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The disposable diaper is not so terrible as it is painted.

Centuries of the woman of the whole world raised the children in diapers. One century replaced another, people invented a bulb and the TV, the car and the plane, and mothers and continued to prepare mountains of diapers and gauze diapers in a dowry for the kid.

I all - in 1957 good luck gave a helping hand to the exhausted mummies, and there was in that hand … a disposable diaper!

the Question of use disposable diapers same live and breathing, as well as they is.

Debate“ pros and cons“ begun in the twentieth century proceed in the twenty first. This subject of a children`s toilet as the hero of Ancient Greece even acquired myths. Here some of them.

Myth 1. About that as the cunning diaper does girls bandy-legged. For certain any mummy heard

from grandmothers in the address: A diaper, you want to make the daughter by a krivonozhka? Another is curious. Any of these grandmothers does not remember how she teased Lyudka from the 3rd entrance and to Nadk from the 25th apartment that they have legs a wheel. But diapers - that were not. And swaddled Lyudka with Nadka so hardly what not to sigh. And all why? Yes because geneticist - the aunt severe. If awarded you with the football player`s legs - there is nothing to expostulate on diapers.

Myth 2. how the artful disposable diaper does boys fruitless.

One such victim of this myth my friend came to me home in tears. It turned out that the campaign to the pediatrician ended for the poor thing with reprimand and the offer to a categorical form to remove from the child a diaper immediately. The doctor accused unfortunate young mother of future reproductive insolvency of her five-months son. Not for long smearing tears we addressed a subsoil of the World wide web and here that was found out. All fears are connected with temperature in a disposable diaper. During the experiment made Scientifically - the research institute of pediatrics of the Russian academy of medical sciences turned out that in comparison with a gauze diaper temperature in a disposable diaper is 0,5 degrees higher and for the kid it is absolutely safe.

Myth 3. that a disposable diaper - the squanderer

Of course the pack of the diapers departing in a week a little frightens the one ruble at the cost of 500. But let`s remember that diapers need to be washed daily with special children`s means for washing which eats kilowatts. So question of economy very disputable.

Is unconditional, it is possible not to trust researches, and not to consider kilowatts, but to refuse the benefits of a civilization and to return itself during an era of dinosaurs in diapers at least inconsistently. Then, dear mothers, we should refuse with you shampoo and to wash a laundry soap, instead of ink to make up eyelashes with gouache, and forever to lay out panty liners from the handbag.

Anyway, thanks to diapers, became much simpler to walk with our children, we ceased to hammer a bag with the mountain of replaceable panties, to change clothes of the kid on the street, endangering it to catch a cold and provided to the precious kid and ourselves favourite a quiet dream on all night long!!!

p. s. In France the disposable diaper was entered by sociologists in the “Thirty Inventions of the XX Century Which Changed Everyday Life of Mankind Radically“ list.