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It was not lucky with the chief? Whether the instruction for cultivation of fools

Was necessary to suffer to you from the fool - the chief? And still you suffer? Poor creature...

And to you it was lucky? Well, if it was lucky, so you constantly work in one good place. Happy!

The one who transferred the service record for the life from place to place more than once, for certain, will remember at least one such idiot. It, as blood will drink, and all will frazzle nerves, and, eventually, it is necessary not to it, but another to look for a new office, a new stall with water-melons, new kindergarten or school.

And from where they undertake, so bad people, bloodsuckers are vampires power? Whether we grow up them from the earliest age, we drag then on a hump further? At the same time, we water, we fertilize, we hill, we feed up vitamins instead of … over

I where where at what stage of its growth we missed, did not evade, did not step, were soiled, regretted?!

And, maybe, there was everything so...


Little boy. Not nice. Constantly in snivels. Lags behind in development. Parents - usual and, it seems, decent people. Not alcoholics. Eats most longer, in the afternoon does not sleep and does not give others. Fights. For New year parents do not hand over money for a gift, it seems to them that it is expensive. Promise to bring a chocolate “Alenka“.

How we react to it usually?

It is a pity. It is necessary to help. Nothing terrible, we will buy on the raised money of all other parents one gift bigger and we will give it to the poor boy. Children, it is impossible to laugh at Vovik! It is same as all. Let`s help it to finish drawing the picture, to dolepit from hedgehog plasticine, we will give spare kolgotochka, and the it described that …. Who does not want an apple, give to Vovik, the vitaminok is not enough for it what wons weak!

And already the first Vovochke - a discount of 20% for everything in life in kindergarten.


Volodya grew up. Hardly is in time on “three“. Sometimes can receive “four“ for special speed and efforts, and there were cases - and “five“. Kowtows to boys - ringleaders. The most important guy in a class Stas is in love with the same girl Christina, as. It is always obliging, runs to a stall behind cigarettes, for “to write off“ will present a small lamp. Leaving on country excursions, secretly eats the sandwiches in bushes, and then sits down for the laid table d`hote, praises zazharisty chicken of Christina. And at the request of Stas will bring for the little girl a wild strawberry handful, popolzav on a glade.

Reaction of society

Vova is felt sorry by teachers, Vova is given certificates of appreciation for good behavior. Holding out “three“ to “fours“, and “fours“ to “five“, teachers speak to Vova`s mother that he very capable, and can study even better if he tries more.

Vova writes the letter to the grandmother in which tells that it is called the cleverest and the most capable. The grandmother tells the whole world about the extraordinary gifted grandson Vladimir.

Vova again discount for 20% for everything.


Vladimirpredlozhil the candidate in the head of group. Carefully keeps the diary of attendance. It is accepted in dean`s office. It is obliging and polite with teachers. Can get to the teacher good chalk, organize a community work day, raise money for flowers to examiners. Will buy from the grandmother - the neigbour, and the check will elicit and will bring store. Percent 20 will save for himself. It is slightly already haughty with classmates. For “to write off“ will elicit to the excellent student a compensatory holiday per day. In a hostel chose as the senior on the floor. Will let in after 23. 00 for a sausage stick. “Thanks“ does not speak any more - honestly earned.

To 50 - to the anniversary of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION writes the laudatory ode to teachers to the wall newspaper. It is impossible to read - a complete nonsense, with gross spelling mistakes and deliberately grandiloquently. But not to say in eyes that the talent walks to other address. On his questions “Well as?“, hiding eyes, answer: “Listen what you are a good fellow“! And then wink each other, indulgently smiling: “All right, we will encourage the guy. It is a pity, tried“.

The inspired Vladimir begins to stamp the following and following wall newspapers. Then on a patronage of the high school authority in city to “Evening“, then in the New faces magazine, then more and more …

I here he already publishes an article already, entering any official office on affairs, first of all sits down and plows up the fresh issue of the magazine with the portrait and a knizhention with the next published poppycock, and the official`s attitude towards Vladimir cardinally changes. The writer everything is what - that.

Vladimir, by itself, uses privileges for everything. 20% have the same.


Having gained the diploma and having hided the appendix with estimates for will rub Lenin or Stalin on a wall in the room of the grandfather, he puts on a strict gray suit, a tie in a small speck, and goes to get acquainted with new collective.

- Look, Volodya, do not give yourself in offense! You very talented and capable, make friends with the administration, show all the works, do not pay attention to all these clever men. - Edifies mother, to Volodya squelching loudly borsch.

- Be not afraid, mothers. I any more not such stupid as at school was. I “will construct“ all of them, these clever men.

And it “builds“, and we “are under construction“, thinking at the same time that we have nobility to do indulgence to this “talent“ … by

Well, we will traditionally forgive some unfortunate 20%, let will order about.

the Pension, age

Well, here here only also begins sad and for it. Even there is no wish to tell now how he several times rewrites the will...

Well, we will also count privileges to the old man - to the pensioner. So... What here at us turns out? About! There now, all 100% also gathered now - the person all found, free of charge lived, but to us - that is not a pity, we will chip in together of kopek, of a nerve, of a teardrop, on slightly - slightly...

So what, brothers, we will raise - - to cultivate, or we will keep at least his old age that on a funeral were not silent, and sincerely cried with a sincere valedictory?

Perhaps we will stop it already now while he eats the sandwiches in bushes?!