …. EE

Author of article: Alexey Che.