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Female marriage announcements. What they were 100 years ago?

“I to an alch, I to a strazhd …“, “Vzyskaya, pine …“. No, it was not absolutely so. Though there was enough both delicacy distinguished, and delightful appeals, and verses quite lyrical.

If to consider according to the first famous official marriage announcement, then date is given: 1695 year, Great Britain. The English rural gentleman was not ashamed to give in the business newspaper the short message about the intentions to find the spouse. The editor groped possible benefits, dear squires were not indignant. If to trust this date, then the European marriage announcements - already 315 years. It in the periodical press. And how many they were given izustno or other ways... But relevance only increases over time.

In Russia at the beginning of the 20th century there was “A marriage newspaper“. But with expansion bloody World War I became not to the device of private life. More precisely - there were more important subjects.

If to group all announcements which were in time to get on eternal newspaper strips, then the entertaining picture turns out.

All write today: “Ah, as difficult in our century to find to itself suitable couple! Both there is no time, and employment high, and from work through traffic jams, and houses only to breathe native air, hastily (or it is impressive) to have a bite, a bathtub, a cozy (really) sofa, the movie with half an eye, household chores, calls by phone. Indeed, - is once, hard it is also just impossible“. It is an honest truth, the problem is. But we will look back, in the past. Small sociological research on the Russian announcements of the beginning of the 20th century.

It is interesting where for the purpose of acquaintance the unemployed woman was able to afford to go about 100 - 200 years ago? It seems, the problem was particularly acute not less though such terrible demographic distortion was not yet. The first All-Russian population census was made in 1897 and said that the number of women exceeded number of men on 1,1 %. But on some provinces: on 1000 men - 999 women ! Further it is only necessary to have a little cry. Therefore there is a lot of also man`s announcements “about the main thing“.

It is good if parents took advantage of the opportunity, found the worthy groom or the bride in the circle. Or the aunt unmarried took care. Or the brother of the friend on a visit brought. Or on a visit, on reception, on a ball - but all vaguely, the heart pines. The attitude towards matchmakers - ambiguous. Often it is desirable even in the presence of marriage announcements, especially the matchmaker having “access to rich houses“. But sharp can meet suddenly: “a shantazhistok - matchmakers I ask not to worry“. Find

10 differences

the General . It was often specified “from a good family“, or “from society“, “with education“, for some reason musicality. In total - “are musical“, just musicality epidemic, it sounds as a condition, as a good form. Probably, leisure then included without fail house playing music.

Still common feature of both man`s, and female announcements. Did not avoid to specify a hair color in preferences, it is rare - constitution type, and, options “thin or full“ meet is equivalent. “the nose, a mouth“ was absolutely seldom considered - too playfully and hardly promotes belief in gravity of intentions. But nevertheless direct parameters possible the elect - darlings (legs from ears, the breast is not less of the third or the grenadierial growth and existence of magnificent moustaches) - off-screen. Decencies did not allow yet. And darlings sex - positions somehow are not traced, more and more delicately, more and more bashfully.

One more common feature: indifference to a habitat of the possible spouse. Are ready to go, anywhere - in words, of course. The only time met “only the Muscovite“, sounded familiarly. Very often meets: “the nationality and religion of the candidate do not matter“. What it is connected with, it is hard to say. Perhaps, for those who risked to write similar announcements - it is valid, had no.

Almost all of them dreamed to meet by

of the Woman kind heart, sympathetic soul, own “perfect morality“, unconditional appeal was often specified. (“ I Will light up a sky gentle soul !“)

But at the same time was not forgotten also about more significant and concrete parameters: “the young lady - the blonde“, “the southerner - the brunette“, “the esthetic brown-haired woman“. Delicate features and almost always - beautiful eyes and the general grace were mentioned: ( “I with murmaid eyes, all weaved from nerves and originality“ ).

Here only number Perseus and weight in poods could not be specified . Unless “the widow of the prosecutor or the singer who is well put“ with an effective figure - everything that was permitted.

Occasionally specified a nationality: “the notable Georgian living on the Riga beach“, the Pole - the Catholic living in Finland and so on.

of the Requirement

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“the millionaire, beautiful and healthy, I will marry immediately“ - was born not today. And, could sound also in combination with “itself average years, I live in a solitude“. But nevertheless ladies tried to be moderate, tastes and the preferences defined with advantage and it is reasonable.

Requirements include the simplest things. The main thing - kind and sympathetic, is desirable suitable age. “The young lady dreams of the officer of a hussar, Guards or grenadierial regiment“ - quite natural desire.

But there are also specifics. Let`s tell, on a national sign (“ Russian or maloross “), or professional - for example, doctors enjoyed wide popularity.

The real pearls occur in these announcements. After numerous akh, soul of rushes, exotic stories about the life, about ardent and passionate nature - hope to meet the husband “not the neurasthenic which is a lot of in our sick century “, and the understanding judge with serious intentions. Or “the getting divorced daughter of the priest looks for the burning temperamental brunette for happiness“. Or: “I look for the decent husband, itself same, very serious, but I like to spend summer by the sea“. One more original wish: I look for the husband “ by all means elderly, in order to avoid incorrectness “. Announcements wrote and the excited persons ready to give to the idol everything. Something under the name “all“ was not concretized.

But at the same time also quite “well-fad“ hint on finance was considered as quite natural. Say, though I am a lady and rather provided, but would wish that mister was solid and very rich. Perhaps, and the veiled prostitution flashed, but a sin now to offend suspicion of lovely ladies who lived the hard lives for a long time.

And the most, perhaps, original and amusing announcement which to me met - “ I Love contrasts! I am not really good, but would wish the husband beautiful; I am not too young, but would choose the husband not old; I have no absolutely nothing, but would look for the husband very much and very rich and since the noblewoman herself, would prefer him from merchants “. It was pleasant to me. Though the similar humour hardly met understanding at those to whom the message intended.

The most important in ladies` announcements, the most touching - I look for “the husband - the friend“. You trust in it unconditionally. The hope for family happiness, for pleasure of finding of the second half shy slips even through most “courageous“ for those times texts.

Also men were guided by similar motives about what it is possible to read in the following article.