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Fatal man? Passion to pieces and heart in a tatter of

“Pham - a pas - a pas - Pham, Pham - a pas - a pas - Pham“, - is not present, these are not native tomtoms, not pioneer drums and not the Gipsy tambourines. It, lovely ladies, only betkhovensky “Subject of Destiny“. Or to tell more precisely, the “Fate Subject“ which is inevitably knocking at our doors and souls. Because its arrival - the Fatal Man - in ladies` life is obligatory and we will not avert.

Well, that is, so very many consider. Let`s not avert supposedly and all - as visit of the Statue of the Commodore. “It came, without expecting call, came itself and not to constrain it“. Wait - and will be to you.

Here is how time was necessary to help with the translation to one girl beaten by the man recently. To the compatriot, as usual. I to similar excesses treat beating and humiliation of women and volume very severely and impartially, many times wrote about it, but this case caused not anger, but big pity and some puzzled sad fun. As speak, both laughter, and a sin. And that is why.

The Figuristy beauty - the blonde, only a year in Germany, years of thirty five, with blanshy under an eye, sobbing, at once blurted out: “Do not touch it, it is not necessary to police, it not in itself(himself) was, I will die without it right now, you understand nothing, I waited for his, maybe, all life, he is my FATAL man“.

Wow, now that`s something like it... Don Juan? Poet Nadson? Aristotle Onassis?

Mute scene. Pause. Recovered, dropped a valerian to the poor sufferer, put in a chair, the nurse applied a compress to an eye, calmed, began to ask more in details. What did you run then from fatal - that? Tell. Well, you ask better, and I will answer.

And why it it is fatal? From what suddenly? It that - the handsome indescribable? You watch - with a sigh the sufferer told and got from a purse of a photo of the man of east appearance - elderly, tolstenky, lysenky, with a nose - plum and sad eyes - grapes. And what - it is high, sports, mobile? Well, growth pumped up slightly, on ten me is lower than centimeters, with puziky, with arthritis.

Having convinced once again of the obvious fact that for “ohm fatal“ appearance - a minor matter, moved to “area of soul“.

Careful, isn`t it? Understanding, clever, highly educated? Thinly feeling, sincere? Rich very much, can? There is no N - lies constantly, everywhere meets women. Education - graduated from school and. It works at factory, the shift foreman. Rich? Oh, made laugh. Careful? Well, few times in a week fruit - brings vegetables. Yes it has a family in the homeland, two children.

So. Sincere qualities and security, generally, on “fatefulness“ of the man do not influence “rokovatost“ or “rokovitost“ too as it became clear.

Then - um, a question delicate. It that - sex - the giant? Girls, me to laugh painfully - smiles weepingly. Giant, too... found James Bonda.

Talented, maybe, very much? Well, it... the poet - what madman - a thread, Fizuli or Bottoms? “Leyli and Medzhnun“ there, well and everyones - other gazelles - ruba? The lady reflects.

Psikhologinya makes a helpless gesture. The lawyer is silent. The translator takes breath from amazement. The nurse changes a compress on eyes of the blinkered Victim Rock meanwhile. Rare mysteriousness of Slavic female soul is available also on a face.

The victim leaves thoughtfulness.

The poet, you speak? And perhaps, as poet. So he kisses hands, speaks: “Your eyes - as the Mediterranean Sea, I perish in them“. “You, speak, rakhat - lukum my soul, the beauty my one and only, the blonde, is better than you did not see. Love of all my life.“, how many promised all - both gifts, and trips. He will buy everything, he is good. And promised to get divorced from wife. And the most important - is jealous as... Ah, girls AS he is jealous, so with pleasure. Nobody ever so was jealous me, understand?

Um... and you, so to speak, give reasons? Yes you that, what occasions. There would be occasions - it in general would kill. He is a man hot, FATAL, one word.

And sensitive what. Am afraid of it though the word to touch. Slightly that - you do not love me, crack a door. Also left. Also does not call week. I all will get exhausted, urydatsya, I will send hundred SMS. Then will appear with red roses - you, speaks, my love, any woman will not be compared to you.

And sometimes on hundred times per day calls - you where, you with whom, what are you doing? Think of me, is jealous, loves me. The passion is fatal, real, girls, I will tell you. Well, also beats sometimes. Infrequently. So it from passion, with jealousy. He is a man. When apologizes, entreats, cries. And I then roar. I without it cannot, I in life had no such love. As at cinema love. And yes what you can understand...

Amicably sighed. Something began to clear up. The psychologist fixes time of the first occupation as psychological, or perhaps and the psychotherapeutic help is necessary, it is obvious. The nurse recommends to visit the oculist. The lawyer is ready to help, but only if there is a statement. No statement will exist. And sessions at the psychologist, apparently, too. It is fatal passion to the FATAL man. All thanks, all are free. The translation into German is ended.

And here what with it to do? How with it to be?

After all above female revelations it is necessary only to make sadly a helpless gesture, to bitterly sigh and make an instruction to the men wishing to raise the fatal component.

So to become the FATAL man, it is necessary: to be jealous, shout, torment and to torment, without cause to take offense, have a family on the party, to periodically beat the ladylove, and then to be reconciled with sobbings, to tell sweet beautiful words, to promise and not to do, for weeks not to call, help on a minimum and itself not to represent anything special. A dreadful set, I will report on you.

And then you can make happiness of very interesting Russian lady of middle age inclined to fatal cine passions.