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Whether it is worth suffering for nothing or How to endure troubles?

Life happen different. And sometimes contrast of white and black strips of events is so big that considerable health and patience for overcoming of vicissitudes of life is required.

One people transfer it as God`s will: accept tests and submissively suffer. Others, worrying even stronger, tear on themselves hair with thoughts “why I and for what to me it“. Take-off and falling are inevitable. The clear head, a look from outside and easy perception of life will not prevent anybody. But about everything one after another.

Till a certain moment I thought that strength of mind, endurance - qualities only of those people whom life already frayed and tempered disorders. And owing to this fact they have already the protective armor, a callosity from troubles. However some people can inflate from a fly of an elephant and to begin to worry from - for trifles.

To get out of the unpleasant situation, it is necessary to face it to preserve the nerves - it is necessary to treat everything more simply. It would seem - all and is so clear. But it is difficult to remember all this when it appear in trouble, and even more difficult adequately to react to it.

will pass Everything, and it will pass too

in the period of the seeming hopelessness needs to remember gold words on Solomon`s ring and that everything is temporary. Unless it is worth being killed and spend the nerves for what will be dissolved in the past so?

Ability to see itself from outside

our life is a game and theater. And, being in the center of events, dare to go to the auditorium and to look at this performance with the inhabitant`s eyes. To see a situation and itself in it - very effective method for objectivity of an assessment and self-complacency. Sometimes we are so shipped in the emotions that own vision of a picture can well differ from what is actually very much.

Try on roles of other people and look on a situation at them with eyes. Depart from yourself for a while and revise rules and positions of game.

do not think of it!


In unpleasant situations where intervention in a problem is required, is helped by a method of “thoughtless action“. Try not to think if you know that reflections will only upset you. Just act and transfer energy of the thoughts to in what you are engaged at the moment that you need to undertake.

90% of problems are solved, other 10% are not solved in general. Can be done nothing at all, and to neglect everything. In most cases it is necessary just to wait that everything was settled by itself.

A joke in a subject:

Lecture of professor of psychology:

- Colleagues, remember two golden rules of psychotherapy!

Rule first. Small alarms are a trifle.

Rule second. All alarms - small.
There`s no evil without good

Dale Carnegie advised

to us to turn lemons into lemonade, mixing minuses, to receive from them pluses. In any situation there are advantages. And even if it is only your personal experience - it already enough. What does not kill us - does stronger. So, passing the next vital test, we pass to a step above in the personal development.

Accept life in all its manifestations! Ourselves to ourselves artists and within our powers not only to set a color palette, but also to choose a picture plot, covering dark strips.