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Wheel of life

“Happiness feeling and condition of full, highest satisfaction“ (S. I. Ojegov).

In order that happiness never abandoned you, it is necessary to result all spheres of your life in harmony. Each sphere makes a certain part and if this part less, than has to be, then you come into a fortune of a dissatisfaction and concern. Then you searching, solutions of problems. It is visually possible to make in the form of a life wheel.

That is important for you in life: health, love, career or favourite business, personal growth, finance, relations, family, life. If, someone wants to divide into smaller sectors, please, find the. Conditionally we define that each sector of a wheel conditionally 100%. Now define

, on how many percent in your life occupies each sector. Defined? Connect the smooth line each sector what at you the wheel would turn out. And now answer a question: Whether it is possible to go on such wheel? But, if all spheres of your life turned out for 100%, then it is possible to go with pleasure and without serious consequences, arriving in a condition of happiness and harmony.

After you executed exercise, please, connect the hand conditional sectors smooth lines so what the equal and beautiful wheel would turn out, and old, not equal surely shade. It is very important point. You remember, in memory there has to be an equal and beautiful wheel. Thus, you attract to yourself only positive energy. In more detail about it on training “The catalog of my dream“.

We offer you the poster thanks to which you will be able quickly to put all spheres of the life in order. After you defined in what sphere there is not enough vital energy, you have to ask yourself a question: whether I can having put in order one sector to change the others? For example: you have weak sectors of private life, rest and finance. Other spheres of life suit you. Means, you choose one which is closer to implementation and you make the action plan. For example: you have a man and if you marry him, then also other sectors will be leveled. In your life harmony will set in. Or for example: you have no man. Means it is necessary to begin to put the life in order by means of sector which is responsible for rest, entertainments. In the beginning imagine the man (woman) of your dream, you did it when made a dream collage. Now you know who is necessary to you on life. Ask yourself a question: where such men (women) have a rest? You can meet them on fishing, in business - club, in park, in sport - the hall. Begin to have a rest there. Make to yourself the action plan, and better make updating of plans in the life and begin to visit such places. At you it turns out that leveling rest sector, you increase chances to meet the second half. But the most important that should be made: to recognize that it is real! If you feel any difficulties, when viewing some of sectors, then neobkhodito to break it into smaller wheel. For example, “private life“ we made “a wheel of relationship“ of sector. Do the same exercise with a wheel of relationship. Conditionally divide it into 100%. Otmette, on how many % you have a compliance of what is actually with what you see in the table. When finish work, think of how you can turn the weaknesses noted in “a wheel of relationship“ into strong. Further continue work independently. Make the wheel of each sector of “A life wheel“ “Finance“, “Health“, or what you consider necessary.

Hang up the offered posters where you most often are and work with affirmation, as often as possible. The first affirmation, or slogan which you repeat daily: My life is fine and harmonious. I love harmony. All spheres of my life for 100%. I lead full and happy life on everything 100! Then you repeat slogans from those sectors which from your point of view require attention. Let your life will always be happy and joyful!