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Long ago were not in theater? Prepare - today you have a premiere!

Yes, the few from you which do not pass any theatrical performance in the or in the city, next to your village, I in a look have no that.

Forgive, and further do not read any more. You have no time. Go, do urgent Saturday homework and make toilet - you have tickets for an evening premiere!

And we who remained, eternally occupied and rolled up by problems, let`s talk!

What reasons at us are to gather and descend today, on Saturday, in theater?

One. We were not hundred years there!

I speak deliberately “hundred years“ because it is a shame to call exact term somehow. For someone it is year, for someone - five, and for some (oh, horror!) - about ten years! It really meets, I know such people! Yes I also was married more often, than in theater.

Well, on movie theater for certain quite recently someone found time. Whether accompanied the child, whether appointment took place there, whether there was a rain and there was no place to disappear before opening of some establishment, and the movie theater with an open window of cash desk got directly in the way … Not to bypass.

Theater … Holiday! After a performance it is necessary to discuss still so much! Till the dead of night talk under champagne in kitchen! After a performance and at most some new and light life begins! In theater all problems - intra family, working are forgotten.

It is breathed easier, felt more brightly and more sharply! And you, as well as actors, all evening in image. In an image of the viewer - the sympathizer participating in that life on a scene. And you do not want to take off all evening a beautiful dress, to get rid of a modest, but graceful make-up, there is no wish to leave a holiday.

And what reasons we have not to go to theater for years?

O! Such reasons sea! No, ocean! We list … What is not present, now we will think up!

In - the first , absolutely for today. I do not remember precisely what … But not theater, unambiguously!

Decision . We will transfer all plans for tomorrow. Tomorrow too the day off, by the way. Or the next Saturday, as a last resort.

In - the second , are there been nothing to be dressed. Well, honestly. For the last few years so recovered that all ceremonial will fit only a nose. And got out of fashion. Not to go in jeans?!

Decision . To go! To comb beautiful and easily a cop, it is simple to put on jeans with a white shirt, heels instead of sneakers, to be wound with a shawl with a fringe (let think that this such poncho in national style), earrings of wons those, festively - defiant, well and still to draw modestly and intelligent the person. To slightly designate sponges and corners of eyes. In total! An image - super! The most theatrical!

In - the third , do not have money.

Decision. Nonsense what! On this business so much money is necessary that can be lent at the neigbour to the day after tomorrow. My neighbors, however, willingly only on my funeral will lend. Well, maybe, on theater … It is necessary a little. Especially, in a break the husband will not run in buffet line for cognac to borrow, not such, thank God, intelligent got. Let`s do without haughty manners.

In - the fourth, children how to leave?! to expiate them and to sleep it is necessary to lay in nine.

Decision . And why and to children not to arrange a holiday, eventually? Let at least once “will stand on the head“ together with seniors. And bathing can be missed just once. However, they and legs will forget to wash then … Yes, horse-radish with it - per day linen will be earlier in washing! And it is not terrible if go to bed later - tomorrow day off, Sunday. And it is even not terrible if with seniors “Simpsonov“ look - all the same will not understand anything! There is only one suspicion - they will be laid even before the put time “to come off“, and for dinner will give yogurt not to warm serious food and not to wash then the dishes. And even it is not terrible sometimes, I think.

So … that else?

Ah and … A of tickets - that is not present! And that where goes, it is unknown.

Decision . Yes here now here, in the Internet, I will also climb. Or I will call the reference, or directly in the mobile phone I will read the poster. And what to read if there is no difference where to go and what to look - well, it is necessary to begin with something!

Now I will wake the husband - type, on the market behind products it is necessary, and I will tell that instead of the market went to the nearest metro station and bought two tickets in any theater for any performance for this evening, not … What “not that …“? Oh, be thought out rather, a fearful vengeance!

It is already sixth there will be an obstacle now - the husband just will not want any sortie in society! Will begin to adduce all above-mentioned, my arguments.

So, and my answers are already ready! Just I will allow to read this revelation! You already read? It is possible to take away? Aha … … excuse thanks.

Well, at the worst it is possible to promise it something such unearthly. And then even not to execute, maybe, if only in theater today! Well, good luck!

P. S. Went to clean plumelets - I have a premiere today! And at you?!

Power of desire is big!