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School of “LADAS“. Here will grow up the President of

know About school and remember many, about it speak as of an example of thoughtful and serious education, of the attentive attitude towards children - not only parents, but also teachers of adjacent establishments. It is praised in district clinic, remembered in child care facilities of additional education. But the school does not work. And on July 22 heart of the founder and principal - Lidiya Aleksandrovna Dmitriyeva stopped. She was 64 years old …

of LADAS - in everything

Lidiya Aleksandrovna opened the school in 1994 - m to year. The name - the ancient capacious Russian word. It - Lidiya Aleksandrovna`s initials. The idea and its embodiment were a match for the accelerating progress: a small amount of children in each class. Serious and strict approach to education of everyone. Time spent at school - full day. In 8. The 45th beginning of occupations - the school bus brings children. After lessons - homeworks here, a pantomime, open classrooms on interests, communication, walks - all under supervision of teachers. In 18. The 00th same school bus carried pupils on houses. Thus control over children “completely“ was exercised, and parents could work quietly during the begun difficult era of the market relations.

The schoolgirl of school of “LADAS“ from the first release of school (2004) remembers Ekaterina Tkachenko: the school for the pupil was

- First of all, it. We were educated, it was and it is difficult, and it is interesting: to shirk just there was no sense because it is not enough children in a class, we at all on a look. The discipline was planing, and, despite such serious rules, we came to school, present, by seven in the morning - because already missed, we wanted to friends and teachers!

It was well remembered that was eaten by us always with a fork and a knife, in due form. Yes, and, of course, the theater of times a month, every two weeks of pupils was taken out to the museums and on exhibitions - without fail. Still there was a summer camp. And then came it is time to say goodbye … We, the first release, took examinations to teachers of a gymnasium (the academic gymnasium of St.Petersburg State University on Sobstvenny Avenue, 1) - of course, all worried. It were not our teachers … But handed over very well, Lidiya Aleksandrovna was proud of us!

And the president - in graduates

Lidiya Aleksandrovna Dmitriyeva was … still difficultly to reconcile to past tense. Because it was and remains in the hearts of pupils and parents the person of the purpose for the sake of which it is ready for everything: the sensitive, very open and emotional person capable to share the experiences with each pupil: how not to worry if it, the pupil, was not prepared for examination? Also is upset, and it is quiet, softly reproaches (and from it hunting to vanish with shame into thin air), and thinks how to be farther. Together! Thinks of each pupil, builds is not present, not in dreams, and in prospects his future - as will finish where will arrive … For this reason the school was so loved: progress of each pupil was watched closely by teachers, and there was no equalization. It is necessary - we will tighten. Serious progress - we will finish this class earlier, we will strengthen loading in a subject. Besides, parents brought into school of children with serious chronic diseases - here it was possible not to be afraid that they with asthma or diabetes will overlook the child.

And again cares - attendance. “Podgotovishka“ cannot allow to skip classes even! And from these trips to Egypt and behind other exotic there is more harm, than advantage - and to change climate, and from a rhythm to be beaten out … And on the public holidays declared by days off studied: time to lose is no need and parents need to work with much.

And still sometimes it is necessary to bring up parents also. And constantly to look for solutions of difficult questions, main of which - a low tuition fee. Obligatory it was necessary for Lidiya Aleksandrovna that serious education was available - not in words, and in practice. In a word, there were enough cares. But the main thing worked well - the real Petersburgers - educated, intelligent grew in school, - they sought to be such. And Lidiya Aleksandrovna was proud of them, and could tell about everyone for hours. And still she was proud of the teaching structure: each teacher is the real talent, the Teacher. By the way, at school there was one special subject which was loved by all: “History of St. Petersburg“. This discipline the teacher coming from the city - the blockade survivor, the teacher of the city Palace of creativity young taught (Anichkov Palace). Lidiya Aleksandrovna had

the purposes. She wanted to make school over time - boarding house - that children could be here all working week that they studied and developed, without spending time for excessive acquaintance to the outside world. Because “the future of Russia“ beautifully sounds today only in news on the central channels. And that the future was valid both at Russia, and at native Petrodvorets, educated people are necessary: those who would not perceive study as penal servitude, and the teacher as “teacher“. Lidiya Aleksandrovna spoke: “I want to make school to grow up the President“.

