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How to register the weapon and to own it legally? Only the one who has the weapon and is able to use it knows

firsthand that freedom and safety - not gifts of the state, but conscious need for the modern world.

Nevertheless, in the course of registration of permissions to knowledge of the weapon the beginner, as a rule, is guided insufficiently surely. My article is urged to help with it and to protect more skilled “armourbearers“ from unpleasant nuances which can take place in practice.

The firearms are extreme, very risky means of self-defense. Its application has to be adequate to threat. Departments know delivery of permissions to storage and carrying the weapon it is license - allowing work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the residence of the citizen (OLRR).

Thank God if only who at us cannot legally receive the weapon. There is a strict procedure of check of citizens regarding irreproachable conduct in the past (even administrative penalties can be an occasion to refusal in delivery of permission), examination and skills of weapon handling, passing of special medical commission where special attention is paid on the conclusion of the psychiatrist and psychologist is necessary.

The citizen can get permission to storage of the smooth-bore weapon even without being a hunter - for self-defense - and to keep it in the safe at the place of residence. The same lawful norm is actively used by those who wish to have the traumatic or gas weapon of self-defense (guns, revolvers, special devices) with a possibility of its carrying.

It is slightly simpler to the hunters having the hunting ticket to get permission to the smooth-bore weapon. The candidate passes “test“ on an okhotminimuma directly in the okhotkollektiv issuing the membership card (hunting - the fishing ticket) therefore presents only medical certificate to an authorization system in a form 046, copies of the passport and the hunting ticket, the statement, 3 photos 3õ4 on a matte paper, the receipt on payment of licensing fee (30 rubles) and the official report of the district police officer about house weapon storage conditions. (In the official report certified by the press of department of militia date of check is specified, the existence and the sizes of the safe, metal thickness which is available at the time of check all weapon - if the license lasts, still existence of double doors and the alarm system, the last two parameters are welcomed). In practice as the press of department of militia the rectangular stamp of the quick inspector - the person on duty who will deliver to you in a control room quite approaches.

The place of storage (safe) with thickness of metal of 3-4 mm, with two internal locks it is obligatory, and it needs to be prepared (to get, make independently) in advance. It can be not necessarily all-metal safe, and the box upholstered with metal quite will approach (usually meets in rural areas).

Permission (the open license) is given for 5 years. For purchase smooth-bore (traumatic, gas) the weapon it will be required to visit again OLRR where after check you will be given permission to acquisition (sale) of the weapon (the limited term works). Approximately the citizen wishing you to sell the weapon has to have same permission. If the seller and the buyer find each other that often happens at communication on common interests, then they make out the transaction in OLRR. If the citizen buys the weapon in specialized shop - all papers are filled there, and then the weapon needs to be shown once again in OLRR at delivery of the permission to acquisition of the weapon given earlier. Other traffic in weapons is considered illegal.

get Cartridges (ammunition) in specialized shops without special warning of OLRR - on presentation of the license (permission to carrying, storage of the weapon).

So, you bought the smooth-bore weapon. In 5 years of faultless possession to them you can address in OLRR (in the cities are different departments, in the village - one, territorial) knowing permissions to the cut weapon. Here collecting documents approximately the same, but there are also some differences: on medical certificate about absence at the citizen of contraindications for knowledge of the weapon the photo has to be pasted, the reference from OLRR in a place of registration about an experience of knowledge of the smooth-bore weapon and lack of violation of the rules of traffic in weapons is added, licensing fee makes 200 rubles.

Two important nuances

At departure to other district, for example, on hunting more than for 3 days even if you have temporary registration there, needs to be informed beforehand (to be registered) in local OLRR. The same is fair if you leave on summer to live in the village and carry with yourself the gun. Otherwise your actions are considered as violation of the rules of traffic in weapons in the Russian Federation. If you change the place of continuous registration (finally to a pereezzhata) - an order other, more serious.

Before issuing the license (permission) to the cut weapon, you do not hurry to sell old, smooth-bore; at first get new permission and buy cut. Otherwise you lose uninterrupted length of service of knowledge of the smooth-bore weapon and de jure lose the right to permission on cut (many on it were trapped).

regarding hunting and hunters on territories of Russia is forbidden:

application of small-caliber rifles and carbines under a cartridge of lateral fire for amateur hunting;

application of the hunting firearms which are not registered in law-enforcement bodies;

use of the tape recorders and other devices reproducing the beckoning sounds and also light devices for production of birds;

use of automotor-transport devices for prosecution and production of any kinds of animals, and also firing from all types of automotor-vehicles, except for firing from floating means with the switched-off motor.

are considered as Gross violations of rules of hunting:

hunting without member hunting - the fishing ticket or with the invalid ticket;

hunting out of terms of hunting for this species of an animal;

hunting in the forbidden places (reserves, wildlife areas);

hunting without license (on that species of a game where it is necessary).

Administrative responsibility is provided for:

stay with the loaded gun in settlements;

firing at distance 100 meters from any housing are closer;

participation in hunting or stay with the assembled weapon in a state of intoxication;

stay on any automotor-vehicles with the loaded weapon (except for hunting from boats and boats with the switched-off motor);

transportation of the assembled not covered weapon by cars, tractors, tractors and motorcycles.

Councils defending with the weapon

Be protected by

, but … you remember limits of necessary self-defense, and for this purpose regularly re-read the act of the Russian Federation “About the weapon“, and it is desirable for news of the legislation - jurisprudence.

Improve the skill and you learn (to study never late) to methods of self-defense without weapon, that is you keep the body in a tone, and reason - sober.

Do not defy the weapon and do not bare it without need. To the utmost try to solve the conflict by the world, but if nevertheless you are forced to apply (to use) the weapon, and to that there are sufficient bases - do it safely. In militia practice still there is an expression: “Got - shoot“.

Try not to inflict defeats over the forward in vitals. Otherwise, if it happened, in the subsequent explanations for law enforcement agencies reason the actions according to adequacy of threat; it will allow to avoid (will soften) responsibility for inadvertent harm.

If you forced to defend, record witnesses of incident, independent people who will confirm your indications. Practice of similar affairs such is that in the course of trial quite often attacking party is very influential in part of “communications“ and legal skill.