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Nectar, ambrosia, salad. Let`s eat as gods of the Olympus?

to eat as gods of the Olympus, it is not so difficult in our not so divine days. Wearisome diets, hungry faints - on the one hand and an uncontrollable, inveterate gluttony - with another. And gods were always harmonous and vigorous. The secret of this their state consists and in particular food that they used.

Three making Olympus food of the gods - nectar, an ambrosia, salad. The most useful and part available to all - the third - salad. Therefore we will pay to specifics of salad and rules of its choice on counters special attention. And we will begin with the first component of food of the gods, namely...

1. Nectar

Nectar with what it was used by gods of the Olympus, you will hardly find. To his gods, as it is considered, birds and such with what Gods could peretolkovat at close range delivered. In bird`s language. The opinion of the Ancient Greek poet - the storyteller Homer remained that nectar - the certain substance similar to wine. On red. Probably, wine is also nectar.

Use red wine as the first component of food of the gods. Or drink garnet juice. Drinking so-called “nectar“ which in large quantities lets out the industry (juice drink), you will not approach gods of the Olympus. So, as I believe, wine or garnet juice - here modern nectar.

2. The ambrosia

to Find

an ambrosia which was tasted by gods of the Olympus too hardly it will turn out. It is considered that the ambrosia was not a plant, but a certain pressing from rocks at all. The researcher of Ancient Greek views of people on the universe R. Onians considered an ambrosia as something viscous, unctuous.

On the other hand, there are no proofs that gods did not eat a usual ambrosia. Tu that grows now everywhere. However, this weed tops of vegetable causes when live, an allergy like sneezes and irritation in a nose. But if to dry it and to make … The ambrosia as any weed, is extremely hardy and widespread.

The dessert spoon of broth from an ambrosia will make the second part of your option of food of the gods Olimpa. It is even not obligatory to drink it. It is only possible to taste hardly, or to add a broth droplet to usual tea.

3. Salad

According to legends of old times, salad is the third component of food of the gods. You think, it is difficult, to try to have a bite how god Olimpa? Yes there is nothing more simply! Buy in usual shop or break directly from a bed an armful or a bush of fresh salad, wash out it and immediately begin to chew. With an ulterior motive all gods are represented by the brawny handsome and sentimental seductresses!

You where - nibud saw cellulitis on the goddess? And Apollo at whom the spherical beer stomach is supported by a wide belt from shorts? No, this - destiny of people. The matter is that salad in itself very low-calorie thing. Combining it with exercises, you always receive a flexible camp.

Peer at behavior of a hare in the wood. Bursts one grass and salad hare. And at all thus - rushes, like mad. Than not hare God? Trusovat, however, but it is possible to consider this quality as care, but not a sign of the “shivering“ knees. Because to catch big-eared and to natknut on a spit him over a fire - persons interested a dime a dozen! And a braid - one. The fat hare will most quicker fall prey of a predator or the person. And that ushastik that salad bursts, pryg - skok it is universal, that in food, leaves, is similar in something to gods. You want to be easy and elastic as the leveret - use salad. Any.

As we can purely assume from medical positions, excellent immunity is available for gods initially. Otherwise any a little - malsk a serious infection would throw off them with Olimpa. Among the reasons of so enviable immunity it is possible to call also eating of salad by them. Almost all its versions - are pure, digestible protein. Ask any professional immunologist and he will tell that for immunity one of paramount things - squirrels. Salad protein is so light, vozdushen, is imperceptible that, having tried salad, you perplexedly clap eyelashes with a mute question on a forehead: and whether you ate something in general, or it only seemed?

Here - that the secret of this vegetable grass is also hidden: it it is possible and it is necessary to burst to corpulent people. Instead of sausages and briskets. Excess weight will leave. And healthy Luda, thin, young salad is directly shown. Yes, young men and girls can burst for the present beefsteaks, tear teeth fried pork ribs and swallow of chunks of fragrant fat. But that is for the time being. So far metabolism young.

With what more even the healthy young man replaces semi-finished products and belyashes in street tents with salad bunches - subjects longer he will be able to afford liberties in food. Often - up to an old age. At us in the country such situation when at the person about tent of “fast food“ not the fried side of a magnificent cheburek from which droplets of fat irrigate lips and clothes having a bite, and bunches of a fresh green salad sticks out of a mouth has to be created! Salatozhevatel will approach gods Olimpa in respect of food. If you want to self-improve, strive for divinity - begin with change of food behavior and bury teeth in a thicket of fresh salad.

Salad not just refreshes, it - treats. A hypertension now - the real illness of a century. Pressure jumps everywhere. At people. In heating pipes in the winter. Opposition put pressure upon the party in power etc., and here salad contains laktutsin thanks to which the blood pressure decreases. Thus, salad is very shown to hypertensive persons.

From hypertensive persons we will return to gods Olimpa. You for certain noticed that they have always a good appetite and complexion. The matter is that a little salad before a meal increases appetite. There are such people that sluggish go. The piece of a food in a throat to them does not climb. Anorexia. And at this illness it is short to turn also into the percher. Perchers in market time are not quoted. Salad will just help to be played to appetite at such people. As you can see, gods Olimpa knew what to eat.

And have a look what sometimes gentle, erotic names at salads: Lollo - Byonda, Lollo - Rossa, Romain (directly there is also a wish to tell - the novel), the Iceberg (remember Alla Borisovna Pugacheva`s hit “Iceberg“: “And you such cold, as an iceberg in the ocean“).

But, despite elegant names, in salad there live sometimes also worms. Therefore at the choice of salad in the market, in shop, pay attention to color of leaves. The yellow, large, loose leaves - a sign of stale goods. And it is very probable that in a head of cabbage or a bunch worms hang out. Nobody will allow to tear apart salad in search of worms to you and they do not hurry outside.

Look for a dense head of cabbage. Green foliage of salad (happens both red, and claret - depending on a grade) - a good sign. Vascular bunches of leaves have to be thin, but not resemble wide tyazh. It is a little zemlitsa at the basis - not a sign that salad bad. On the contrary, sometimes on a condition of traces of the soil on salad it is possible to judge its freshness indirectly.

Also get accustomed to a salad stalk. The abundance of small black or gray points is told about an illness. And several points scattered and noticeable only at fixed studying are not a factor of deterioration of green goods. Do not forget to smell a head of cabbage or a bunch that you are going to buy. A grass smell and anything else is that it is necessary for us! And here if sense of smell catches foreign aromas like gasoline and other, then such product to us “does not roll“.

As you can see to eat as gods Olimpa - it is elementary. Try, and divine grace by all means will clasp you in the arms soon.