There are such people - not indifferent, constantly creating. Lidiya Aleksandrovna Dmitriyeva was such: actively helped colleagues and was a recognized specialist in school education. She constantly improved the skills and itself taught. And yet never bribed anybody, for all history of school of “LADAS“. Also received from it an array of problems from scratch - for school. But it it was important that everything was honest, the school was “white“, and she paid all taxes as it is necessary, and it is enormous load of establishment. As a result all reminded running on the spot - the school let out pupils, was recognized at the official level, passed accreditation, received the state grants, and in the area was necessary to nobody upon. But unless today these can surprise somebody?

of LADAS - and in the future

Here and lived school of “LADAS“. And then changed governed the order rooms in SPBU (we will remind, the gymnasium on Sobstvenny Avenue, 1 is establishment of university), and granting for rent began to be carried out on a competitive basis: who will pay more, that and rent. Also the rector of a gymnasium who, of course, did not begin to go against rules was replaced. Let`s notice that the school of “LADAS“ up to this point closely cooperated with a gymnasium, rented rooms, including total areas, and instead of a rent carried out repair, bought the equipment etc. There was a contract on cooperation, and by new rules the contract of commercial rent had to be issued (through KUGI). But for this purpose the university has to be properly to issue the right for rooms of a gymnasium, and there were not enough legal documents, nobody began to be engaged in it at university - why to university these kopeks? Thank you that allowed to finish academic year. And all...

There was a question of moving. In the spring of 2009 - go years meeting of parents at which tried to find a way out took place. Various options were offered, parents met halfway - at all there was no wish for closing of school. Were ready both for repair, and for additional expenditure. Lidiya Aleksandrovna with bitterness noticed what not that to grow rich, and just to make ends meet moreover and to fight against each flourish of the law - just there are no forces. And nothing was impossible as the state requirements are that that only special rooms approach actually: or in the schoolhouse, a gymnasium, or kindergarten. In the area there are such rooms, but it is impossible to receive them, on them officials from education “sit“.

So to find the suitable room for school taking into account officially, under the law of the issued relations with the state, references and permissions from firefighters and SES did not work well in any way. It shared the feeling of persistent unwillingness at our highly standing that private schools continued to live and work … In a word, in September, 2009 - go years the school did not open. Teachers first refused to go to work in other establishments - they needed school of “LADAS“ with its traditions and rules. Pupils - who where … And searches of the room continued. Proceeded till July 22 when Lidiya Aleksandrovna`s heart ceased to fight.

Heart stopped. And history of school of “LADAS“ - proceeds. Proceeds as a good cause. As memory of the surprising person what becomes less, of the person who not just trusted in the future, and did it by own efforts. Till the most end …

That schoolgirl of school of “LADAS“ Ekaterina Tkachenko is the graduate of BGTU, the expert in the field of economy and management today. With it the last months of the life Lidiya Aleksandrovna looked for opportunities to open school: and again was proud, and shouted in phone: “Such joyful news - our graduate undertook to help! She is such good girl and if at it it does not turn out - it will not turn out at anybody!“.

Today Ekaterina remembers the school and the director. She understands subtleties of the legislation, licenses and rules. Also is going to open school of “LADAS“. Because this impenetrable wall everything is it is necessary to punch really to have a freedom of choice, the choice for quality education and education of children. Because it is waited by parents and pupils. It is waited by teachers who are ready to return to the duties at once. It is waited by all: in memory of Lidiya Aleksandrovna. In memory of its purposes which need to be realized.

The author brings sincere condolences to the family of Lidiya Aleksandrovna Dmitriyeva and thanks Ivan Churilov, Lidiya Aleksandrovna`s son, for the help in writing of article.

(13 are for the first time published. 08. 2010 in the Baltiysky Luch newspaper)