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Alexander Sergeyevich Demyannko.

One day with Alexander Sergeyevich.

… I cannot understand, children why to you all this is necessary, spent for me money - on the drive, on hotel … what for?

… Ice cold winter of the end 90 - x, biting wind as if with the crumbed glass, quilts cheeks. I stand on the platform of the station Ryazan - 2, I wait for the train from Sobchakovsky of St. Petersburg.

is 13 hours 40 minutes old.

All acquired hoarfrost, driving ahead of itself clubs of ice air, the train slowly drove to the station.

Here the 9th car, among the leaving passengers I look around at it. It is necessary to be near in time, to help to descend on the low platform, lately It is hurt by legs, it is difficult to go, especially on steps.

should be learned, of course:

- Alexander Sergeyevich, hello! Let me help.

Ya intercepted two heavy metal boxes, with reels of movies and helped to go down.

Big points with dark glasses in a horn frame, an old gray rabbit cap with ear-flaps, an unpretentious thick cloth coat, carefully and accurately wearable, probably, still with 70 - x years. He as if continued to live in that era.

Alexander Demyanenko.

Heart contracted from pain. This pain is already familiar to me. I for the first time felt similar when in the summer of the same year saw on steps of social security, silently crying old man with medal levels on a breast. He sat in the poorish, shabby, but pure and diligently ironed suit. I in a flash as if felt all its bitterness and pain. Pain, passed war, then decades honestly working, sincerely believing that all not for nothing that his children will live better it …

the Cunning swine - an old age. Made it weak physically, but nearly broke its firm axis inside. It was made Chubais and with him, thought up to drive into a heat of old men in kilometer turns, for unclear renewals of pensions, in the terms limited several days. Turns in which survivors in war died died of closeness and a crush, and more of vulnerability to impudence and humiliation, of the fact that all their merits and work of which they were proud did not become necessary to their country. Came to the power clever this world - whose muzzles in fat and whose right is sacred …

- Poyedemte, we will have dinner after the journey, Alexander Sergeyevich.

… We, got acquainted, a year ago, in Staraya Russa, in local Recreation center. At Alexander Demyanenko, there at 12 o`clock was, a creative meeting with the audience, and at me in 16 lectures about healing and psychology of improvement with which I at that time went on tour. hard times were

For the real actors, it, they not that, in a flash became, are not popular, they were simply abandoned. Generally that presents. They did not want and could not play in stinking statements and movies of those times. The darkness is afraid Sveta, but by the night the Darkness gains Strength and therefore it pressed them poverty.

With the administrator Oleg Lvovsky, we those years traveled all over almost all country. Oleg went ahead of me, previously agreeing, about rent of halls, under my lectures, announcing, doing advertizing. That though somehow to help our actors thrown by the country, we tried to agree in parallel and about their performances.

… We had dinner with Alexander Sergeyevich, at restaurant of Moscow hotel. To a lunch we were invited by Arkady Nikolaevich Dadayev when he learned about arrival of the favourite actor. Arkady Nikolaevich in the area too the legendary personality - one of founders of motoring in the USSR and Russia. Obed Arkadi Nikolaevich organized, at all not with the purpose to satisfy the personal ambitions and curiosity in the company with a legend. First of all it manifestation of desire was good, tasty to feed and surround with care of the person dear to heart. Practically age-mates, people of one generation, tactful and sensitive, they did not need verbose conversations. Almost all lunch passed in warm silence, congenial, rather just to be together to speak without words.

Ya left them soon, and now tried to have a hotel accommodation. Though some more or less decent number that Alexander Sergeyevich could have a rest several hours before a concert. It is necessary to tell that in those days, to find normal number was a problem. Of course, in the country there were already numbers “Luxury“, but from usual numbers with the pressed-through bed and the table burned by cigarettes, they differed only in existence of radio or the refrigerator. To be fair, I cannot but tell that having traveled over almost all country, those years only in Veliky Novgorod, I met number remotely similar to “Luxury“.

… here numbers was not. What. It was necessary to explain to the girl - the administrator, all tragic element of situation and that it is number for Demyanenko! The girl, already from generation of “Pepsi“, with the hair burned by chemistry and the head as could not understand who it. So far I did not call magic words: Shurik from “The Kavkazky captive“. Only then rare gears of thoughts turned, and at two prices she agreed to cancel a reservation from one number, but only till the evening.

Till the evening. So till the evening, more it is also not necessary to us!


Began at 18 o`clock.

In Dvortsa Molodezhi.

the Director Dvortsa, Nikolay Viktorovich Pletnev, too from the real people, provided the hall without any conditions.

- Me the main thing that the culture and art did not die. It will turn out to pay for rent - well. It will not turn out - and it is fine.

