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Sound insulation from air noise of

the Text: Ivan SAMODELKIN

It is improbable, but the fact: the unexpected loud sound behind a wall can not only intrude upon leisure and a dream, but also to spoil all romanticism, to prevent to make plans for occupation of the world and even to lead to premature birth. Therefore if you decided to conquer the world, to arrange a romantic dinner and just to stay in silence and rest, it is better to attend to sound insulation from air noise beforehand.

Harsh realities of life such is that even at observance of all construction norms and Construction Norms and Regulations, the houses of overlapping built at construction, partitions and walls will be able to protect you from modern noise only partly. At least from - for the fact that when all these sound-proof norms were developed, nobody had concepts about what is the home theater, the sound Hi system - End or the desktop computer.

However, abruptly? Only not for you if your neighbors have such device, and sound insulation is not present

However, abruptly? Only not for you if your neighbors have such device, and there is no sound insulation.

That is in order that extraneous air noises did not get into your apartment, first of all it is necessary to increase an index of isolation of air noise for interfloor overlappings and walls between apartments at least to 62 dB. Besides, on the one hand, it is already 8 dB higher than the most strict sanitary standards, and another - had enough of it only for the minimum acoustic comfort. As for interroom walls, here the indicator of an index of sound insulation has to be not less than 52 dB.

Thus, for walls and ceilings not to do you without construction of the additional soundproofing designs. It was necessary only to understand what designs of partitions will be most effective in hard business of increase in an index of isolation of air noise. As practice shows, one increase in mass of partitions will not help business - even if you will increase thickness, say, of a brick wall by the whole brick, sound insulation from it will increase by some 6 dB that is obviously not enough.

Sound insulation of the apartment

Increase in a layer of bricks often increases sound insulation from air noise only slightly.

Experts recommend to apply to effective sound insulation in the corresponding designs easy multilayered facings with alternation of the sound-absorbing and sound reflecting layers. Such combination first of all promotes that the sound wave, overcoming layers, is gradually absorbed, then is reflected and absorbed in a design even more, over time absolutely fading.

However, despite efficiency of such soundproofing design in the theory, in practice at its installation there can be certain problems. All the matter is that, at assembly such karkasno - a sewing design, the probability of formation of rigid communications between a wall and a framework of a partition is high, from - for what there are so-called sound bridges through which vibrations from walls are without loss transmitted to a facing covering of partitions and pereizluchatsya to the protected room.

[Penetration into your ears of a neighbour`s playlist can be promoted by sound bridges]

to Penetration into your ears of a neighbour`s playlist can be promoted by sound bridges.

That is, speaking in other words, from - for such here sound bridges and rigid communications between a wall and the soundproofing design, the effect of the last if does not come to naught, then very considerably decreases. For example, at the general thickness of a design more than 100 mm, from potentially possible 10 - 15 dB of additional sound insulation, from - for such here “bridges“ remain at most 6 dB, and even in general only 2 dB.

What here to tell about unfair finishers who for economy are not present and simply will not put the special elastic laying and more difficult elements, such sound bridges cleaning. Then the meaning of all of such soundproofing design simply is lost. And in order that to avoid such here incidents, special already ready designs which the gained sound-proof effect needs only to put and rejoice are created.

Zvuko and noise isolation of the apartment

there are already ready special panels.

The ZIPS panel system in which the majority of the problems connected with insufficient sound insulation was in advance solved belongs to such ready soundproofing designs, in particular. Such design has no framework, all panels are mounted only through the special vibroisolated knots, and they adjoin to walls only through elastic laying that allows to get rid of rigid connections with overlappings. At the expense of it, for example, the ZIPS - the Module model gives Ä Rw = 12-14 dB.

But at the same time, of course, there are no same idle and karkasno - sewing sound-proof designs for which improvement of insulating properties in their device some changes and additions become. And as important value for properties of such design has a way of its fastening to the protected surface, first of all the attention is paid to the device of knots of fastening of a framework directly to a wall.

[By means of what the framework of a design will fasten to a wall or a ceiling - it is also important]

by means of what the framework of a design will fasten to a wall or a ceiling - it is also important.

So, for example, special a suspension - fastening of “Vibrofleks“ represents already difficult design consisting of a metal holder with a working pro-masonry element from a special elastomer thanks to what the working resonant frequency of such suspensions is in range of 9 - 17 Hz. What in turn allows to provide high level zvuko-and vibration insulations, since frequency in 50 Hz.

Such special fastenings exist both for wall panels, and for ceiling. Besides the soundproofing false ceiling established with use of these suspensions adjoins any other surfaces only through special elastic laying and without use of self-tapping screws. After installation of a ceiling all joints are filled with vibroacoustic sealant that allows to lower to a vibration minimum, transferred to a finishing surface of a ceiling from walls and to increase an isolation index from air noise by 16 - 18 dB.

Sound insulation of a ceiling

Only correctly collected and suspended ceiling will be able significantly to improve sound insulation.

The main thing, choosing the suitable soundproofing design against air noise, not to forget that absolutely different materials and devices of partitions and ceilings in some cases can suit you. Therefore, the main thing here - not to forget to consult with qualified specialists and to remember about rigid communications between overlappings and partitions, having only got rid of which it is possible to count on full sound insulation and protection against noise unnecessary you.