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Why stars fall and whether they fall in general?

at the end of summer the night sky attract to itself human looks. It is accepted even to make a wish on the falling stars. On an ancient legend, each person has the star which is lit at the time of his birth and leaves heaven minutes of his death.

Actually stars are not on a silver platter. The star represents the huge heated sphere of hot gas. Its sizes several times there is more than the sizes of Earth. It is difficult to imagine what will happen to all of us if something similar once breaks from heaven in the direction of Earth.

What then is on a silver platter, fascinating people by the beauty and mysteriousness?

The fact that we take for the falling star - only the stone which arrived from a space and crossed the terrestrial atmosphere. While it flies, heats up so strongly that flashes bright strips and begins to shine. There pass the moment and the stone burns down, and its star trace disappears. Such particles of interplanetary dust are called meteors. Per day in the atmosphere of Earth of star flashes there are thousands, their brightness depends on star size. Sometimes the falling star has shining “tail“.

The separate stones which reached the earth are called meteorites. They can be the different sizes. The biggest meteorite was found in Africa, its weight made nearly 60 tons.

Falling of the first meteorite officially was recorded in 467 BC in ancient Rome. This show was considered as so considerable event that ancient Roman historians solemnly marked out him.

Every year in August the meteor shower appears from Perseus`s constellation, from here and there was a name - “Perseida“. The very first mention about Perseidakh (the 36th year AD) it was revealed in the Chinese chronicle. Officially Perseid Belgian Adolf Ketele in August, 1835 opened an annual meteoric rain.

The August meteor shower is formed when Earth passes through a loop of the dust particles released Swift`s comet - Tuttlya. At the same time the smallest particles of the insignificant sizes burn down in the terrestrial atmosphere, creating the so-called shooting stars seen from any point of Earth. For this purpose it is not obligatory to arm with the telescope and the powerful camera at all. The main thing - not to fall asleep ahead of time.

The made observations showed that stars “light up“ on average at the height of 100 km, and go out at height - 90 km. Speed of the movement of such space bodies fluctuates from 10 to 100 km/s. Some stars flash and disappear several times during “travel“.

Next time Swift`s comet - Tuttlya will pass through internal solar system very close to Earth only in 2126.

In November of this year with the shooting stars we are pleased by Andromeda`s constellation, in April - Liras, the truth such show is not so bright and available to viewing not every year but only through a certain period.

In the world of Space and Universe there are a lot more unusual and unknown things. Unfortunately, answers only to some riddles are known to us. Very much can be that sometime the person will solve all hidden secrets of the Worlds.