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Whether the truth that the school students observing the mode of a dream and rest study better?

Came time when our children have to replace continuous rest with intense study. How to make this transition less painful? How to make so that children were tired less and better studied?

Of course, it is possible to neglect everything and to provide to school. But the most part of days children are in a family, and business of adults - to show to them attention and care, it is correct to organize the mode of performance of homeworks, rest, food and a dream. How the day regimen of the school student is correctly organized, especially in elementary grades, the state of his health, physical development, working capacity and, the main thing, progress at school depend.

The schedule of rest and a dream is especially important. From sleepy, tired children it is difficult to wait for progress in study. And when performing, in a certain sequence and at the same time, day regimen elements at children in the central nervous system stable relations are created, there are best conditions for the facilitated transition just seeing activity to another with the smallest expense of energy.

Rationally organized day regimen of the school student provides: correct alternation of work and rest; regular food; a dream of a certain duration with observance of time of rise and withdrawal to a dream; certain time for physical exercises and personal hygiene; a certain duration of rest with the maximum stay in the fresh air.

To begin to prepare lessons right after school it is inexpedient as the child was tired. Better for it to have a rest 2 - 3 hours in the open air. When performing homeworks it is better to support the mode, as at school: 40 - 45 minutes of occupation, 10 minutes - a break. At the same time the child should not be distracted foreign instructions, otherwise he will be engaged longer and will stronger be tired.

By the great Russian scientist I. M. Sechenov it was proved that absolute rest - not the best rest. And the best rest is activity change, that is active recreation when one neurons of a brain have a rest, and others work at this time. During rest nervous cages have a rest and are restored, and long tension exhausts them. It is the best of all when hard mental work is replaced by physical activities in the fresh air.

Recently appeared many publications devoted to deterioration in a state of health of school students. According to mass inspections, no more than 15% of graduates of the Moscow schools can be considered healthy. Of course, one of the essential reasons of it is the overload of school students the objects entered for political reasons and also the continuous reforming of school confusing teachers and pupils. But the wrong daily routine, especially the schedule of a dream and rest is not less important reason.

The human body has one feature. He seeks to observe the internal schedule - a biological rhythm. How many the person ate at dinner, by the time of a dinner he will surely get hungry. When he went to bed, he will not sleep if he does not oversleep a certain number of hours. And so on. For this reason it is important, especially for younger school students, to set an accurate day regimen and precisely to observe it.

Accurate performance, at least within several weeks, in advance thought over and reasonably made daily routine will help to develop at the school student a dynamic stereotype of behavior which then facilitates study and does it more successful. Observance of a day regimen develops a habit to an order, discipline at the child, brings up a sense of responsibility for assimilation of a training material and performance of homeworks. He begins to value the time, gains skills of systematic work.

If the child got used to go to bed and get up in time, he thereby ensured cheerfulness, good working capacity for all day. The slept child better perceives explanations of teachers, is cheerful and cheerful in free time, better and quicker prepares homeworks. At the children accustomed to eat food at the same time the conditioned reflex is developed, and the organism acquires food in the best way. It is necessary to accustom the school student to a day regimen from first year of training. At this age it is easier to accustom him to organization and an order.

After the child went to school, he should not live in the same rhythm, as his parents. It has to have own daily routine. Dream duration is especially important. The child has it more, than at adults. So, children at the age of 8 - 9 years have to sleep 10,5 - 11 hours, from 10 to 11 years - 10 hours, from 12 to 15 years - 9 hours and only after 15 years - as adults, 8 - 8,5 hours. It is the best of all to rise to the child at 7 o`clock, and to go to bed in 20. 30 - 23. 00, for seniors - at 22 o`clock, but not later 22. 30. Before going to bed occupations have to be quiet, it is necessary to air the room or to sleep with an open window leaf. The best air temperature for a dream of the child of 16 - 18 degrees. At an open window leaf the bed has to be removed on distance not less than 2 m from a window.

Dear parents! Progress of your children depends not only on them, but also on you, especially in elementary grades. Do not strain and do not abuse children in vain, and help them better during the difficult period of their life (without substituting them), and then you will always have an occasion to be proud of them. If the child made something not so, he is most often not guilty. Help it to understand in what business, and in reply you receive a radiant smile and embraces. Also do not forget to praise the child when he deserves it.

Generally, principles such: to praise for progress and to help if something is impossible to your child. All children are geniuses and if they not so made something, so badly explained it to them. And good health, good luck and progress to you and your children!