A how not to pay at all? I so cannot. The scene, can be food and does not ask, but the scene - that is it and people. These are lighters, sound technicians, working scenes, cloakroom attendants and is a lot of still who without whom the scene just does not exist. Collective at Pletnev fine, they for nothing if it is necessary, are ready to work, but is not constant … People and so without salary which month work and sometimes and from the house bear that culture “center“ did not go out. Such times … the Entrance on Alexander Demyanenko`s concert made

free. Not from - for that of course that not to bring together people and to reduce publicity expenses. On any paid actions, it is necessary enough noticeably to be spent for it. And it does not depend on star level, just in order that learned that the star arrived, it is necessary to tell about it.

Nikolay Viktorovich, agreed that will come the person 700, cadets from a military college. On combination of circumstances, this day to cadets an exit to the city was forbidden.

Prior to the beginning of 15 minutes.

Alexander Sergeyevich in a make-up room, prepares for a concert.

In the hall of all of people 100, a shame on me, as to the organizer! I perfectly represent that the actor feels, leaving to the thin hall.

What to do?

Think, the head, think.

I Run to the lighter.

- Serega, we will make so: as soon as I declare Alexander Sergeyevich`s exit, at once completely turn off the light in the hall and direct spotlights to a scene! - There is such effect - when in the hall is dark, and spotlights shine on a scene, who on a scene, the hall is not visible to that. And what else was to think up?

With a sinking heart I go to declare the great Actor.

Alexander Sergeyevich is ready, built as if it looked younger and became higher. Stands behind the scenes. On an old actor`s habit, everything tries to have a look from - for a curtain to the hall. Children, working scenes, do not give. I asked to chatter it, to distract that did not glance, did not see that in the hall there are not enough audience.

passed the Concert on one breath, the hall was as if it is bewitched by the Actor`s charm.

After a concert for interview to Alexander Sergeyevich, approached local journalists. At once it became a shame with the level of local wordsmiths. Empty, silly questions of type: And how you here? And from where arrived and where you gather? Unless “What time is it now?“ do not ask.

- Alexander Sergeyevich and in what movies you acted? (the curly girl of an infantile view with the microphone in hands).

- Children, darlings! I understand that by the youth, you maybe did not see any movie with my participation. But you belong to the to work professionally before going for interview, you could get acquainted with my filmography, prepare interesting questions. Well you are so? - Alexander Sergeyevich, with a warm, fatherly reproach, looked at the become silent journalists. Audience who wanted to be photographed with it …

approached … I have no photos with Alexander Demyanenko. Something, in me opposed to it, probably, I just wanted more often to see this surprising person. And a photo for memory, it seems as to parting.

the Hospitable director of the palace Molodezhi, Nikolay Pletnev, already organized the improvised buffet reception, in honor of Alexander Sergeyevich. Almost all free workers Dvortsa came, everyone wanted though a little to stay nearby, with this person giving light. Neither about affairs, nor nobody spoke about creative plans, all of them also so perfectly knew - the old culture is destroyed, and new did not ascend yet. Told just about life, prolonged frosts, about a favourite cat of Alexander Sergeyevich …

… The train to St. Petersburg at 2:30 in the night. To the train decided to pad down at Zhenya Zherikhov - the President of the Ryazan Federation of hand-to-hand fight. He lived almost at the station. And let its small one-room apartment hardly accomodated the wife with the little son, warmth of reception of guests moved apart borders of walls. Behind the conversation, a supper passing at night, time passed imperceptibly.

Station. Train. We see off.

- Good-bye, Alexander Sergeyevich! Thanks for everything. Kind to you way! Health!

- to you thanks. But, I cannot understand, children why to you all this is necessary, spent for me money - on the drive, on hotel … what for?

What we could answer? The fact that to us it was simpler is simple to send it money the translation? But education, congenital nobility and feeling of advantage, would never allow it to accept them. And business even not in money. The real actor cannot without scene, without tours, without demand. Why it do not understand those who have to be on our place? What movies they watched in the childhood? Others …

- Alexander Sergeyevich, we grew up on your movies, on your roles. You, made us such, we only return part of what you gave us. Thanks, once again!

In several months, Alexander Sergeyevich did not become …

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- each person has stars. By one - that who wanders - they specify a way. For others it is just small sparks. For scientists they - as a task which should be solved... But for all these people of a star mute. And you will have absolutely special stars...

- As so?

- You will look at night at the sky, and there will be such star where I live where I laugh, - and you will hear that all stars laugh. You will have stars which are able to laugh!

I he laughed.

- And when you are consoled (eventually you are always consoled), you will be glad that knew me once. You will always be to me a friend. You will want to laugh with me. Sometimes you here so will crack a window, and it will be pleasant to you... And your friends will begin to be surprised that you laugh, looking at the sky. And you will tell them: “Yes, yes, I always laugh, looking at stars!“ And they will think that you went crazy. Here what dirty trick I will play with you...

I it laughed …

Leningrad again - Ryazan

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