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Now - to buy the spare part for cell phones

phone - at all not a problem, but it is frequent when so there is a wish to save, there is a question, - and why to look for the new mobile phone if it is easy to repair old? To buy spare parts for cell phones will not make difficulty, and with the whole accessories it is possible to stitch the mobile phone and to buy the new accumulator, then it in general as the newcomer will begin to look. you can make All this

. If only you had an initiative, two top extremities and ideally air soldering station. It is often possible and to do without payalka. This, apparently, simple tool - the best equipment of workshops.

Work of a payalka is based on supply of heated air on phone payment. Heating and speed of an air stream on the edge of a nozzle changes. Temperature is from 100 to 480 - 500 degrees Celsius. A stream to 34 l/min. Heated air melts lead solder, and work becomes thin tweezers. If you buy by

spare parts mobile, then it is possible to eat sense to buy a komplektukha. at. It is necessary to learn, whether in the worker it a state and a look or if the stomost is very small whether it is a kradena.

Sometimes, when nothing not suspecting the client was invited in regional department after a while. Allegedly for a robbery or robbery. And people needed to prove the innocence.

Of course, is always possible option with a trip in servistsentr and the order of an aprgreyd directly there, in this case you get rid of these difficulties and at the end only take away almost like new mobile phone.

Though a stick with two ends. On the one hand you should restore nothing. And with another - for you careless repairmen can do del. Who knows from where extremities at workers service of the centers grow. Option when instead of on a half of the working device after “restoration“ return in general dead, it is quite widespread. Masters claim that the device is not maintainable. And in the next workshop - that he was buried by the first workmen. To whom to trust and where the truth? And to nobody This probability is banal to tears. It is impossible to prove anything... So draw conclusions.

the Author - GSM_PaveL_Kharkov