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Long live Orphanage!

it is not necessary to make feats - do not do meanness! (V. Ivashov, the actor (“The ballad about the soldier“) of

Once upon a time there was one fine not European, not the African country. And this country was rich with the nature, lakes and the woods, the modern pure cities, already almost first-class flat roads and the fine people. About these people rumors on all earth went - say, it is somehow unusually generous, kind and hospitable. this country had

I one more wealth - its fine government. As still what - that ancient was thought up that each people are worthy the government, we can safely take this fact for an axiom.

And still many representatives of this country were some strongly cheerful.

Sometimes visiting some guest asked the aboriginal: “And what it at you is so much to people of cheerful? “ And to it answered that supposedly at us for extension of fun and for elimination of bad mood, the people some likes to play about the different amusing drinks.

And some even so are fond and play that they cannot already live then in any way if they do not taste at least one day this fortified drink. And then fun it reaches the apogee and becomes big trouble: these people who had refun forget both about meaning of life, and that it is necessary to study and work, and that they have children, and they need to be fed and brought up as it is done, for example, by animals. Even the name is forgotten sometimes … this fun big trouble for the beautiful country became

I. And in other some countries the same trouble was born too.

Also all clever people began to think then how it is possible to help such children. Well, about whom parents forgot. Also clever people thought up to build such houses big in which there would live such unfortunate children. And that their life was though is a little happier, these houses by the beautiful name - “Orphanage“ decided to call at least.

As pupils of these houses with the beautiful name in several years can grow and become the future of this country, clever people decided to give the management of such houses to the kindest and most talented teachers. And at the head of such orphanage to put the one who can entrust the future of the whole country.

Also clever people of candidates for directors of such orphanages called, the most worthy, and pleased them with a new honourable position. Also presented them new leather briefcases, both chairs, and computers and any skrepochka, handles and paper. And phones gave that communication was always, in case of need. Business - that state!

And candidates were delighted to a new position. But some zabespokolis. Also their clever people asked: “By what are you so concerned? You have such honourable work! We trust the future of all country to you! And a task at you such important and noble - to each child you have to find mother and the father. Because it is a nonsense and it is wrong when children live not in a family. They from it can grow up angry and unfortunate and to become same as their careless parents“.

Also future directors of a miscellaneous answered.

One told: “It is such honourable work. But it - special. She demands a lot of heart and souls. It - is difficult. But we agree, of course, and we will try, without feeling sorry for the soul. Also we will love these other people`s children as the“.

And other candidates for an honourable position who were even cleverer than those the first, told bewildered: “We, of course, want to be directors. We studied many years as it. Only it is what - that self-liquidation turns out. We will not be able to develop our enterprise if we well work. Everything on the contrary turns out - good work we will destroy the enterprise “Detsky Dom“. Whom will we direct then?“ Clever people already finished with

meeting, and they had no time to listen about some self-liquidation. They only told, seeing off future directors and closing behind them a door: “You go, go, work. And we will gradually think. We cannot about important issues both about children at once and about your children`s homes to think. We have the whole a lot of accountants, all of them will count, and you work, SUCH children always and will be enough for all. But do not forget - - to liquidate your main task orphanages which we especially for you opened. It is a shame that in our beautiful country there are little people unnecessary anybody. We and money will give you that you bought by it food and clothes. And if which of you does not cope, do not hesitate, we will find other director. You are clever, you what - nibud think up, all right? “

I parted directors of the new works, and received everyone on orphanage. Also wrote some of them the motto “Long Live My Orphanage!“ and hung up it in the Place of honor instead of some icon.

And those, the first, having forgotten that they to award and were promised to be thanked for good work, having forgotten that they can lose this work if they begin to execute well it, began to care for children who soon filled their orphanage. They loved them as they the, and therefore, were right there let on searches of a family for each pupil: took photos of these children, showed them everywhere, told all acquaintances and strangers about each child, about what he beautiful and clever.

And so well affairs in such orphanages went that soon they, one by one, began to be closed. And even for sick children there were parents without effort. Also it was necessary to the director who lost the orphanage and all teachers and tutors, and even to watchmen and cleaners with cooks, to look for new works. They needed to feed also the children, and to the closed enterprise nobody will not begin to pay a salary … to

But such which thought that it is good to work - it is bad, such which were afraid of self-liquidation, there was much. And, time to them it was told, to think up that - nibud for the rescue, they deeply did not get into the mind, they thought up that the first and easy that can occur to the person with incorrectly cut out heart - they just decided not to give children whenever possible.

Clever officials, their chiefs, asked them: “Yes what is it? Why in your orphanage there are a lot of children? Why they are not taken away by kind people?, in That orphanage in a year so many children took away, and in They are 2, in general, to all children the director found parents new! “

A they, directors are inventors, answered: “Ah and and, we about That are the 2nd orphanage heard … It in which the director works as the simple teacher in kindergarten with a maaaalenky salary now? We know, we know … So it is impossible to us, in our district such people heartless. Nobody wants to warm poor children. And awfully there are a lot of parents careless. It is more, than in other places, goraaaazdo … We are not lucky yet. But we is strong - strongly we try, we have so many children and a lot of work. Regret us, we on liquidation of our enterprises come to all meetings, we obey clever people. At us there are a lot of good teachers, watchmen, cooks and cleaners. We pay a salary to all, how many we make people happy. And about children we remember, we remember and how …“

- And can to you hard? Perhaps you do not cope? Perhaps you somehow are not able or were tired to work hard?

