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How to limit access for the child to the computer

One of problems which parents are forced to solve, - access for the child to the computer and the Internet. What is the time the child can see off in front of the monitor screen? How long it is allowed to it to play games? How to make One of problems which parents are forced to solve today, - access for the child to the computer and the Internet. What is the time the child can see off in front of the monitor screen? How long it is allowed to it to play games? How to make pastime of the little user on the Internet safe? Each family answers these and many other questions for itself. Nevertheless, that the problem of parental control became the general long ago, says that means for restriction of access to appendices, games and the websites were included in structure of Windows Vista. Similar funds from recent time appeared in many complex applications for safety, for example, in Norton Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security. There are also special programs intended only for parental control.

Over time, when using computers in house conditions, many users face a problem of “keenness of minds“ of the young children. What these problems consist in? That young talents not always understand what can be done and that is not necessary. On these to the reasons, in a consequence of stay of the child at the computer, you can find settings of system, other than those which were done by you, or, invited by you, the expert the programmer. As a rule, these settings lie on a surface and I do not demand deep studying of an operating system because of what can be easily changed, or are turned off (settings of registration of a desktop and a display resolution, settings the Internet - connections and so on). Some time it is possible to fix these problems and independently, but what to do if it occurs several times in the course of the day. It is natural that shortly it will bother. As all - to avoid similar? Yes it is very simple. Today there is not a small number of the programs capable to help you. They allow, we will allow: to determine time to which the child can visit the Internet (or a period), to play games; provide protection of settings of the computer (according to the password or on temporary intervals), forbid to visit the sites of pornographic character, and many other things...

But they have also minuses: or they paid (also cost not small money), or in them are not present those functions which are necessary to you. Yes, certainly, in paid programs these functions can be and are realized, but only here in these programs there are also those functions which are not necessary to you, and stuff them there, only to raise the price of the program and according to your desire nobody will move away them to sell you the program cheaper...

And it is necessary to close access from the child for several reasons: the child has to do homework, but not play for hours and hours on flight; walking on the different websites, it can catch a virus (and you should treat the computer. And it is possible also mentality of the child, depending on what sites he visits). Of course, blocking thus the computer, there are also other pluses, for example: the child trying to remove this blocking, it is forced to study the computer in more detail and consequently, it increases the level of knowledge, and can shortly earn by this knowledge to himself not only on “pocket expenses“, but also on life (and it is very good).

We suggest you to download absolutely free program which blocks a number of functions (some functions are blocked / will be unblocked at once, others only after reset of the computer). The program is free, does not demand installation, can directly work with USB - USB sticks.

Minuses of this program: You can not like its design, the small number of functions (for that it is free). This program well proved in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, blocking settings of computers from students. It is a protsa in use and it is reliable.