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Man`s marriage announcements. What they were 100 years ago?

of Balzaminov: “Unless you something dreamed?“

Balzaminov: “Suddenly I see, the mammy as if there are I on a garden; I am met requirements by the lady of beauty unusual and speaks: “Mister Balzaminov, I love you and I adore!““

First of all, were presented to . Cavalrymen, merchants, businessmen, manufacturers, landowners, watchmakers, engineers, dentists, druggists, honored pensioners, opera baritones, seamen and even “a simple rank“. It is a lot of students.

“I do not drink, I do not smoke“ - it was specified often. Of course, only at men. Frequent addition was “not the gambler“. (Subjects, probably, patients already for those times.) And by all means able to dance and play music. No, not all danced, of course. But played music besides it is universal.

And it is not specified anywhere, the fact that now it is possible to meet and be glad: say, with hands, I am able to do everything, and I will build the house, and I will repair. Probably, those who “were able to do everything“ and did then, without submitting announcements - other social layer. Or a class as would tell earlier, or a level as would tell now.

Men specified the nationality more often. By default - Russian, and so - the Greek, the Jew, the Georgian, the Pole. Religion - was also specified: Lutheran, Catholic. The state of health was noted practically by all, but only in the plan “is healthy“.

of the Requirement

of the Requirement, as well as now, slightly differed. To whom it was necessary quiet and thrifty, to whom - the certain “aristocrat of spirit“ or “ the actress in soul of any genre as the actor “. But in general wishes were quite natural. For example, it was very often necessary “loving the village“ - and what else is required to the man who is constantly living and managing in the manor? It in “backwoods“, lonely, divorced “for dislike for a social life“. There is a wish to believe that there was a sympathizing soul and the accompanying destiny.

The expressions familiar to us and now meet. “the girl without the past“ is required, for example. I was always entertained by this phrase. Until now she can be met in man`s announcements of acquaintance. Well, absolutely without the past, a blank sheet, even the period of puberty she did not dream, did not fall in love meekly, on - maiden. The most amusing that women often about themselves specified that they also are “without the past“, but at the same time at the same time could sound, as “without prejudices“. Men more indulgent met: it is possible “for even with the past, the more worried vital pushes, the better “.

And there are specific, sometimes strange wishes at all: I marry “the pure monarchist“, or the skilled worker of hats, or “ that liked to put on according to the magazine “, or “ that could be useful at trade “. An unexpected wish - ability to ride a bicycle.

Were “advanced“ at all. Once in the announcement sacramental sounded: “ I appreciate in marriage a mutual personal freedom “. A certain seeker of happiness reports about himself that he is a democrat and wishes to construct “ideological happiness“. “The mystical anarchist“ urges together to dare to learn everything.

Very intriguingly sounded: “ Respond! Be not afraid, - if your ideal is scolded and broken, we will light radiant dreams, dreams of youth and happiness again!. I am young, intelligent; answer, I wait !“. Eh, nobody ever spoke to me: if your ideal is scolded, then I to a vozvern to you a radiant dream. And it is good what did not tell, I would even not be what to answer. The scolded ideal - what business! On that they and ideals periodically to be scolded and broken.

Simplicity of thoughts of some applicants touches: the German - the organist looks for for the purpose of marriage or very rich lady (at the same time everything is not important), or very pretty very young. There were severe misters for whom the worthy person was required “ is valid from society (but not the intellectual or the employee) “. Felt a difference?

But as it is pleasant “to hear“ from the man on our times “it is far from any platitude“. Also there is a wish to believe it how there is a wish to believe that it is ready to make happiness. It is interesting that men often honestly specified the income (and also even real estate cost). But were more often limited laconic “I will be able to contain“. And still: men often defined the intentions not just as “serious and honest“, they told “ my intentions are sacred “.

Ya he was married, but it is unsuccessful “ - too did not do without persons interested to discuss the mournful past.

A bluff, a bluff, not yesterday it entered affairs warm. “I look for the rich widow, but also itself is not poor, and I will receive one million more soon, and in a week I go abroad. Where you, respond!“ was enough

of Gigolos too. The visiting nobleman wished to marry rich, preferably elderly person. The out-of-pocket elderly baron and without children offers marriage to the vdovushka having children, at the same time can legalize them, but the title here cannot transfer in any way, in advance warns. The sculptor wishes the bride with a big dowry as it has grandiose plans. A sculpture - it is rather unprofitable. The director of bank wishes any though with physical defects, but rich. Or to the engineer nothing is important, even money is not necessary, but

needs a patronage on solid plant … Just “cry from the heart“: “ Strange vision! I believe in You! Come! Be a friend - the wife and give the chance to graduate from the university “. In exchange all offered to give all treasures of the grateful hearts. Yes, the commercialism of some men is traced not less accurately, than commercialism of some women.

Or perhaps too in vain I sin on people, and all this in the nature of things? By tradition of all marriage announcements of all existing huge period of time - interest in an economic situation of future spouse is obligatory. It was norm 300 years ago, it was norm 100 years ago.

Here is how time in recent time - this interest was tried to be covered minimum. Especially during the Soviet era when the first marriage announcements (“The literary newspaper“) were published. Everything began extremely modestly and “bessrebrenno“. For example, the lonely man - the homebody (physical data shortly), the humanist (or the technician) will get acquainted with the blonde to a certain age loving theater. Or lonely mother - just with teetotal and hard-working. Simply.

Comparisons, of course, by itself arise. Those who read (or wrote) “modern“ profiles on dating sites can find much more general hyphens with pre-revolutionary announcements. And at all not the fact that today`s it is somehow strong more cynically. In total - different as announcements and were different a century ago.

The person always sought to find the person. All had different motives, but disposal of feeling of loneliness and hope for luck remained the main thing. As 315 years ago, both 100 years ago, and now.