- That you that you! We so well cope! Children at us such happy! They so like to live in orphanage! Same as a summer camp - have a rest to yourself! We and the with pleasure in orphanages defined, but we at them are …

- And here one mother to us, to clever people, arrived also on you, as if … complained … well supposedly everything at you not so well … a pier, your children do not have enough footwear, shorts, tights …

- Oh as lies, unscrupulous! Yes we have so much this footwear though trade in surplus! You give money to us!

- So, maybe, is not enough for you? Perhaps to add?

- Really! It is lies all! We are so grateful to you! (We are not self-destructors to complain! - think.) And we will look after children, we promise. To us without them - in any way!

- And this mother still said that she took two from you, and you even supposedly from a chair did not get up to carry out them from orphanage forever. Speaks supposedly not probably that you were delighted and these children strongly loved …

- Oh, from a chair I could not get up - just the important clever person called me from you to learn how there is a self-liquidation process. And so coincided - this mother just was the first in a year! Moreover, took two at once! So I hurried to report a situation. And to see off - that what - at us where do not go on a ladder - all you will get on an exit! Well, if it is necessary, another time I take, of course. If it is so best of all …

- And still other mother said that small children swear obscenely. Perhaps at you there sometimes electricians or builders look after children? And one more said that children are not able to play toys. And big children smoke. And one more said that her new children do not know some fruit and yogurts, are afraid of some ice cream … Are not able to draw, buttons are not taught to sew …

- Oh as lie! Oh, what they are unscrupulous! If knew that they such disgusting and yazykaty, we would never give our children to them! What we trustful …

- And still said several mothers that roughly you speak by phone that you do not allow to come on a visit that you have high fences that …

- God will punish them for such nonsense! Yes we have all wide open - come, take away! We only FOR!

- So what to do?! Bad parents do not come to an end, do not pay money for the children until you put them in prison, and it is more and more children, will not save enough money for them! And you together with workers are twice more, than children, and it is necessary to pay salaries for light and gas, you need to pay … And orphanage - so good building, big, expensive …

I clever people gathered and invited these cleverest directors who had most of all children, and put clever thoughts together and began to think what to do.

- Perhaps everywhere to stick photos of these children? Perhaps on the TV instead of advertizing of laptops new to show them?

- It will not turn out. We have no money so much that to take the picture and everywhere to stick …

- And can them …

I so they argued and solved and could not think up anything. Because some clever people who were responsible for these unlucky directors were afraid to be left without work too - whom they will begin to order if there are no orphanages suddenly at all?

And suddenly the most important clever person who was appointed quite recently the cleverest and who was still absolutely young and therefore was afraid of nobody, got up and told:

- I here on a position - the cleverest. And I have to resolve this issue once and for all. And I will solve it, even if I lose work. I have all life ahead - I will find new, I can even work with the mail carrier if that … And my son - the excellent student on mathematics, also studies already in the eighth grade. And I asked to consider it - what is more favorable: or “to advertize“ well children that all people learned about them, at last, or to contain tens of these shameful houses and boarding schools with personnel and you, directors, with cars, beds, refrigerators and TVs. Here calculation - I checked, everything is correct! Look at!

And so, I solved - I announce a competition on the best director - a self-destructor. That director of orphanage who will manage to find as soon as possible to kids of parents, to help those who are sick, generally, the one who will suit life of everyone, entrusted it the child … that director will become the director of other orphanage, and I will give it a bigger salary and I will award the order to him a medal or even “For a Contribution to the Future of Our Beautiful Country“. And I will expel the loser, and I will tell other clever people that did not hire him on education of people.

And as you will make it, think, and I will only help.

Also directors sad - pregrustny dispersed … But not all!

Some after such words of the cleverest strongly became cheerful. And not from - for the promised awards and a salary with a position. They were delighted that now to them someone there, above, it will become strong to help.


And they began to blow on the whole world, to tell all residents of the country that at them there are a lot of children unnecessary anybody, that the orphanage only this way beautifully is called, and to live there sadly and meagrely, and even sometimes insufferably. And they began to visit rich people and to ask for help of them. And rich people were surprisingly kind: they presented to children a lot of clothes and tasty food, they began to take them to themselves on a visit, came on a visit to orphanages, acquainted children, showed to the full and cheerful children other life. Good directors went to PTA meetings to schools, wrote about the pupils everywhere.

And soon all is all people of this beautiful country learned with surprise, about how there is a lot of, it appears, unfortunate people live on their wonderful earth. And it became a shame to them and it is bitter. And they were frightened for the future, for the future of the country.

Long ago it was. Sad there was time which even does not want to be remembered … of

Here you drive the children to beautiful houses of creativity under the name “Orphanage“ now and do not even suspect that these buildings once served absolutely for other purposes - there as you, behind high fences, supported little people in a cage. Those who had no own parents. Alas, at that time the destiny of the whole person sometimes cost less, than a salary and a position of another …

A now, thank God, a sign “Long live Orphanage! “, which bright paints hangs on a facade of each building, has other value is perfect - it is not a shelter for orphans, it is the house for creativity development, and there is not silent and sad, and it is cheerful and joyful!

Many years left on convincing residents of our country that the name “orphanage“ - not terrible. The words “children“ and “house“ - the most important in life of each person and the whole country!

Ah and … And still - the word “MA - MA“ …